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Home sweet home.

November 30, 2012

Just walked in the doors from our holiday. Snort was unwell for the first half, but the second half was awesome! How depressing to have to wait a year to do it again!

I, of course, did no sewing on The Great Stocking Project 2012. I did buy most of what I need before we left, except I forgot about stocking linings, and come hell or high water the kids will have stockings this year.

All of that being said, I’m sure there are more posts coming, but we are busy unpacking bikes, wet swimming stuff, muddy boots, and a pair of fleece pajamas that may or may not be covered in poop.

Talk to you all soon, my lovelies.

Missing it.

July 10, 2008

I remember walking, walking, walking in Italy with TMD. Walking up and out of that city, olive trees lining the twisting country roads. I remember not being sure where we were going, but loving where we were.

Climbing steps cut into a wooded hill, ending up laughing in the deepening afternoon, following a gap in the trees until we ended up at a monastery. The way the sky turned a violent dark blue, electricity sparking in the air as the storms rushed in. How the clouds looked behind that statue, how we didn’t care if it rained, how all the pictures were blurry because I couldn’t master nightmode.

I remember the heat of the next day, the gardens I loved at first sight. Naked women sculpted from stones, tucked behind trees and standing in ponds. The giant stone face that looked perfectly at home along the vista that let us survey this other, wonderful place.

TMD and I always find magic when we go away; I don’t think we take enough trips. I wonder if it is a balance between wanting to go back to the places we love and miss, and allowing ourselves to try new places. Mainly, though, it’s the careful hoarding of annual leave days I may need this autumn. I wish we were more relaxed, more vacation-y, but some things are more important. I think a mini-break right before October might be nice, might help me to focus on my body and my self.

When our friends went out constantly or bought flashy things, we didn’t. We carefully saved money – while not living a life of poverty, though our friends sometimes thought so – and we ended up with a sizable deposit for this beautiful new home. Money to make the bathroom lovely and clean and minimal. I’d rather make those smaller sacrifices of the impermanent if it means we can move towards and into the lifestyle and life we want.

Still, Italy. Florida. Scotland. Vermont. I miss them all right now – not the places, particularly, but what they meant to me. Time to just be with people I loved, time away from everything else, time I wish I could crawl right into, slip onto me like a second skin.