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26 weeks pregnant with twins…and all that goes with that. (Zits all over my forehead. NICE.)

May 19, 2009

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my SuperBump ™. I have a few more pics that were taken two days ago to upload – my bump appears to have grown a few inches overnight, and I don’t think it’s just me. It’s funny – about four/five days ago I was thinking that I had got used to the extra weight, that I sometimes forget I am pregnant, etc.


The night we took these pictures, I saw myself in the Belly Bra and my jaw was almost dislocated from the force of my mouth opening so wide. I am hesitant to say I have a big bump, because everytime I have thought that in the past I have learned a few weeks later that I had NO IDEA what ‘big’ was. No doubt this is a lesson I will continue to have.

I was going through my phone and deleting old text messages yesterday (and finding it an entertaining, worthwhile use of my time – you SEE what all these weeks at home have turned me into?!?) and found some texts I had sent waaaaaaaaaaay back when I was on crutches from the accident. Things like, ‘I’m on crutches and have a huge stomach and no one will offer me a seat. Stupid bastards!’ Etc. I look back now and want to shake myself. Huge bump? Make me fucking laugh, yo.

I am pregnant with twins and I am a superhero! Hardcore. Hardy.


At any rate, I am hiding in my bedroom and will be for the rest of the week. At any moment a builder/painter guy is going to show up. We’re having the lounge, hall, and kitchen repainted – I will be hiding not just because that is what I would do if any workmen were in the house, not just because this particular guy is THE chattiest person I have ever met and when I am trapped in conversation with him I can only dream of escape, but because of the paint fumes.

We’ll see how my body likes sitting upright in the glider, as Marmite is dominating the bed at the moment.

And that’s the other thing. Yesterday I was lying on the couch, and I almost couldn’t get up. If I had been more sprightly, I would have said that I was flopping around like a fish out of water. Rather, I sort of lay there, rolling from side to side, hands moving about independent of my brain’s control, trying to find something to grab onto and pull me up. That was an interesting experience. It is now VERY difficult to get myself up off the couch.

I have also had a few nights of dodgy sleep  – escalating to terrible sleep, actually. Last night I found a new solution and it seemed to work, so here’s hoping. During my rearranging of pillows (or, rather, ordering TMD to Make The Bed Perfect Or Else) I confessed to her that I’m actually quite worried what the rest of pregnancy will be like. I mean, many people are my size right before they give birth. So when women who are heavily pregnant (38+ weeks?) complain about just wanting to get it over with and have the baby? Yes, my size or smaller.

I am 26 weeks pregnant today. Yikes, yowza, etc.

We have talked about the fact that once I reach about 36 weeks I will probably need TMD’s mum to come stay with me when TMD is at work. Simply because I don’t know if I’ll be able to move (SPD be damned, I’m talking merely about how huge I’ll be!!!), and I don’t know if I would be crazy or calm if my waters broke.

I am also thinking about the fact that I DO want the blog world to know when things are moving or shaking, and how I will manage to have that sorted out. Poor Tatiana might get an email asking if she wants to guest blog/update for me (hint, hint), though I still don’t know how she would know things were moving along. Plus, that pesky time difference is a WHORE.

Hmmm. Corporate T?

Anyway. Other news is Big Baby Shopping we did this weekend. Won’t write all about it, but will say we went into the town centre especially to look at a particular twin pushchair (‘travel system’ for the uninitiated) – and while we were in the store, a really nice couple with 8 month old twins came in….using that exact pushchair. They let us push their baby girls around (I also told the husband I wanted to kidnap them as they were so cute. How am I allowed in public??) so we could see what the pushchair was like with two babies in it.

While we were doing that, ANOTHER twin mom came in. This is a terrible thing to say,  but her two year old girls looked like they were from Village of the Damned. Very pale skin, see through blonde hair – I was just waiting for their eyes to light up red. We didn’t talk to that mom, possibly because her kids freaked us both out.

Please, let our kids be gorgeously cute, universe!!!

I love my bump muchly, even though I occasionally whack it with the fridge door when I open it (easy to do, actually). If the babies are as cute as the bump, we can all be hopeful. Other cute thing – they respond to TMD’s voice, particularly Mano. I do think he’s in a better position to be kicking, and he does move around a lot. Torre still quieter on the movement front, though her kicks are POWERHOUSES and occasionally make me scream in surprise.

Love to you all!


23 weeks pregnant – twin bump pictures! Also I am hosting baby kickboxing tournaments at present.

May 2, 2009

25 April – 22 weeks 4 days preggo with the twinnie eggos. (Also no stretch marks at this point!)


I know this isn’t the most anonymous of pictures, and therefore I am breaking my own rules, but I thought I needed to share that every single time TMD takes bump pictures, I end up with terrible sneezing. I have to lean over and really brace myself, making unattractive grimaces, in order to minimise pain and pissing myself!!


