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Weekly roundup 16 March – 22 March

March 22, 2013


After my fall down the stairs yesterday afternoon, I was terrified my pelvis would throw in the towel. So I virtually spent all day in bed. Hoping TMD will add her thoughts in here, and from now on I will italicise whatever she writes so you can tell us apart. I think they just did loads of playing all day, and a bike ride may have happened. I know post dinner they played in the (endlessly rainy) garden, though.

The only noteable thing I was present for was Snort’s discovery of some small change on my nightstand. He took it, asked for a pot, and says he wants to save up for the Spiderman house we saw last week. TMD and I aren’t sure about the whole pocket money thing yet, but I guess this bear watching as he is deadly serious about trying to raise money.

Ah, the other lovely thing was in the morning – the kids were sitting on the stairs (I used to love playing on my stairs when I was little, too!) and said they were a plane. They decided to fly to Grandma and Papa’s house, then to see Blondie in Big City. This was a vivid and detailed game – looking out the plane windows to see our house as they flew over, etc. Super cute, and the sheer number of games focused on seeing Grandma and Papa makes me feel sad we aren’t physically closer to them.

Kids watched Mr Ben and Spiderman
Dressing up: coco as spiderman, snort as knight – play leading to wrestling!
Coco writing, snort playing with superheroes
Decorating birthday card for Gnome
Plane trip playing on stairs
Visit to Gnome
Ate lunch then watched some shows
All out in garden stomping in mud and general fun but cold stuff
Did stickers and scrapbooks for ages. Snort really got into his knight sticker pictures
More dressing up while watching Mr Ben (well obviously!)
Playing being at gymnastics (all couch cushions on floors and lots of scary jumping)
Sword fighting with wooden spoons (it’s been a knight themed day apparently!)
“Helping” me wash up after dinner
Bath and bed
Playing the bedtime game we’ve played all week: they pretend to sleep and I have to be Santa and bring them gifts
Snort would not sleep so ended up back downstairs with mega blocks and superheroes

No bike ride on Saturday, that was Sunday and I think we went in the garden earlier. But I might be wrong.


A morning of free play for children and various getting stuff done for adults. I managed to bbbbbbbbbbbb trttttttttt b bbhhhhhhhhbbbbbbvzzuuiopitt Sara’s,&@@&@@@@@@@@@@&&&&&&& mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmm nmnnnnnnmnn (

(okay that was snort helping me while we discussed letters!)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ..,,……………l.ll’

( he wants to send this to Mummy’s friends)

Anyway, I managed to finally burn some CDs, upload pics to Facebook, etc. We then went to a friend’s house – one of TMD’s oldest friends, who has previously been mentioned on this blog as Gnome. The kids adore her, particularly her magical skills in pulling stickers out of ears.

In the afternoon I was treated to some alone time while TMD took the kids for a bike ride and trip to the playground. Coco apparently crashed into a bush, and managed to slice her neck open on the aforementioned bush. The story has been told to everyone (we were bike riding in the park, I crashed into a bush and cut my neck, mummy had to get me bunny ) we meet, and it never varies. It reminds me of her broken arm story (I was at gymnastics with nana and fell off the rope, I had to go to hospital with nana and mummy and get an elmo arm plaster).

I was also treated to a new game of Snort’s invention. Both kids, naked of course, pretended to be dogs. I had to throw their toys for them to fetch. They were panting and barking and I had to keep petting them and calling them dogs. We played this for FORTY MINUTES. Children amaze me.

Also had a lovely little discussion about electricity in the evening, again Snort’s idea. We were looking out at the streetlights when he earnestly told me it was electricity making them work. We talked some more about things that electricity powers.


Lots and lots of morning free play, with a bit of Yo Gabba Gabba background noise for some of it. Coco then went to Nana’s, and Snort and I trundled off to gym. He had some individual instruction on the trampoline and the balance beam, where I learned a better way to help children along it (I was a hand holder, but actually standing behind with my arms under armpits or near armpits when more confident encourages better balance). Snort had the best time. Afterward he ran up to the coach to say bye and kept saying, ‘I had a fun day! Thank you for my fun day!’ He’s very open with his affection, and I think she was taken aback because Coco is pretty much the opposite.

We then came home, and Racer, one of his football friends, came over. Snort was overjoyed, because he always wants ‘JUST Racer. Not curly or Crabby or…..etc. JUST RACER.’ As it turned out, only Racer was available. Coco was happy to come home and play as well – lots of superheroes, musical instruments, time upstairs in their room doing god knows what, etc. Of course, Racer’s mum failed to put the kids seat back on the toilet when she was finished, which led to ear piecing screaming as Coco fell in the toilet! She was totally trapped in it, butt in water (she was naked with a tree fu Tom leaf on top, very Garden of Eden) and so terrified and my first thought was, ‘Shit! I wish I was holding the camera!’

