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December 29, 2008

Dare I say it, I’m feeling pretty good. I haven’t gagged or thrown up in at least two days. Hurrah! May be over my initial snarling that I would never EVER get pregnant again – watch this space. I’ve moved on to other symptoms, but to be honest with you, ANYTHING compared to being sick every 20 minutes for 8 hours straight feels pretty damn good.

Just starting to get impatient for the scan. Though…..the closer the scan gets, the closer my reschduled driving test gets. Yes, I finally pulled my finger out and rebooked it for a Saturday later in January. Seeing as I haven’t driven since October/November when we started the whole IVF thing, it should be pretty awesome. I think I am less likely to be a speed demon (part of the reason I failed last time) this time around considering that I’m not used to driving, and that I have a passenger or two in my stomach.

Cross your fingers.

Also booked my first doctor’s appointment for this Friday. I’m hoping they’re nice, as the doctor I had in town was so good you could be forgiven for thinking we had private health insurance. In a country where everything’s free (including poop on e.r. chairs – no lie, it happened when we took Aussie to the hospital once), one thing sometimes in doubt is quality.

What else, what else.

I’m working from home today, so will actually be at the computer. This means updates, though if they are as thrilling and action packed as this one, I don’t know if you (or I) will be able to handle the adreneline rush.

Oh! Final Twilight-related analysis:

Twilight was okay. At least I wanted to keep reading it until the conclusion. I gulped it up, just don’t think it was anything special. The middle two books were so terrible I would almost have preferred to go temporarily blind rather than have to read them. The final one, though, was actually good. I really liked it. There’s my astute personal opinion.

Homage is a funny word. (aka QVC makes even nail guns look appealing.)

November 30, 2008

At the risk of alienating people, what the fuck is the big deal about Twilight? It was entertaining in the way any competant book for teenagers is entertaining. I didn’t think it was the most amazing book I’d ever read, which is certainly what I was veering towards due to the rave reviews of everyone I know.

I think the power of literature shines when it appeals to a large audience. I can certainly say that I have friends from all over who thought this book was absolutely cracktastic, and I think that’s cool. Me? Not so much.

I did like the whole crazy vampire chase thing at the end. But there were some poor plotting/character points. Also, predictable much?

All that aside, I am still planning on reading the others. Started New Moon last night and so far have no real compulsion to pick it up. I do think Twilight could have contributed to my, shall we say, ‘antsy-ness’ last night. And for that alone, I thank it.

This morning I’m in pain. Last night was a shit sleep, as the only position there is any comfort in is when I am angled on my side. I am now wearing the two sizes too big sweatpants I bought for the egg collection, and they fit like a glove. I really think we’ll be told after the scan tomorrow that the egg collection is this Wednesday.

I hope so. Because next Wednesday at work is a like a big group field trip. We’ve won this very elite national award, and we all get to be hoity toity. I just think it’ll be fun fun fun. Plus, it means my first day back in the office is A Fun Day, as opposed to having to juggle things around and miss two weekly groups in a row.


All these mothauckas, ucking up my shi.

srsly nt.

November 29, 2008

Scratch that last post – unless you know if we can have hot lesbian sex. I think I’ve gone off the idea.

Why, you ask? Well, I just stood up to go tell TMD that I hadn’t googled my way into an answer, and the pain in my ovaries was like, ‘Ha ha, bitches! You thought you wanted to have sex! Well, how do you like the pain? Do you like it? Do you…DO YOU?’

No, I don’t.


Oh. I’m reading Twilight. It’s good, in a Mills and Boon for teenagers kind of way. I like it. But am I so impressed I want to name my first born child Edward or Bella? Not yet.