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Crank it up to the next level, boyz. And LOOK at my giant bump. Perhaps this weekend will bring prictures for you lucky people.

February 26, 2009

Woah. Lots of hip pain responses. That’s what we like to see – other ladies in discomfort. It’s like pregnancy porn for sickos. (I exclude myself from the sicko category in this instance, however.)

I could write you another numbered list of even more things that have happened. All of it is overshadowed by the ongoing sickness. The new pattern seems to be by midweek I am vomiting loads, fatigued, get migraines, have a nasty resurgence of my cold, and call in sick. I had a little crying jag to my boss’ boss today. Tomorrow is the first properĀ antenatal appointment, although even that is just a booking appointment (which should have happened at least a month ago, but who’s counting? Oh yeah, ME). My boss’ boss seems to think I am going to be signed off from work.

I don’t know. Either way, I have to cut my hours way down because my body – and therefore mind – is clearly not coping with working full time and being a twincubator full time.

Those little babies are kicking like wild donkeys on speed, and I just want to focus on them and not on how miserable I feel. I called across the world (eight time zones) to speak to my sister at 1 am her time, and I just sobbed out, ‘I just needed to hear the voice of someone who loves me.’

Whine whine, moan moan. At least the pregnancy is ‘out’ on Facebook, so it’s nice to be getting supportive and copious comments on there.

Had a scan on Monday and Baby M headbutted Baby T so, so, so hard that Baby T’s entire body rippled from the impact. I will tell you their ‘names’ in a later post, because I only just vomited into a tissue box and think it’s time to sleep. After all, I have to wake up super early and try to piss in a urine specimen pot that is about as wide as a pencil.


Pregnancy suits me, clearly.

February 13, 2009

I am sick, sick, sick of getting sick. This morning was a nice extended ten minute period of yacking up peppermint tea – a tea that is meant to settle your stomach, mind.

TMD reminded me this morning that tomorrow when I am officially twelve weeks pregnant we begin the weaning off of the progesterone. She actually said the medication was ‘all bullshit’ and that I should just stop taking it now. The memory of the nurse saying that stopping progesterone suddenly can cause a bleed is very fresh in my mind, though. I can’t decide if tomorrow is the official weaning start date, or the last official day of being fully dosed. Again, TMD is clearly frustrated by a medication she thinks is responsible for this lingering illness – and is gunning for me to finish ASAP.

In other news, liquid on anything but a completely full stomach makes me fucking violently ill. My pee is still a very dark yellow. If I had some fluids and an IV at home, I might just hook myself up for the weekend. Yesterday I drank more than I have in months (the amount probably required for non-pregnant people to survive for two hours) – and felt the need to pee twice. As someone who now only goes to the bathroom out of habit and not necessity, this felt like a blessing.

I am tired tired tired. Could easily weep.


Tatiana is probably having her wee baby right now. I am selfishly sad because no doubt her blogging will slightly be cut back (or WILL it? She was blogging through early labour! She is more hardcore than I am.), but also really, really happy for her and her husband. Rarely do I meet bloggers that I actually think I would like in real life, but she is one of them. Go, Tatiana! Push that baby out!

I’m rambling now to stop me from keeling over. I have been shoving food in my mouth all day and am starting to think other people just think I am gaining Santa-weight (you know, the tummy). Regardless, I am going to eat some cold new potatoes soon. If I can bear it. I stopped myself from getting sick at lunchtime by sheer force of will, a desperate mental chanting, ‘You just ate all those beans, and you KNOW you are not getting enough protein. Keep them down, keep them down, keep them down.’

Last night I got so sick in the car park of the train station that TMD’s head almost exploded. This morning I felt I couldn’t survive the catastrophe of my deoderant breaking off in mid-swipe.


All things aside, I look pretty though. Pretty and pregnant. And today is the first day I have left the house without crutches.


Crazy trimester goodness (you can thank Tatiana for this).

February 12, 2009

There are three schools of thinking in regards to trimesters: development, gestation, and conception. Google if you want to know more because I do not claim to be an expert. My doctor, who admittedly is a dipshit, probably goes by the local accepted standards. Probably. He has said my first trimester ends at twelve weeks.

Next level crazy: my IVF clinic calculates everything from when the embryos are put back. Everywhere on the internet calculates things from the egg retrieval. If we go by The Power Of The Internet and the whole 12 week thing, then I am officially in the midst of my first day as a second trimester lady.

Because I actually trust my IVF clinic, though, unlike any other medical professionals I am currently involved with, I will go by their conception date. I will also go by Dr. G’s trimester dates, because as annoying as he is, he totally gets me into the second trimester more quickly.

In other news, I woke up at 3 am last night and couldn’t fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. This was not helped by the fact that during my awake spell I had copious dry heaving and a wee bit o’ vomit. I woke up this morning for another wee bit o’ vomit. This is how things have settled: morning dry heaves and vomiting, then mostly okay for the day. Have not vomited during the work day, for example – touch wood.

Am thinking I am at a point where I need to amp up my food intake. Have now lost THREE pounds. This is so not good. My special twins book says I should be eating three large meals and four substantial snacks a day. It defines a snack as a microwave meal OR cereal, whole fat milk, and a banana. I have never eaten so much, even when I was a bona fide fatty. Should be interesting.

I am semi-fake eating every few hours. How to eat large amounts every two? I am also thinking about meat a lot. The smell drives meĀ  crazy, in a feeding frenzy kind of way. But I’ve not eaten meat in so many years I dread vomiting on contact – or the resulting ass sickness that happens when veggies go carnivore. AWESOME.

Say hello to my belly, everyone!


February 8, 2009

It is six days until I am twelve weeks pregnant and am supposed to start glowing.

…We’ll see.