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Juliet, Juliet, answer my questions or I’ll tell Romeo how to find you.

September 2, 2008

Seriously, I thought I ovulated later than that chart said I did. Where are all the other baby-crazy women who look at each other’s charts and offer words of wisdom? I’ve stalked one or two baby-making blogs inĀ  my life, and I think the key is only writing about babies.

I’m not that kind of blogger – at least I don’t think I am. I do know I’ve started a journal for/to the baby. A paper one, and I keep imagining my child reading it as an adult.


I need to find a way into some sort of trying to conceive message board or group. I’ve held back before because I was sort of just a fan of the whole thing, but now I feel like I’m about to be initiated – and I want to have as clear a picture of these things as possible.

Like if it’s an ovulation predictor kit, why does fertility friend think I’ve ovulated the same day? When is the best time to check my wee for the hormone surge? When have other lesbian mums (or anyone who did IUI) had the procedure in their cycles? How did they feel afterwards? How many goes did it take?

Do the current statistics of success rates reflect everyone, including those with fertility problems? What are the rates for women without fertility problems?

Is a natual cycle best? Could I donate some eggs if I had to?

….Where online do these people hang out? I would ideally like a queer support group, but I’m not adverse to friendly straight gals.