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…For now.

June 3, 2012

Today is a boon day.

Yesterday was spent in caves, largely, and a good time was had by all. Largely. But by the time we got home, I was ready for bed at like 6:30 pm. I decided to skip writing the manuscript for the night and catch up today. I woke up this morning and realised while showering (the birthplace of many good ideas) that we are actually going abroad for part of June. (But my FIL will be here in the house, lest any of you think theiving thoughts.)

So I need to write MORE than 1667 words per day to finish Camp NaNoWriMo. 3198 so far today, for a grand total of 4975 thus far! TMD took the kids out shopping to leave me alone – and what a perfect morning for it. Cloudy, slight breeze through my window, downloaded music floating in the air.

I was sad about not going as I wanted to pick up ‘summer trousers’ (I literally own one pair of trousers that fits and they definitely are winter ones.) – but TMD picked some up in a size lower (I’m back on vintage weight watcher points and doing well, so thought there was no point in buying the size I have been wearing) and THEY FIT PERFECTLY. I like to wear trousers low, but never in a million years would I think the next size down would comfortably fit worn round my hips. They even fit while I’m sitting. SITTING!

So, I guess I am a smaller woman writing a bigger quantity of words.

That is all…

Thick to Thin Thursday #2

October 22, 2009

Well, I did good this week! Real good, Jim Bob.

I lost six pounds.

I remember this happening the last time I did Weight Watchers, this big loss in the first week. (And, in fact, I had a bigger loss that time.) My overall goal would be 1-2 pounds per week, though sometimes of course it’ll be less, sometimes more.

I had good intentions of writing and pointing everything this week, but I am sadly lacking actual WW charts. I have one copy of it and need TMD to copy it. But it was pretty easy to slip back into remembering how much each food was worth.

Essentially, though, I just stopped snacking. And I made smarter choices. And let’s not forget my nightly torture walks/lovely time to myself.


Click ‘Thick to Thin Thursdays’ under Pages, or just click on the nifty yellow star flair for more info on my weight loss journey. And YOURS, if you want to join in.

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Mom, motherhood, weight loss.

October 15, 2009

Mom went home yesterday, and boy do I have a lot to write about! I think we both learned a lot about each other, which is interesting because it happened on a scale it hasn’t before. I’m not sure if it is because I am a mother now, too. I felt like she saw me in a different light, and it has made us approach each other on a different level. Was very sad to see her go, and no doubt Snort and Coconut will miss her hangout sessions with them.

Not sure where to go with this entry, mainly because there is SO much to say. I think I will keep it short, as I’m not sure when Coconut is next due a feed….and Snort is awake, so I might give him some Your Mom Is SO FUNNY time. This morning I just poked at his left foot every time he kicked it out, and jesus did he laugh. Over and over and over again. Coconut spent some time squealing with laughter, but I was not the cause. I’m not sure what was, either.


Yesterday they had their first set of immunisations. I was sort of scared about it all, but both have (thus far) responded like troopers. They settled with about 30 seconds of cuddling after the two shots, and still have their appetities, sleeping well, no fevers. Good stuff! We also had them weighed.

So yesterday they were 9 weeks + 1 day. Snort weighed 12 lbs 7.5,  Coconut weighed 11 lbs 8. Can’t believe how big they are, especially when you consider they started at 7 lb 8 and 6 lb 6 (and went down to six something and five something, respectively).

Me? I weigh considerably more.

I’m going to start doing the cheapie version of Weight Watchers; namely, using the skills, knowledge, and experience I got from the last time I did WW. I think attending meetings is a big part of weight loss, for me, so we’ll see how the at home stuff goes. I don’t have the ability to get out (yet!), nor do we have the money to spend on WW.

I’m going to make a page that will keep track of my weight loss. I am fretting about putting my weight on the internet – it’s not something I’ve ever done before, though longterm readers will remember that I successfully lost a lot of weight a few years ago. I only ever put how much I had lost, but now that I am not having The Fear (aka motivation?) of weekly WW weigh ins, I thought this page could function for me in that way. Of course my other concern is how, exactly, to record my weight, as I am still trying to be anonymous. Eh. Fuck it, right?

