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This post interupted for a pee break.

June 24, 2009

Bumpie has definitely dropped. I don’t know what this means in pregnancy terms, just in aesthetic and practical terms. For instance, I’ve noticed I can breathe again. Not to say I’m not still huffing and puffing like someone making a dirty phone call, but it does not have the desperation of someone who has just run a marathon.

And – waaaaaaaait for it – last night I changed position.

Last night was a particularly bad night; it featured lots of crying and tailbone pain. Poor TMD was so fucking tired, and I just kept crying. Eventually I was so pissed I said I wanted to try lying on my side. So…with a little crafty pillow rearranging, I got over onto my left side (slightly propped) and managed to stay this way for about an hour or so. This is the first time in over what must be TWO MONTHS that I have changed position (in day or night). This is a big deal.

I may ‘treat’ myself this evening with some more side lying before bed. It takes a lot of the pressure off my lovely ass, and also spices things up for the babies. Their movements were definitely freer when I was on my side.

Jebus. Having a big Braxton Hicks right now. Hang on.

Okay. Done.

Meet my new friends, stretch marks:


It’s one specific patch of my tummy that has them, and I feel an uneasy sort of fascination with them. I found a website about twin pregnancies yesterday, and they had a belly gallery of ‘twin skin.’ My stomach looks like twin skin right now, except it’s nice and firm rather than….floppy? Wrinkly? I don’t know quite the right term. LIke seersucker fabric, but made from human skin.

Trying to think if there is any other pregnancy symptoms worth noting for posterity. Oh, pee, I suppose. Since The Bump Dropped, I have to pee. A lot. I have not had a very pee-a-licious pregnancy, even in the notorious first trimester. Now I have to have a solid pee about once an hour. And I could probably sit on the toilet all day, because I am never finished peeing. Because of the way the babies are pushing down (and in particular, the way the little boy is very low down just over the bladder), I can never really get all the pee out. I have to ‘squeeze the orange.’ This essentially involves leaning forward after I have ‘finished’ peeing and wait for the next deluge as my bladder shifts into a new position.

Ooh. Have to go pee now, actually.

Really bad. Bye!