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SPD day chats, #2.

April 27, 2010

Any of these, on their own, can lead to pelvic girdle pain. I have ALL of them:

  • trauma to the pelvis (this one is key for severe SPD)
  • twin pregnancies
  • hypermobility (pre-existing)
  • higher maternal age
  • first pregnancies

I’ve just made an appointment to see a doctor next Friday. Never seen him/her before, but I know s/he refuses to make referrals for circumcisions (cool) and abortions (uncool).

I need to see a doctor to get referrals. I know I probably need another referral to the specialist physio, though she does approximately fuck all. I may request x rays as well – general x rays (never had them from the accident due to pregnancy) and stork x rays (a diagnostic tool for symphasis pubis distasis – don’t think I have this, as most of my pain remains in a back joint). May also request referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

I still do not want surgery (VERY slow and painful recovery, very low success rates). I prefer the ‘wait and see’ approach. Apparently, my facebooky friends I’ve made as a result of the pelvic instability support group on there have all been told it is a period of 2 years postpartum recovery. Wikipedia says there is a mean recovery of 6.25 years, taking longer for more severe cases. Yikes.

I think the whole 2 year thing is because that is when you largely stop carrying your babies (in arms or otherwise, though I know loads of babywearers carry on). Because…..yes, weight bearing is a large cause of ongoing pain, particularly in the back joint. By age 2, I should have lost all the babybabyweight as well.

The surgeon, though, is someone I feel might be in the best position to give me answers. All of that aside, I am terrified to see a surgeon. I’ve been avoiding going to the doctor because I’ve still been thinking this will all just go away. It isn’t.

Today is the first day I am thinking I may genuinely choose not to have another pregnancy. I have been thinking about this a lot in recent months, and mourning, but today it doesn’t feel so sad. Today I look at my son and daughter – that I am SO LUCKY to have – and I think, I’d rather be able to have a life with them where I am walking and free, then risk going through this again.

I really do hope I recover. I cannot imagine this being my life; I can’t even believe it has been my life for so long already.