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Underrated reasons to babywear:

January 25, 2010

If you wear a baby to the shops, your hands are free on the way home to hold a Rice Krispie treat and a Diet Coke.

In other news, did you read the subtext? I walked all the way to the shops yesterday! With a baby on my tummy! My back started clicking about halfway there, but I decided to push on. My legs were supersore and my crotchly SPD hurt a bit, but nothing like I had expected. Is this the first step to being able to wear both and walk to baby clinic (across from the shops)?

In other other news, I shot a how-to video for tandem wearing twins with a wrap on front and a Connecta on the back. I need to reshoot as, uh, it was my first attempt with this combo of carriers (and will not be my last! SO EASY, so comfy, such good weight distribution) and it was hard to use the hip scoot to get Snort on my back. In the video, it looks as if I’m *clears throat* close to dropping him. Don’t worry. I wasn’t. He clings to my hips and back like a limpet, as does his sister.

But I am wondering about these videos. I’ve had a number of people approach me with tandem wearing, or solo wearing, questions. I think videos are so frickin’ helpful, much better than reading descriptions or looking at pictures. But…post the videos here? A different blog? Just facebook/youtube?

I’m not sure. I have opened another wordpress blog in case I decide to go down that route. At any rate, when a video is ready, would you be interested in seeing it? Would it be helpful? It demonstrates a good carry for a singleton on the front, and then also shows how to get a structured soft carrier with buckles on the back – and how the two work together. Input, please.

This obviously links into the whole anonymity thing. Hmm.



Babywearing of the last couple of weeks…

December 14, 2009

Don’t claim to be an expert, do claim to be creative in (tandem) times of need…

This first picture is of both babies in one wrap. A wrap is a wide, very long piece of fabric. I prefer woven wraps, but this is a semi-stretchy one. I got this because it’s apparently hot shit for tandem (two kids) wearing, but I don’t actually like it all that much. Still, it cuts a pretty picture:

Next up, I had Snort in one woven wrap on my front when Coconut started fussing. I didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed a ringsling and, well, slung her next to him. This was surprisingly comfy, very easy to do, and I would probably do it again for an emergency quick fix. Not for long walks.

Finally, two babies in two wraps. This happened because the very secure wrap I wanted to do with one wrap wouldn’t work (it wasn’t long enough). As I was on my own, I felt safer getting one baby onto my back and securing him before then getting her on my front. Have done several variations of this during the week. Would still prefer one wrap as I only have very long wraps, and wearing a baby on your back actually doesn’t require too much fabric, so I have tons left over. With only one baby, this isn’t too much of a problem, but with two you don’t want huge swathes of fabric everywhere. Still, I felt pretty awesome doing this all by my lonesome!!

So, what do you think? If you want to know more, just ask questions in the comments and I will happily answer them in a future post. Babywearing is about the best thing in the universe….after actually having the babies, that is.