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Good things come to those who are impatient.

October 25, 2008

Day 2 of taking the birth control pill. No  longer do I resent it as a postponement of babytummy. In fact, my copious reading has yielded some info – the pill is becoming a standard of treatment even when egg sharing isn’t happening. Women who take the pill first are likely to produce better quality eggs and LESS likely to form cysts on their ovaries. Hi ho, pill.

My appointment at the clinic is on Day 11. This is when we will run through my/our detailed protocol, and I imagine injections will be starting within a few days of the appointment. I hope my superstitious fertility necklace arrives next week.

You know what else I hope about next week? That I pass my fucking driving test!! Just had a two hour lesson – universe willing, the last one I will ever need. I asked my instructor if he thinks I’m going to pass (after complimenting him on his haircut, discussing tv, etc – we’re old friends now that we’ve hung out every goddamn weekend since the beginning of time itself) and he said he would be surprised if I didn’t. Let’s not prove him wrong, eh?

If you pray, chant, cast spells, send good vibes – send them to ME. My test is Wednesday at 11:21 am my time, which I will remain delightfully non-specific about. However, if you begin sending vibes now and then concentrate them on Tuesday, enough should be sticking to me on Wednesday that I pass.

If I don’t, this will have to be put off till at least after Christmas – when whatever the outcome of IVF, I will have a lot on my mind. Nice as my instructor is, I hope I never have to see him again after next week.


Crazytown…Crazyville. Either way, it’s crazy.

October 20, 2008

Yes, I may be taking a roadtrip to Crazyville. I just kept going back to that website selling fertility necklaces and bracelets and bought the necklace.   You know, with all the money we have.

To make me feel less guilty, I abstained from buying Halloween H2O and the Blair Witch Project.

While I want this necklace to arrive, I am having crazy thoughts like, ‘If the IVF doesn’t work first go, I’m going to rip off that necklace, snap the chain, etc.’ …to, ‘I will wear that necklace continuously until I give birth to a healthy baby (babies), even if it goes black and gross.’

See? Crazytown.

The other good thing that is coming in the mail is Halloween. The original, and quite possibly my favourite movie. Plus, it’s October and almost the actual holiday itself. Which is, of course, my favourite holiday. God, I sound like some sort of goth, don’t I? I assure you my face is not deadly pale, although I am wearing a black top today.

(Was Michael Myers goth? Look at his fucking FACE, man!)