She also made a gorgeous card at Nana’s. Racer’s mum was all, ‘What a nice Easter card!’ Coco scrunched her face into one of her many gurning positions and said, ‘It’s not an Easter card! It’s a baby chicken hatching out of its egg card!’ Oh, she is too cute.

After they left, more random free play. Largely naked, wearing pastel coloured old lady hats and calling themselves cowboys. Did some Bendaroos stuff, some tv, and just more play. After bath, Snort came in to show me a cloud he made out of a wedge of toilet paper he got wet. He carried it around all night, and when it tore into two pieces he said they were Tom & Jerry and played with those for a good long while. Love it!


I think we should stay in today, as Snort has had a cold and was up coughing much of the night. Coco also had a weird spell that almost required an exorcism yesterday, so she may find a more restful day good, too. We will see. We have a busy rest of the week, so some time in might be nice! Snort slept in while Coco hung out with Grampy. When everyone was up they wanted to do more Bendaroos, and while I was hunting for an aluminium foil substitute (we are out!), they set up a scene with old winter cake toppers. We moved it into a shallow box and added gold glitter, fake snow, and red food colouring. It’s like a tiny massacre has happened. Or maybe just Christmas festivities in Blood Town. Either way, I hear them from here and they are totally engrossed – their small people are making snowmen, snow angels, etc. Also some serious talk about a snow factory.

The kids then watched a show their Grampy made while recording at the zoo, and of course Grampy watched as well. Twice through, while we talked about the different animals and dinosaurs. Then played the ‘ball game’ they play every week – kids at top of stairs, Grampy at bottom, they throw balls at each other. Kids now happily playing with superheroes, sandwiched between the play garage and batcave.

Loads more playing with Grampy, largely consisting of torturing his limbs into various contortions and driving toy cars on him. He then took us out for lunch (where Snort had a bad allergic reaction…note to Grampy, don’t touch an egg allergy kid with your mayonnaise fingers!), and we had a quick trip to the library. While there, the kids played on the computers for the first time. Home we came, where we greeted the postman and got a package from Aussie! Then a bit of time in the back garden before coming in to warm up, eat, etc. Started The Mouse and the Motorcycle, our very first proper chapter book!

Coco made me pretend to be a sick baby, and sang a song to me that essentially channelled my thoughts from their babyhood.

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Please go to sleep.
I love you but please go to sleep.
Sleep and think about my song.

Lots and lots more playing, some tv, more playing, etc. After bath time, Coco said to me, ‘I washed everything all by myself. With no help. Smell me and you will smell how clean I am.’ I love kids.


Some time for free play and tv this morning, but had to leave pretty early to get into town. Had a bus ride and wander along the water before meeting Lauren (does she need a blog name if she uses her real name in her blog?) and her daughter Jazz at our usual museum haunt. Looked around the museum a bit, had lunch at the cafe. Then had an epic walk back to the church for concert. We are talking chasing seagulls, examining fountains, playing under sandwich boards, etc. Fun!

Went to a guitar and flute concert – kids were very interested in the flute and the names of the performers. All three did some fairly groovy dancing, and I adored Coconut’s ‘slow music dance.’ Kids were a bit unruly/exploratory for my comfort (still don’t know if that if a good or bad thing, and maybe I need to chill out!), so we went out into the church garden and the kids enjoyed running around, cuddling each other, big sticks, and mud. A cool side benefit was bumping into – is friend the right word? It feels like it – a nice guy from our church. Ah, perhaps a post on atheism and our cool new church to follow. This guy is just very sweet and I like him a lot.

Came home and I blogged while the kids watched Sarah & Duck, a new favourite. Played a bit of the Cars app with the new car from Aussie. Kids then played superheroes for ages – Snort dressed as Spiderman, Coco playing with the little figures.


Art & bagels morning. So lovely I want to do it all the time. We all ate our body weight (and then some!) in bagels….and 57 plums for Snort. We then got out paper to practice writing/tracing, which morphed into colouring, stickers, etc. Both kids did quite a few pictures, and there was just a glorious pile of stickers and markers all over the place! Coconut is getting really good at writing her name. She’s not tried without tracing, but I reckon she could probably do it.

Kids now playing a game where it appears Snort is a baby horsie and Coconut is his trainer? And the next couple of hours are glorious. The kids made a ‘cosy house’ in the front entryway, built an entire pretend city a bit further into the lounge. Loads of cooperative imaginary play. Lots of designing little spaces tailor made to their ideas. Filling my big blue circle chair with stuffed sea creatures and fishing with string. And in the final minutes before friends arrive, both are playing with superheroes.

