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Everyday miracles.

December 18, 2009

Curved from both sides, a little bit lumpy and a little bit smooth

the day before you both came out from under my heart.

And when you came, carefully birthed from the cut in my

stomach, I really couldn’t comprehend where

these two beautiful children

had come from.

Such beautiful twins, they said, such a good size.

So healthy, they said, so wonderful.

We just looked at you

and our hearts delighted.

Now you grow, grow, change every day

into curious, happy, wondering little people.

I carry you both now, tucked against me, curled against my back, my front.

Tiny little sighs puff against my neck, a cheek rests on my breasts.

I sometimes look at you and think, Can this be real?

Are you mine, ours? Are we yours?

Rounded from both sides, a little bit lumpy and a little bit smooth

this day as I wonder at my body.

Each stretch, each tear, each kick I felt as you pressed against

my skin

from the inside out.

This time last year we had just found out you were

inside me. Your hearts started to beat the day after Christmas.

This year, you are here.

Yes, you are here.

Twin bump pictures – 32 weeks pregnant. Also Tony. And leaving marks over the children.

July 4, 2009

I have a haemorrhoid named Tony. It is a testament to my general hardiness that I shove him back into my butt every shower without thinking twice about it. My mother said that after giving birth to me, she had a ‘bunch of grapes’ that then hung from her ass. Mmm mmm good.

Next up on the list of Fucked Up Things:


See that handprint under my boob? The one so clear you can make out the lines in my hand?

Yes, that’s because I have rediscovered the pleasure of lying on my side. I discovered this morning that when I am getting rib pain (two babies heads are right in that area) if I take both hands and sort of push them out of my ribs, I can fall back asleep.

The handprint (and bracelet print) makes me feel a bit guilty. I hope I did not give them cricks in their respective necks.

And speaking of boobs, something funny and not-so-good is up with my left girlie. In the bath a few days ago I noticed a pinprick point of pain. There is some discoloured skin over it. I am to ‘keep an eye on it,’ but it should clear up. Uh, okay.

So…….bump pics. I know I normally take them on a Saturday, but I took them yesterday because we had our 32 (plus 3) week scan, and I wanted a picture of exactly how I/the bump looked when we knew what their exact estimated fetal weights were!!

I was right. Our babies are biiiiiiiiiig. They are each right on track for being singleton births, which makes them bigger than most twins at this stage. Baby boy is 4 lb 7, baby girl is 4 lb 6. This puts them each individually just over 2 kilos, which is the cut off point for special care (based on weight, anyway)!! Good babies.

The scan was excellent, and really emotional. We get scans every month as twins sometimes have growth problems, and they are normally quick checks of the organs and some measurements. You never really get to see anything. The lady yesterday took the time to show us everything, though I admit it is hard. When they were little you could easily get both babies on the screen. Our 13 + 6 pictures are superb – one perfect baby body per picture. Now, you can fit a head or tummy on the screen. So it’s all a bit disjointed.

She zoomed out to show us both their heads together – I wish I had thought to ask for a picture of that. While both babies are breech (wrong, babies, wrong), it is sweet that their heads are right up next to each other and they are sort of snuggled together. Mano’s head is on left side, his body stretches down my entire left side. He is ‘sitting’ on my left hip, with his legs stretched so the feet are across my pelvis and on the other hip. Torre’s head is on the left as well. Her body stretches under my breasts before curving waaaaaaaaay down and to the very outside of the right side of bump, with her legs curled in towards the middle. Note to self: must write about how while we always tell people Torre doesn’t move around much, actually she changes positions much more than her brother.

(It’s funny calling them ‘Mano’ and ‘Torre’ now because we have actually had names for a good few weeks now. Shh…)

Both babies have ‘nice round tummies’ (the one area they are both bigger than dead average in) and all measurements are within normal ranges for singleton babies. We then saw the doctor – good times.

