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I am craving scary movies. And books. And crunchy leaves.

October 8, 2011

I love horror. Films, books, haunted houses. And not just the scary stuff, but the stuff that is supposed to be scary but it a big old mess. Have you seen Sleepaway Camp? If not, I suggest you go watch it now.

Growing up we had a little independent movie rental place – cleverly named ‘Movieland’ – near us. Every week we went in, and every week Sleepaway Camp is the one I chose. I also love movies and books about summer camp. So summer camp plus horror? And weird gay subplots? Crazy aunts?


Everyone who I force into watching this movie is like, ‘Dude, why the hell are we watching this? This sucks, even for you.’ They may concede that certain parts are awesome, but I admit that by and large it’s your typical eighties horror film. Until the final thirty seconds.

I’m not going to tell you what happens, and you are a big fat cheater if you google this. Just get your paws on this movie somehow – I think it may even be on YouTube – and watch (in full!). Trust me on this one.

Another one worth watching? Wicker Man.

All of that being said, Halloween is my favourite holiday and time of year. I find myself wanting to watch scary movies all night long and read books about all things spooky – however I choose to define ‘spooky’ on any given night. My current greatest wish is to buy MTV’s full two series of the show Fear. It’s very cheap online, but alas, I must save my money so I can buy my kids nasty orange flavoured water in special bottles when we go for a walk because the awesome organic juice they like is not available.

I’ll give it a few years, and hope that eventually they’ll want scary movies more than they want juice.