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Good sheet.

June 2, 2009

I very rarely buy songs from iTunes ’cause I is poor, but just bought two little ditties because I NEEDED THEM.

1. Summertime – Mungo Jerry

2. Summertime – Will Smith

Other things I have decided I need? Aside from the netbook, I mean? I want DVDs that feature summer camps. Yesterday I almost watched Sleepaway Camp simply because it featured a bunch of screaming kids and and an archery field. It’s summer, there is sunshine, and I want to watch movies that make me feel like I am outside and having fun.

(Not seen Sleepaway Camp? If you enjoy bad horror movies from the 70s/80s, this might be right up your street. It also features the BEST last 30 seconds of a movie you are ever likely to see. For whatever reason, my little sister and I rented this movie about six thousand times when we were children. I think it was the awesome back cover – Dear Mom, Camp has been fun so far, but things are starting to get weird. Kids are disappearing. Wait, I think I hear something…. and then the letter is covered in blood. GOOD SHIT.)