He fucking told me that I would need general anesthetic if Mano came out the vadge and Torre needed a c section due to distress – EVEN IF I already had an epidural in. I am going to have a very serious talk with the anaesthetist when (if) I go in for regular delivery, because what the fuck is the point of an epidural if it means I’ll be asleep and TMD will have to leave the room if T needs a c section?

The doctor said it obviously helps with labour pains and is recommended with all twin mums – and then explained how they would deliver Torre if she was not head down. Yes, he would reach up into my vagina, into the fucking womb, and feel around. He would either try to turn her internally, or if he found a foot he would grab it and pull her out breech! Yes, I suppose an epidural might be nice for that brief period of time where I am giving birth like a cow with a farmer’s hand up her cootch.

It was a relief to hear that the hospital are willing to deliver the second twin breech. He said I would already be fully dilated and it wouldn’t be a problem. We talked a lot about c sections, but he said we shouldn’t focus on it – that they still want me to have a normal delivery. He said (quite cavalierly, I thought!) that it was still early, and most babies would turn head down. So, fingers crossed? (The question mark is because I feel funny about birth now, the closer it gets.)

He did say they would plan to section me at 38 or 39 weeks if they didn’t change position. I froze. THIRTY-NINE weeks? NO ONE has ever, EVER mentioned anything beyond 38 weeks to me. I literally couldn’t talk. He laughed and said, ‘Do you think you can last that long?’ I don’t even know what I said back to him. I suppose that is the same time I would be induced if I was to have a normal delivery as well.


I know it’s only a week more, but jebus.

Here I am at 32 + 3 days with the babies (yesterday!):




Whatever way I go in to deliver, they will do a scan when I arrive. The priority is always to have a regular delivery, and he said that babies can change positions very near the end – though I imagine it is rarer with twins.

The doctor also explained who all would be at a normal delivery (still in a operating theature cum delivery suite, just in case) and it is a HUGE number of people. I knew it would be, but it was still a shock. If both are head down, it will be less crazy and midwife-led, treated as two back-to-back normal births. If Torre isn’t head down, there will be midwives, several doctors, pediatricians, etc. There will also be two teams from special care in the hallway, preparing incubators and ready to be called in if needed. Yes, folks, everyone in within 50 miles will get to see me shitting myself as I push out babies. I believe this is the definition of ‘good times.’

The only thing the doctor said which I found upsetting is that babies who come early do best without a lot of handling, and will need to stay in incubators. Hrm. Everything I have read says premature babies do better when they are stroked and held. We will see. He said anything before 36 weeks is considered preterm for twins. My pregnancy goals used to be monthly, but have now gone into fortnightly hopes.

34 weeks is next goal, and developmentally that is a HUGE milestone to pass. Then 36 weeks so the babies are term….or at least not preterm. And 38 weeks where, universe willing, we will finally get to meet our children.

Our children.


diary twin

This post interupted for a pee break.

June 24, 2009

Bumpie has definitely dropped. I don’t know what this means in pregnancy terms, just in aesthetic and practical terms. For instance, I’ve noticed I can breathe again. Not to say I’m not still huffing and puffing like someone making a dirty phone call, but it does not have the desperation of someone who has just run a marathon.

And – waaaaaaaait for it – last night I changed position.

Last night was a particularly bad night; it featured lots of crying and tailbone pain. Poor TMD was so fucking tired, and I just kept crying. Eventually I was so pissed I said I wanted to try lying on my side. So…with a little crafty pillow rearranging, I got over onto my left side (slightly propped) and managed to stay this way for about an hour or so. This is the first time in over what must be TWO MONTHS that I have changed position (in day or night). This is a big deal.

I may ‘treat’ myself this evening with some more side lying before bed. It takes a lot of the pressure off my lovely ass, and also spices things up for the babies. Their movements were definitely freer when I was on my side.

Jebus. Having a big Braxton Hicks right now. Hang on.

Okay. Done.