Baby bump a dump. The day I wore this shirt is also the day that I got to ride in a motorised wheelchair around a store. I am sorry I do not have a headless picture of  that shot, because I enjoy it. If you are my facebook friend, it’s now my profile picture. If you are NOT my facebook friend but are not a crazy stalker, perhaps at some point we will be friends?!


29 April – 23 weeks 1 day pregnant with the babies.


I don’t know why, but apparently now I am obsessed with sneeze photos. As you can see, this is an action shot – hence the bluriness.


We bought this top very early in pregnancy. TMD suggested I should try it on – and it fits. Shock horror. We originally bought it ’cause I liked the pattern, though it looked completely fucking ridiculous…it was literally like I was wearing a tent. Now it is all screwy fitting – lots of room across the top back, but pretty well fitting across the bump. This top is two sizes too big AND a maternity top.


This is me attempting to convey the width of the bump. I don’t know if it truly comes across.


I have lots of pictures of vitamins, daisies, and my cat, but have decided to show you the view from my latest hospital bed. Above these curtains is the ceiling – painted an apricot orange. The whole thing is like living inside a sunset. Hopefully I’ll never need to spend longer than a night at a time in this particular ward…(not because of the sunset colours, though.)


Last night I took another bath. I’ve gone from thinking they suck to feeling like they are an indispensible part of being alive. I always liked baths, but pregnancy has made them uncomfortable. No longer. My bump is so big it happily sticks out of the water of even a totally full tub, so I don’t feel I have to worry about accidentally poaching the babies.

ANYWAY. It was awesome!

Something I didn’t tell you about the hospital stay was that the first night they listened to the babies with these special monitor things – big round circles they put on your tummy. I just kept saying, ‘How cool! This is just like those baby shows on tv!’ I think the midwife thought I was weird. Moving on…

The babies sounded like they were fucking kickboxing in there. Extreme kicking on both side. And it was SO LOUD because we could hear both at the same time, and the volume was turned way up. The midwife laughed and said we were going to have our hands full when they arrived.

The interesting thing about this is that I discovered a whole new feeling of baby movement. What I had assumed were giant, killer gas bubbles abruptly shifting (you know the feeling, admit it) was actually babies. So now I’ve got low down gas earthquakes, kicks in every direction, and general squirminess. They seem particularly active around 9-11 pm.

So back to bathtime. I was feeling primo kicks, and also saw Mano kick – my bump shot upwards about an inch!! I screamed for TMD (as you do) and she came in. Mano kicked again and there was no mistaking it as us just being hopeful – even pragmatic TMD said she saw the movement. She also put her hand over it and Mano kicked again, so she felt him! Was so happy.

After awhile she left me to my own devices (that means I was reading Make Lemonade for the fiftieth time and loving it). I began to feel the gassy feelings I’d had when the babies were kickboxing at the hospital. I looked down at my stomach and fuck if it wasn’t like some sort of deathmatch going on! Both babies were kicking – saw lots of right-sideways-bump-lurching courtesy of Torre – but with both babies going, my bump was swaying slightly from side to side and sort of slow motion rippling!

I don’t know what they are doing in there, but I don’t know if it looks fun!

I think I’m going to go now as I have to pee so badly I am sure I will leak when I stand up. Add that to the fact that I’m wearing a Fat Lady nightgown my mother sent over (with a maternity belt over the top of it), and you have one hot sexy girlie. I can’t imagine why people aren’t flocking around from neighboring streets, begging to have their picture taken with me.

The Bump does seem to have grown exponentially in the last two weeks.

March 29, 2009

Just a very quick hello this morning, as I’m about to go into the bedroom and start getting rid of clothing that I never wore before being pregnant and will never wear after being pregnant.

We went to a housewarming party last night, and everyone looked at me like I was about to just go into labour. TMD joked this morning that they were boiling water in the kitchen – just in case. Given that my worst fear is premature labour, I’m taking this all suprisingly well. After all, it’s because I am the lady with the biggest bump in any room. Most of the time, anyway.

A friend who we haven’t seen or really talked to in a year (he was off walking across the country on his own two feet for much of the time) asked if I was ‘still’ working – implying that I was so unbelieveably huge he wasn’t sure how I could get out of the door in the mornings. He also thought I was on maternity leave already. When I told him I was ‘only eighteen weeks’ (a stock phrase of this week, it would seem), his jaw literally dropped. I’ve never seen that happen before. I also noticed the room got a bit quiet and everyone was looking at my stomach.

At one point when I got up to use the toilet, a bunch of people in the kitchen were commenting on my waddle and how fucking huge I was.

I love this now, because I have always always always wanted to be the one with The Bump, but I have to admit it worries me. I don’t think I’m THAT big (although I broke down this morning, wondering if I genuinely can manage another 9 weeks of work) – at least compared with how I will be. TMD said, ‘Yes, but you have no point of reference.’  She comes home daily to compare my bump with one of her co-workers – we’re apparently the same size and that lady’s gonna pop very soon.

So. Question of the week, the century, the span of space and time: How big WILL I get?

Pictures to shortly follow.