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Five life lessons. (Late night*.) (Alliteration again.)

November 6, 2010

I may have had a spat of tipsy tweeting tonight. (You like that alliteration?)

I’m on the other side of tipsy now, the I-must-sleep-soon-or-the-world-will collapse side.

Lessons learned from this evening:

1. One glass of wine gets me squiffy. Two glasses knocks me out.

2. I have a low tolerance for alcohol as I never drink.

3. I was hugely flattered when a Twitter friend said I was her favourite kind of drunk – cheap and chatty.

4. Facebook is sooooo fucked up. How else could I know that a lady I met ONE time in an antenatal class is getting a divorce? And not only that, but what song she walked down the aisle to?

5. A lot of famous people are from my town/area.

*’late night’ = 9:19 pm.

Stalking, it’s not just for amateurs anymore.

October 22, 2010

Okay, so. I’m not even a good stalker, nor do I aspire to be. But I accidentally stalked a few people yesterday.

First up, this girl who directed our camp a few people after I/we did. I run a facebook group for alumni of the camp. She posted a link to a blog she had started focusing on summer camp – so of course I clicked it. It was an easy hop from there to find her personal, top secret blog.

So of course I clicked.

Damn, kids. Lesson number one. You’re on wordpress? You need to post from a central anonymous account or only your ONE blog. If you have a personal blog, be careful if you open another professional one on the same account. Chances are some idle stalker will find it.

Next up? I spent some pleasant time on facebook looking for my ex girlfriend. Which morphed into looking at my ex boyfriend’s picture – again. Which quickly turned into, ‘Hey, I wonder if the guy I dated before this guy who was best friends with him is on facebook?’ Turns out he is. And so is his wife.

Her profile is not private.

So I now know that the weirdo half cartoon character with the extremely small penis has managed to knock his wife up, and they are expecting a daughter.

I don’t even want to find this shit. It finds me.

If I opt for a new career at some point, it may involve being a social media stalker. Imagine how fun it could be.

And, actually, one of my oldest friends (Hi, you-know-who-you-are!) does have a job stalking people on facebook. As near as I can tell, she hunts down people who have warrants out for their arrest and reads their profiles to figure out where the hell they are. Or something like that.

I would be so good at that. And it seems ideally suited to at home working, no?



October 2, 2010

If I had my new Smartphone back when I gave birth, I wonder what an impact that would have had on me. I do know that the crushing loneliness – and even fear – I felt when TMD had to go home each evening would have been lessened by being able to be in touch. I could have blogged, I could have tweeted, I could have chatted.

Of course I think about in terms of breastfeeding as well – would it have made a difference if people had been tweet-pressuring me (out of love)? I’m kind of glad it wasn’t an option. The more I read the more I am flabbergasted.

When milk first comes in your baby may have trouble eating because there is so much of it? WOW. I know when Aussie was first feeding Walnut here, milk was flying out of her boobs like a hose – it was awesome in the truest sense of the word, the power of her body to create and sustain life.

My boobs didn’t do that. I think what happened was that they made milk, but then all the severed milk ducts meant the milk had nowhere to go. And as my boobs were not regularly emptied by babies, my supply dropped rapidly as there was no ‘reason’ to make milk that would not be eaten.

All that aside, even when my milk did come in I never got engorged. At all. Yes, my boobs felt heavier and bigger – but nothing like the description of other friends I have. So maybe my boobs weren’t making a ton of milk anyway.

The interesting thing, to me, is that I can think about this without it hurting anymore. I am happy with the way we are raising – and feeding – our kids.

But still….I would’ve liked the constant flow of support the internet would have meant at 2 in the morning as I was crying in pain and too scared to try to make it to the bathroom without a wheelchair. Or at least the knowledge that if I wanted the support, it was there.

All of that aside, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t have my lovely phone. Because my focus was totally on our babies and our family – and I know myself. If my phone had had all the superpowers it does now, I would have been up tweeting instead of sleeping. But maybe not….after all, I was sharing that hospital bed with two little wonders. It’s only when ‘well meaning’ midwives put them back in the fishbowl next to my bed that I felt less than happy.

Ah, how we see-saw. I guess there’s no way to really know what it would have been like. Perhaps I’ll get the chance to find out one day.