Meet my new friends, stretch marks:


It’s one specific patch of my tummy that has them, and I feel an uneasy sort of fascination with them. I found a website about twin pregnancies yesterday, and they had a belly gallery of ‘twin skin.’ My stomach looks like twin skin right now, except it’s nice and firm rather than….floppy? Wrinkly? I don’t know quite the right term. LIke seersucker fabric, but made from human skin.

Trying to think if there is any other pregnancy symptoms worth noting for posterity. Oh, pee, I suppose. Since The Bump Dropped, I have to pee. A lot. I have not had a very pee-a-licious pregnancy, even in the notorious first trimester. Now I have to have a solid pee about once an hour. And I could probably sit on the toilet all day, because I am never finished peeing. Because of the way the babies are pushing down (and in particular, the way the little boy is very low down just over the bladder), I can never really get all the pee out. I have to ‘squeeze the orange.’ This essentially involves leaning forward after I have ‘finished’ peeing and wait for the next deluge as my bladder shifts into a new position.

Ooh. Have to go pee now, actually.

Really bad. Bye!

A twin pregnancy in retrospect – the first two trimesters.

May 13, 2009

I can’t believe this is the last week of the second trimester. That time of worrying about IUI versus IVF, my 30th birthday party where all I did was talk about this debate, the panic and nerves of all those decisions – that seems so long ago. Did I really go to the hospital 800 times to get my blood drawn to test and retest for every disease under the sun? Did TMD and I really learn how to administer shots and somehow manage to deliver them all at home?

Is it true that I decided to donate eggs, and worried and worried about whether there would be enough eggs left for us – and that I actually had needles stuck through my vaginal walls to collect a very healthy 18 eggs? Were 8 of ours mature, and how did they ALL fertilise? Is it possible to be that lucky?

And then we waited to go back in, three days later, and meet our embryos. Did a man come in with drawings of them all, telling us each embryo’s individual grade and cell count? Did we have two ‘perfect’ embryos put back in, and did we dare to believe the nurse who told us that embryos of that grade and quality usually result in a positive pregnancy test?

And what about all those signs hanging everywhere saying that 1 in 4 IVF births results in multiple pregnancy? And the risk form I signed stating that the only risk of the embryo transfer was, indeed, a multiple pregnancy? Did we really believe we would have twins? How were were so optimistic?

How were we RIGHT?

week 3 – eggs collected, embryos transferred

week 4 – positive pregnancy test, and extreme vomit sports begin. During this time, I was vomiting every twenty minutes for about three days.

week 5 (?) – first disappointing trip to doctor. Toured our hospital’s maternity/delivery unit.

week 6 – knocked down while crossing the road and rushed to hospital. Signed off work for four weeks, and missed a fifth week due to heavy snowfall and transport problems. I still feel guilty about the amount of painkillers the babies were exposed to, not to mention the stress hormones. Being told I might need an amputation, and THE IMMENSE PAIN.  But they both survived, and we found out in week 6 (at the ER) that it was twins.

week 7 – detailed scan at the IVF clinic confirmed it was twins. Also showed two sacs that were within normal bounds, but one much bigger than the other. Told there was a 50% chance one sac would disappear by twelve weeks.

week 9 – return to work. Vomit everywhere all the time. Still can’t eat anything, and have lost weight. Felt babies move for the first time!!!!

week 10 – freak out about the fact that the hospital has not offered us a booking appointment or any antenatal stuff.

week 13 – dating scan. Babies are far ahead of what the clinic said their gestation was. And exactly one day ahead of what REALITY says they are (we know exactly when conception occured. Dec. 3.). Returned later in this week for nuchal scan.

week 14 – booking appointment. Heard the babies’ heartbeats for the first time. Bought our own doppler at some point after this! Weird hip pains begin.

week 16 – first official midwife’s appointment. Told I might have SPD. Also this is the week I FINALLY stopped vomiting.

