I totally take it back.


While I can see that things will come up that I will blog about here, I’m really getting comfy over at the new blog.

So please do leave a comment with your email address in the body of the comment, or your twitter handle, if you would like the address.


9 Responses to “I totally take it back.”

  1. CJ Says:


  2. Raine Says:

    I wld like to have the address of your new blog please.

  3. M Says:


  4. halfadozen Says:

    Please send me your nwe address! I am missing reading your stuff… Since my email is a personal one I have not included it in the body. let me know if you need me to…

  5. cinemabythesea Says:


  6. Sharon Says:


    Thanks. I’ve been lurking since before the children were born.

  7. Christina Says:


    Miss hearing about you guys. I’m also a queer mom of b/g twins (4.5 years old),.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Please send me your new address. Love hearing about you guys. Thanks. jenniferhatds@aol.com

  9. Hank Says:

    Hey, you still blogging? Really interesting stuff! Any more updates? dunkand1@yahoo.com

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