I gained weight while Mom was here. Bless her, she cooks wonderfully and feels she is being very healthy, but she really doesn’t have a conception of how to eat in order to maintain or lose weight. She’s an average sized lady herself.

I have more weight to lose this time than I did before, but some excellent reasons to do so:

1. Snort.

2. Coconut.

3. My flaming SPD.

I’ll love you and leave you now.

6 weeks 4 days after giving birth, an update.

September 26, 2009

Today is day one of Gina Ford’s twins routine – TMD’s baby for the day is Snort, and I’ve got Coconut. Tomorrow we swap. The idea is that we follow the routine, but it’s more gentle for the babies because the one who is waiting has someone there to soothe him/her. Don’t know how we’ll get on with this routine, but are going to do it the whole weekend. I really, really wish Mil wasn’t going to be here today.

I’m reading a Winnicot book (perhaps all my counselling training shall soon rear its ugly head in regards to the psychological development of babies), and it is making me more and more ready for her to be gone! We are not going to let her feed today, because it takes her upwards of an hour (or more) per baby, what with the copious and mental winding.

The other thing I’ve done this morning (as TMD is shhing and soothing away in the bedroom, convincing the babies that yes, we really do think they should have a snooze) is dig out my old Weight Watchers book. I did the little quiz to see how many points per day I should be eating. I’m not saying I’m going weight-crazy or anything, but I am thinking about how to make sure I am eating enough of the right foods. Pregnancy and early parenthood have fucked with me. I also weighed myself, just out of curiousity.

I am exactly the same weight as I was when I started Weight Watchers a few years ago. For those of you newish to the blog, I lost about 60 pounds then. I find it odd (and exciting?) that I weigh the same now. Perhaps it is a good omen, and all things considered, I did pretty well considering it was twins! When I checked out of the hospital, I was 19 pounds lighter after giving birth. (I gained 50 pounds exactly during pregnancy….yes, from a higher weight than my final WW one. Shoot me.) I have also lost 5 pounds since coming home – probably due to the fact that I exist on cereal and diet coke.

I know a major part of my recovery is going to be fitness. Pilates is on the agenda – like I have time to pop in a DVD and exercise? I need to strengthen my core muscles to help my back and hips. My pelvis is still jackity wackity, and I DO NOT want to have surgery (though I will start asking questions if I reach 6 months post-partum and am still all broken). Bottom line: I need to be able to walk, so I can push the pram in case we need to go to the doctor’s or whatever. I may not be able to do a load of muscle exercises now, though I am dutifully doing what the physio has proscribed, but losing some weight would make it easier on my joints as well.

And let’s not forget my legs: after sevenish months of not walking, it has been difficult to move around the flat. My legs are finally feeling normal and like they can support my body, so yay!


Snort is now out of bed and in his bouncer in the nice, bright lounge. Oh, Gina.

Therapy -> poop -> prunes -> baby

October 14, 2008

As much as I like the people I work with, sometimes it is a relief when they cancel. I have SO MUCH work to do, and now today has evened out to only having a clinical meeting – and then all my millions of phone calls, etc. I don’t do well with having to do too much.

Back to those prune brownies – I hadn’t really pooped since last Thursday, and then weighed myself this morning (thankfully I did drop some kids at the swimming pool after that). Yikes. I should clearly be an adherant to the Weight Watchers way of life. Feel like chocolate? Go for a twenty mile jog – it’s more fun than eating!

Yeah, yeah. Feed me another line of bullshit.

Regardless, I lost 59.5 pounds over the course of about 18 months. I’ve now managed to put back ON 16 pounds since June. Impressive, no? I think it’s a combination of working such long hours (short to normal people, long to me as Day Job was four years of slacking off), getting home late and therefore starving, and baby stuff. I fake pregnancy eat all the time.

I don’t want to lose all this weight because significant weight loss can impact on fertility. However, if I lost four teeny tiny pounds I would be the weight my fertility clinic thinks I am. In my crazy mind, they have prescribed meds for someone weighing four pounds less, so if I don’t manage to produce enough eggs it MUST be because the extra weight diluted the meds.