week 19 – made doctor’s apppointment for horrific hip pain, but then was so relieved to have it as this is when the fabled vaginal stabbing pain happened. Signed off work.

week 20 – find out that Mano is a boy, Torre might be a girl, and both babies are healthy and developing right on track.

week 22 (?) – officially diagnosed with SPD. Tried to come to terms with not returning to work for the duration of the pregnancy. Getting impatient for TMD to be able to feel the babies move. Go manic and buy a shitload of baby supplies.

week 23 – I see my belly move from the outside. TMD can now feel kicks from the outside!  Also admitted to hospital with what turns out to be ligament pain.

week 24 – another scan, another opportunity to be thankful that both babies are still right on track – in fact Mano is a tad bigger than his dates (remembering that his dates are already a day early). Find out Torre probably IS a girl!!

This is all from memory, and I know I am missing a lot. Like four pregnancy tests, bathtub vomit, the early obsessing over my bump (was showing VERY early in pregnancy), being able to feel their little heads from the outside (miracle!), how cool it was to hear all the kicking at the hospital, orange jello, the pleasure I take from my bump, the poems TMD recites to the babies that makes them jump around like crazy little acrobats.

And now I’m 25 weeks pregnant.

How did this happen? Is it real? Are there actual babies inside me? Are TMD and I really making wills, shopping for cotbeds, talking about breastfeeding?

I am so filled with gratitude for every day of this pregnancy.

More bump pics!!

April 22, 2009

Sorry about missing intervening weeks, but here’s me yesterday! I was 22 weeks pregnant.



For now, my bump is still a possible ‘purple bump’  – one boy (we know for sure) and one possible girl. Still have awhile to wait for the next scan (two weeks from this Friday), but tomorrow I have another midwife appointment.

Note: I still have my belly button! It’s stretched, shallow, and distorted, but it’s there. For the longest time the fullest part of my bump (the bit furthest from my body) was perfectly flat. Now my bump bulges a bit both above and below the belly button. I suspect my belly button (needs a name. Vernon?) is holding things in. Is that crazy?

Twins, lesbians, and SPD.

April 22, 2009

First things first: good news.

I went along to the local Twins Club meeting last week. It was lovely. One woman (who then gave me a ride home, bless her) had three month olds, and another had six month olds. I have never seen so many children in my freaking life. This club isn’t just twins – it’s anyone with multiples. I think everyone was a twin (or a sibling) but the number of children compared to the number of adults was staggering. Think I will be going back! Was useful to cuddle some babies and ooh and ah – and also get some advice about stuff.

So, that was step one in Creating A New Life for myself. Step two? TMD and I went round to that local lesbian family I told you about last weekend. Went by for just a cup of tea and ended up there for more than two hours – I think we were a mutual hit, with lots of friend-liking going on. The woman I’d been texting with (Lezzie #1 ?) is going to take me around to meet her friend with three year old twins.

This family we met lives literally around the corner from us. Perhaps Green was not wrong in saying our town was a hotbed for lesbianism? The best thing about this couple is that they are not social-heavy. They like to stay at home and only have a few really close friends. This is exactly how TMD and I are, so it bodes well for the future.

I do feel like I need to take steps to make myself a new life. Work is something of the semi-past, at least for the next year and a half or so. Making local connections is important, as if I was isolated at home with two babies I think it would be very difficult. Of course, there’s still the small matter of the fact that I don’t drive over here, but we’ll brush that under the carpet for now.

So: the not so good news. Went to the specialist physio yesterday – it was an hour and a half long appointment, which is unheard of in this land of ten minute doctor appointments. I have officially been diagnosed with SPD. The physio was quite gloomy about SPD, the chronic pain, and the fact that you can’t actually do anything to make it go away while you’re pregnant. She also asked if in lesbian relationships there was one more dominant, manly partner. Ha.

Um, anyway.

