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I am the hottest shit this side of the Atlantic.

October 2, 2009


This afternoon I successfully tandem fed the babies, a la bouncy chairs! Happy Mama is me! Happy babies are they!



It was the quickest, least painful feed ever. With time for cuddles for both Snort and Coconut at the end, with NO VOMIT.



Wishlist turned reality.

March 22, 2009

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my bump pictures! Scroll down a few entries if you haven’t seen them yet… (And know that while Facebook gets my face, you guys get my bare belly. Be honoured!)

Yesterday I ended up pissing myself three times. <– Just something that needed to be said. I am squeezing those muscles, I swear. A bit, anyway.

Today I’ve gone online shopping crazy. I’ve bought two white bumpbands (white is a better summer colour, and bumpbands are delicious and apparently very supportive when you are very, very pregnant with twins!). We also got a mamascarf. This is a groovy breastfeeding scarf made by the bumpband people. I hope I can breastfeed – not sure as I’ve had a breast reduction and they said they couldn’t guarantee I would be able to. If I can, I would like to tandem feed the babies; feeding them one at a time would pretty much make sure all I did was sit and let babies suck on my boobs. Tandem feeding halves the time!

Mamascarf is good for one-at-a-time feeding, which we may prefer anyway. Also more practical for being out in public. If tandem breastfeeding works out, we will be getting a thing that hooks around your neck and then is essentially like a tablecloth hanging down in front of you. While one boob out seems very okay – and this country is all about the boobies for the babies – TWO boobs out at the same time seems like I should be asking for beads, not providing nourishment.

Finally, we just bought a glider for 99.00 – regular retail price 300.00. It’s on pre-order but due to come mid-April.

I try to feel okay about spending this much money by remembering TMD didn’t go get me the ‘special Mother’s Day breakfast from McDonald’s’ that she offered me. We saved, what, like 3.00 right there? Bargain!

(Other nice thing: TMD made me a card ‘from’ Mano and Torre. Of course, this resulted from me sobbing during a twenty minute car ride yesterday that she didn’t get me a gift for Mother’s Day, but still. It’s very very cute.)