I just called them to ask if my final test results are back in. In case you are wondering, I’m at Day 18 of my cycle. This means I should bleed like a river in about ten days – and that’s when I want to start taking the birth control pill. I want clarity around what happens if the test results aren’t back in – because I want to pop those heterosexual pills when I get my period, tests or no tests. And if the tests come back saying I’m somehow screwed up DNA-wise, then I get off the pill. (And possibly have a nervous breakdown.)

The nurse is going to find out what’s happened with the tests, since I took them September 18. Even though I know I have given her my correct phone number to ring me back, The Crazy In Me keeps double-checking.

Okay. Hungry already.

You can’t trick me, mofo.

October 13, 2008

I still get Weight Watchers emails in my inbox, from when I was a member. I actually opened today’s rather than just deleting it. I thought I’d struck gold – ‘recipe for low-fat tasty brownies. Click here!’

I clicked and the first ingredient is prunes. Say it with me now: What. The. Fuck.

WordPress automatically does my wordcount. Wonder if they can monitor my food intake?

August 4, 2008

I wonder if it is possible to live an entire week only eating my 21 Weight Watchers points per day. It’s funny I even question this, since there was a period (of about 15 months, in fact) where I matter of factly ate a restricted calorie diet without thinking about it too much.

Corporate T has now lost an amazing 51 pounds; this feels foreign and exciting and impossible to me. It seems years ago that I lost 54.5, especially now that I’ve put weight on since then. I’m already hungry, yo. 21 points doesn’t seem like very much.

I’ve been pretty freaking hungry since working actual full days at this new job, particularly as I don’t get home till 7 pm or so. I also notice I am doing a lot of impulse and comfort eating. In truth, my emotional relationship with food is feeling almost identical to how things were back before I started Weight Watchers in the first place. That’s not a healthy place to be, mentally, let alone the implications for my physical health.

As TMD points out, I want (and need) a healthy BMI for the baby. Let me go calculate my BMI on my new weight. Hang on…26.5. Yikes. I am now (I think, anyway, I’ve got shaky maths skills when it comes to counting in foreign weight units) 11 pounds overweight. That doesn’t sound like too much when I see it written out like that, but it sure feels like a lot.

Okay. 21 points for 7 days. I feel like I should start up chanting again. And maybe lunchtime walks. I am sad that I wonder if I can do this rather than expecting that I can. Still, human is as human does.

Self-righteously yours.

May 14, 2008

Felt a little guilty this morning after writing that entry, but the computer was off and so there was no updating. I felt like I was some self-righteous bitch – the sort of Weight Watchers leader that publically berates people when they gain a pound.

I wasn’t specifically talking about all women, or all overweight women, or all skinny women. I was talking about people who are not happy with their weight, who declare they cannot see why they can’t lose a pound, all the while chomping down Snickers bars. I think a lot of my angry angst toward this group of women is really the leftover annoyance from an old friend I’m no longer in contact with. She was a big girl, and I thought she was lovely as she was. I do like a bit of curve.

Anyway, that’s off the point. To swerve back to it, this woman essentially abused her body in order to lose weight. She took bizarre medications, swallowed oils designed to not let her intestines/stomach/whatever digest what she was eating, etc. She bought self-hypnotising books, maternity jeans, and always made jokes or tantrums about her weight. All the while, she ate like a motherfucker. On one particular day, she had two McDonald’s breakfasts, some Starbuck’s drink and three cookies, a Burger King burger thing as a snack, chinese noodles for lunch, a falafel wrap snack, and then a giant pizza for dinner. Now, if you want to eat this way, do it.

Just do not do it in front of me if you will spend the entire eight hours telling me how carefully you watch what you eat and cannot understand why you not only seem to be not losing weight, but you are actually gaining it.

Because, well, god. 

I am all about the self-awareness. I know how I got very heavy, and I know how I managed to slough off the weight I did. I also am aware why I have not lost any more weight. It’s not rocket science. You eat less and move more, and you lose weight. Or you just decide to love who you are, eat what you wanna eat, and leave it be. You can’t have your cake and lose weight too, I guess that’s what I’m saying. And by cake, I don’t mean a slice – I mean 27 cakes piled high with frosted little men visiting frosted little fast food places.