She’s put me back on crutches – and when she taught me to use them for SPD, she said I was a natural. I was like, ‘Well, I was on crutches for six or seven weeks not that long ago.’ TMD is horrified I brought another pair of crutches into the house, but I wanted the physio to size them for me properly. So anyone living locally who wants to crutches, you know where to get them!

I have more to say about the SPD, but that’s not for now. The physical assessment and exercising yesterday has left me in a good deal of pain, so I don’t want to sit up for too long. However, I AM tranferring all recent bump pics to the computer so they will be up today for sure.

Love to you all.

T minus 8 minutes.

April 20, 2009

Lots of good, good things to write about – not least of which, the shining sun. But right now I’m feeling a lot about work. I texted my boss this morning, only to log into my email and see she emailed me on Friday. I’m at the point where I’ve just sent The Email saying I probably am going to be off sick until I start my annual leave and then maternity leave….we’re going to be talking later this afternoon. I’m waiting for a phone call from some random doctor to extend my sick leave a couple of weeks – I’m hesitant to be signed off until the end of May as I think I may have already gulped up all my sick leave entitlement this year.

Practicalities aside, I miss work. I had three nightmares last night about work. There were no vampires, but lots of stress and worry. I know I can’t actually go back, and that makes things a bit better because it takes choice out of my hands. We had a very brief outing on Saturday (one of the good things I will write about later this afternoon), and it left me incapacitated yesterday. I even had difficulty walking. Good times.

But it’s saying goodbye to work which is painful. Not least of which because I’m not sure I’ll be going back at the end of maternity leave. I don’t know how I will react to being a stay at home mom; I don’t know if our finances will hold up. But even if I go back to part time work, I don’t know if it can reasonably be to this job. I am telling them I am coming back as that is the official plan right now, but the idea of not going back is gutting.

I worked for Day Job for four and a half years, most of which was spent wishing I didn’t work there. I’ve only been at Operation Fingerpaint since last June, and I can’t believe that after years of wanting the perfect job now that I’ve got it I’m not actually there. I feel a big sense of loss.

Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about the babies, about preparing for them, about meeting them. This is a whole new chapter in my life and will probably be the best (and hardest) thing we ever do. But I’ve got plenty of room in my heart to also mourn Operation Fingerpaint, and what it means. I do believe life – and my own decisions – will take me in good directions. But right now I feel a little sad.

Anyway. Hoping the doctor calls soon and it’s no problem to just get my sick note extended. Tomorrow I go to meet the specialist physiotherapist who will help me with my womanly pregnancy problems, and Thursday I’m going to see a midwife. Busy, busy.

If I drove and Operation Fingerpaint was near where we live, I would be trying to see if I could manage going back. But job aside (which involves minimal walking but probably enough to floor me), I don’t think I could actually handle the commute. You all know what this means – no more cozy chats with John, my crazy train friend. Oh, wait, I guess that’s a good thing.

If I have to leave the house on my own, I will need Crocs because shoes and socks are beyond me at this point.

April 16, 2009

Just booked our one-day multiples antenatal class. For some reason I was having a minor freak out about booking it – so picked up the phone and did it that way. Yesterday I rang these people to join their Exclusive World of Multiple Babies and they were lovely, and they were lovely again today.

Yesterday when I registered I was really impressed by how gender neutral the woman was. She didn’t ask for my husband’s name, she asked for my partner’s name. Now, I know over here ‘partner’ is a widely applied term – but so handy that it doesn’t imply a sexuality along with it. Today I was asked for my husband or partner’s name; I think these people have undergone some training or something because as soon as she said ‘husband’ she kind of choked up and quickly replaced it with ‘partner.’ Nice.

The weird thing?

She referred to TMD as my ‘birth partner’, but she MEANT ‘wife.’ As in, ‘Is this your birth partner’s first child/children as well?’ and ‘Are you the one carrying the pregnancy?’ She also groovily said (not in a nosy way – it was a question I had to answer for the antenatal referral), ‘I assume you used fertility treatments then?’