Catgirl and her mum, Artiste, arrived first. We had a grand time playing with various toys, having lunch, making hot chocolate with the ‘help’ of a four year old and two three year olds, etc. The other mum and two kids arrived a couple of hours later. Coco and Catgirl played in the garden a bit, in the dismal and dreary rain, and the rest of us just sort of did our thing. Some of our thing was Snort being a zombie and telling me which plants to be to defeat him. Some of it was Coconut and Snort dragging a blanket downstairs so they could hide under it and pretend to be in my tummy. The other family left first (you guys, that mum took another toy of ours and i had to call her out and it was MORTIFYING even though it was a genuine accident this time) and Artiste and Catgirl weren’t too far behind.

We then head over to spend the late afternoon at MIL’s. The kids are sleeping over for the first time, and they helped set up the baby monitor, unpack the bag, and check out their new Spiderman blow up beds. Then TMD and I went to dinner; we were in separate cars and I have to say, I have missed the awesomeness of driving alone in the dark playing music very loudly. Sheryl Crow, a CD my friend Brian gave me years ago. It. Was. Awesome.

Now at home and half waiting for a call saying we need to go pick up Snort. I’m a bit nervous, but here’s hoping the night goes well for all.


No call last night, but a rather panicked call this morning asking us what Snort meant when he asked for a stripey cucumber. That sorted, I luxuriated on the couch with a thick blanket and early morning tv. Fucking luxury.

Then went to pick up Coco for gym – she asked if she could live at Nana’s (after I jokingly asked her if she’d want to). Snort gave me some huge hugs, but otherwise wasn’t bothered. I’m glad we waited for this first sleepover – and that the kids are so securely attached. No tears, no problems. Coco was grumpy though, as she explained she didn’t get enough sleep. As I understand it, they didn’t sleep till 8:20 which is well past when Coco usually sleeps.

At gym, Coco had individual instruction on the beam and trampoline. Her coach took Bunny and put her at the end of the floor beam. Coco started at the far end and had to come get Bunny. Then her coach did it on the full height beam (but it is textured and still has mats piled up to beam level for the middle bit) and Coco did it totally on her own, even the beginning bit where it is a straight drop to the floor. When she got to the far end – and me – she asked for hand holding. Still, pretty good, though.

Her coach also got her to let go of Bunny on the trampoline. Normally she suggests holding Bunny while Coco jumps and scares Coco off. Today she handed over Bunny and took instructions. But god bless her, she can’t make her arms go in big circles. She sort of does mini circles by rotating her elbows, so it’s like she’s doing a double Arsenial Hall whoop whoop thing with her arms. Every week I think, Oh, I’ll help her with that at home, but then I forget until the next gym session. Bless us both. It’s a similar situation with clapping under your leg as you kick. I need to take videos of these things, because before I know it, her tiny girl gymnastics cuteness will give way to more precision. And I don’t want to forget how earnest she is about trying the clapping, even holding up her trousers so she can slap her hands on bare flesh to get the same clapping noise. She’s just so short!

Our post gym picnic park play date with Catgirl and Chuckles was called off due to the hardcore rain, so we came straight home.

In the car we listened to the They Might Be Giants CD ‘Here Comes Science,’ inspired by our HUGE LOVE AFFAIR with the very funny ‘Snacktime’ album by Barenaked Ladies. I’m going to post separately about these CDs and others, as we would like to do a swap and get ahold of Beth Neilson Chapman’s ‘Mighty Big Sky.’ So stay tuned! Coco chose to listen to the science music, and requested the blood song several times. It’s no surprise she picked the medical track from an album of electric cars, elements, and palientology, as she adores diagnosing and treating anyone who walks through the door!

This afternoon has featured a group plants vs zombies session, playmobil, another chapter of The Mouse and the Motorcycle, picture book reading, and individual time doing a fun literacy app called Endless Alphabet, I think. It’s free and both kids like it a lot. Then some Tom & Jerry, more playing together and on their own, etc. A friend sent Snort a particular little toy he wanted (CHEWOO, apparently a little squirrel guy it is impossible to live without) and he’s played with Chewoo and company a lot. He has been carrying a bucket of superheroes around and a basket of Chewoo and friends.


Snort just becomes more and more a storyteller every day. He recounts long conversations we have had, creates huge stories out of thin air as we are walking along, verbalises very complex and ongoing stories with his toys, etc. It is a joy, but when he talks fast it can be hard to actually pick it all up! Can’t wait till he’s a bit more clear, because I am prepared to be blown away by his imagination.

Coconut’s vocabulary seems to have had a big leap. She’s randomly throwing out words like ‘realise’ and…well…other words I don’t think I’ve heard her say. And talking about shit like icebergs. Where the hell did she learn about icebergs?!

Dodgy week’s sleep for both of them, particularly Snort. Very dodgy.