Also, I am reading Fast Food Nation at the minute and loving every second of it. Thus far, I would say I never want the book to end, and that I am enjoying it as much as I’ve ever enjoyed any book. Clearly this is the season of my angry, feminist, vegan, hippy energy. I apologise if it fucks you off, but really, what harm is there in trying to be right-on like you’re leading a protest march every day of the week? A little social exclusion due to placard wearing never did anyone any harm.

Oh. And something else that’s honest? I’m afraid that it will be really easy to just fuck this whole thinner weight thing up. I’m going to go write some concrete goals on the WWL page (see link on right).

Love to you, and your momma too.

Wednesday Weight Loss.

May 14, 2008

Welcome back to week two of Wednesday Weight Loss, hosted by yours truly. This week I’ve lost three pounds. In actual fact, I’ve gained some and lost some more, with the end result being three pounds and a whole lotta feel good pumping through my body.

Total weight loss now 51 pounds – and I’m back to my Weight Watchers Gold Member range. I’ve started thinking about the shitty (yet wonderful) key I will get in September to mark the one year anniversary of reaching Gold. I suppose I’d better pop into WW at some point in the future so they remember I exist. I’m all about the the cheap motivating tools of global industry.

Congrats to all of you who have been working hard out there to take care of yourselves, whatever that means to you. And welcome to those of you who have decided that enough is enough, and your health matters more than that donut/unprotected sex/drugs/etc.

Last week we watched a TV show about toddlers who were obese. One little girl’s mother said, ‘She’s just like me. She just has to look at that cream cake and she’ll gain weight.’ The problem here is not looking at the cream cake, it is eating it. Let’s be realistic.

You make a ‘choice’ in your mind that you are prone to being fat, that merely looking at junk food will make your thighs gain new layers of cellulite – so you eat a bunch of nutritionally empty calories. I don’t want to sound harsh, but I know from personal experience. I was fat because I ate too much shit. It’s as simple as that.

I think it’s all about loving our bodies, our bumps, our wrinkles. I just question how many women really love their bodies when they are stuck in unhealthy patterns. I am probably one of the women who will have to fight every day, to make new decisions every hour, about the way I eat. I am not naturally thin. I am prone to eating huge amounts of shit, to loving pizzas and french fries – or just to never being able to stop eating something that tastes good, no matter how full I am. I’ve got to make decisions about how I feel emotionally when I am out of control with my eating.

I want to be able to be healthy: ie eat better, move around more. I think it’s that simple. I also think most people aren’t aware of the sheer volume of food they are eating. And some genuinely eat only a bit, but completely the wrong sort of food. I think a little educational programme never hurt anyone, and I would probably class WW as being loosely educational. It’s made me smarter about food, more realistic (I can eat normal food and still lose weight/maintain weight), and more focused on what I want to achieve.

For me, it’s about goal setting. And throughout this week I have thought about coming here today to update my weight loss, and that was pretty fucking motivational as well, let me tell you.

So here’s to the up weeks, the down weeks, and the stay-the-same weeks. How’d you all do?

Join my club.

May 7, 2008

Okay, I’ve got flair crushes.

On this person:

I award this Flair Crush on the grounds that they not only found an incorrect piece of flair, but they FIXED it in a new and improved flair. Awesome.

I also have a crush on this person:

Who is so cool to have invented that?

If you are either of these two people, perhaps it’s best you not tell me. I am married, and knowing that my flair crush was out there and a real person might be devestating to find out. (Just kidding, TMD. You rock.)

Speaking of chunky dunking, you all know I lost some weight, right. Well, I’ve gained a teensy bit back. I want to start a healthy people club here on Existere’s Diary. Basically, I am going to put in how much weight I’ve lost every Wednesday, as this might replace the goodness that was Weight Watchers. I welcome you all to participate as well.


As of today: 48 pounds.

You can leave a comment with as much or little info as you want. But if you leave a diary address, people should immediately go wish you good luck. (This is a hint to you, People. If we don’t love and support each other, who will do it for us?)