Anyway. Class booked. Next step is to book into the local hospital’s free class. No doubt it will be …uh….well, you know, I’ll shut my mouth and hope for the best. I don’t think or know if we will sign up for this other series of antenatal classes (private classes through a national charity – everyone in the world goes to them) as the hospital stuff might cover it anyway. I find it all odd as while I would certainly prefer a vaginal delivery, I just don’t know how things will turn out on the day – it’s like this for multiples. I won’t know for a couple of months yet. Maybe one of you can come over and just teach me how to breathe or something.

Other thing is that I heard back from the local multiples club – they have a meeting tomorrow. While no one believes I am a social hermit because I am so fabulously sparkly with people, I totally hate going along to stuff like this without a friend in tow. I was warned by the email lady that tomorrow might be a bit ‘manic’ as it is school holidays so lots of older twins will be there. Yikes.

Apparently there are a few new twins moms there, though, so it would be quite good to get to know people in the area. I was assured that people ‘forge lifetime friendships’ – normally a churchy cult statement like that would put me off, but actually, I wouldn’t mind a few local lifetime friends. But the meeting’s in a church. Gross.

I am really cooking with this whole babies thing. I am also not moping around or hating bedrest as much this week. In fact, I’m starting to enjoy it. I’m now in a dodgy area where I have outlasted my doctor’s sick note and have not extended it – not even sure where it is. Work has not contacted me and I haven’t contacted them, aside from some emails about my scan and a phone call from Green. I had a tearful half hour earlier this week about missing work, but this is what it is.

I’d rather be successfully cooking babies than struggling to make it through the days at work.

I still have some pretty big stuff to sort out – and the first thing(s) are getting a solicitor so we can make a will, as well as taking legal advice about securing TMD’s parental rights. The law here is changing and if we had conceived a few months later we could have both been on the birth certificate. As it stands, we have to work really hard to make sure our family and babies are safe.

I also need to find a dentist. Yuck. I don’t trust dentists here…but then again I’ve never gone.

….Really grey and gloomy outside today. Hardcore mist coming down into our jungle of a back garden. Regardless, I have done more stuff in the past two days than I have in the past two weeks. I also called the clinic yesterday and found out we will receive our donor’s pen sketch when the babies are born. I also asked about the woman I donated eggs to – waiting to hear back about that.

In the meantime, I may go make myself an ice cream cookie sandwich. They don’t have them in this country (horror, shock, disgust!), but I find they are actually a ‘recipe’ that is within the parameters of ‘things I can cook.’

Love to you all.

(Pictures coming later, assuming I can hook up our new memory card/camera to the laptop with no struggles.)

My vagina wants me to lay down again. *pity party*

April 9, 2009

Sitting up on the couch AND leaning back against it – two no-nos in the world of Twin Pregnancy. (Can you hear the horns announcing…Twin Pregnancy?) But you know, I don’t give a good fuck at this moment in time. Avert your eyes if you don’t want to see whining and self-pity.

But…I’m boooooooooooooored. Being at home is all fun and games assuming you are able and willing to move around. A life lived lying on your side? Totally fucked up, my friends. And I’ve got some kickin’ rib tenderness on my left side, which is made about a zillion times more uncomfy when I am lying down. So I thought, be a daredevil. Go on. Sit up, lean back, prop that laptop on your knees and experience typing from a normal position again.

It’s not quite as risque as buying a motorcycle and taking off for unknown territories, but it gave me a brief thrill for about ten minutes. Or five.

Fact is, I am clockwatching. I am waiting and waiting and waiting for TMD to get home. I’m lonely, bored, thirsty, uncomfortable, worried, etc. I am also radiantly happy and keep touching my bump. But honestly, the babies are okay company – but not quite the same as having someone with you who is living outside of your stomach. I need a hug!

