I totally take it back.


While I can see that things will come up that I will blog about here, I’m really getting comfy over at the new blog.

So please do leave a comment with your email address in the body of the comment, or your twitter handle, if you would like the address.


12 Responses to “I totally take it back.”

  1. CJ Says:


  2. Raine Says:

    I wld like to have the address of your new blog please.

  3. M Says:


  4. halfadozen Says:

    Please send me your nwe address! I am missing reading your stuff… Since my email is a personal one I have not included it in the body. let me know if you need me to…

  5. cinemabythesea Says:


  6. Sharon Says:


    Thanks. I’ve been lurking since before the children were born.

  7. Christina Says:


    Miss hearing about you guys. I’m also a queer mom of b/g twins (4.5 years old),.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Please send me your new address. Love hearing about you guys. Thanks. jenniferhatds@aol.com

  9. Hank Says:

    Hey, you still blogging? Really interesting stuff! Any more updates? dunkand1@yahoo.com

  10. HelenEdith Says:

    Hello – I haven’t visited since the twins were born and had the sudden yen to see how they were doing. I’d like to see your updates on your new account. I’m on twitter: @HelenEdithUK

  11. emmaisobsolete Says:

    Are you still active? I just ran into your blog accidentally while researching the etymology of the word “existence”…. and I really enjoy your writing. This feels so funny and coincidental. Anyway my email is emmabobro@gmail.com if there’s the slightest possibility you’d like to send me your ‘new’ blog! I like how you write honestly about your experience of life… I’m 22 and kinda figuring out how to be a capable adult, this makes me feel better and a bit more capable, honestly! Thank you 🙂

  12. LifeIsChange Says:

    Hi! It’s been a while since I was active in Blogworld, but I’m back and I would love to read your new blog! 🙂

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