I keep wondering how in god’s name I can possibly stay at home for another 18 weeks (if I deliver at 38 weeks, which is the plan) because HOLY FUCK THIS IS BORING. The upside is that all this rest means I am likely to head off bad complications from the SPD, preterm labour, etc. It also means I’m less likely to be forced onto actual never-leave-the-bed-rest. I know my job is to be a good twincubator and cook up some healthy, fat babies – but god.

I think I need something or someone to entertain me. Maybe a couch in the middle of some woods somewhere, with ambient bird sounds and leafy shadows/light dappling my body. Maybe the ability to sit up for more than 20 minutes without causing myself grievous pains and aches – and therefore being able to do some serious writing. Maybe the motivation to kickstart meditating (I’ve just bought Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living so maybe that will help?) and get into some sort of routine.

The thing is, I actually have a lot to do. Find a guy to make us a will. Download the legal documents to give TMD parental responsibility. Research dual citizenship stuff for the babies. Call the clinic and ask when we get the donor’s pen sketch. Ask them if the lady I donated eggs to got pregnant. Make a list of shit I need from work (my wind up sushi misses me, I am sure of it). Perhaps start filling in the paperwork to become a Superstar Therapist. Make a list of things for babies/my hospital bag. Make a list of stuff we need for the house. Call this strange local lesbian family to see if we can make friends, even though calling someone I don’t know makes me nervous.

But, crazy me, I feel like I can’t do any of that until my new orange notebook comes in the mail and I can make all sorts of crazy detailed lists in the book. Just for the satisfaction of crossing them out – but also because I feel better when I get things out of my head and onto paper. Or this blog, I guess.

Whine, whine, whine.

I spend my days flitting between tv channels. I turn my head sideways and read pregnancy forums, update twitter, mindlessly refresh my Facebook homepage, and check my email. Blog. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am happy to be at home if it is the best thing for the babies and my body, but jesus why does it have to be so endless? Am I really capable of being home and essentially immobile for NINETEEN total weeks? Is my emotional health strong enough?

I need comfort.

Lots of belly pics…and other stuff. World exclusive.

April 5, 2009

Okay, I thought we didn’t manage to get Belly Bra pics yesterday as the battery ran out, but apparently I was wrong:


Whoops. Sideways. My bad. Note the wonderous enlarging breasts – TMD was horrified at the indents and marks left on me by my actual bra. Bra shopping becomes a challenge, though, when your vagina gets tired after about ten minutes.

Anyway, I like the Belly Bra muchly – only complaint is that on the back it rides up right to my ‘waist’ when lying down. This is because of my much smaller waist to much bigger hips ratio, but still a bit annoying.

Oh. How far along were the babies yesterday? Why


In the background you can semi-make out TMD’s frantic drawings of camera cases – I bought a snazzy new camera yesterday and wanted a Crumpler case to fit it. Both in the mail.

So. My bedtime picture – sports bra, belly band, and giant yoga pants. Not too far off from how I dress in the daytime now that I am a Couch Dweller.


Fuck. Sideway again. You see, it’s harder for me to tell which end is up as I am constantly on my side and, in fact, typing this from a prone sideways position.

The kids:


You can kind of see my VERY defined egg shaped bump at the top just along the left side of this shot. If, of course, you can tear your eyes away from the big ass stain caused by the stretch mark prevention oil.


The above is TMD in her favourite slippers (bought by yours truly) and a pair of dubious green pants bought for me by my mother. There is no way in hell they would fit me now, and they are pleasingly baggy on her. And look what she (TMD) bought me:


Of these varieties (I’ve gone crazy for those coke bottles during pregnancy, though the cherries are also fucking fantastic. Healthy eating, what ho! Jolly good. Henceforth. Viz.):


Finally, the view from the couch. My writing (propped up on a chair), my home, my outdoors.


And because everyone likes seeing pictures of other people’s pets:



Edit: I totally want to bonk myself when I see that picture of me in the Belly Bra. I’m not sure why. Just thought I’d let you know…