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In all the right places.

June 2, 2009

Something you don’t know about me:

When I was nine months old, I potty trained myself. Seriously.

My grandmother had a potty lying around – a neighbor had given it to her or something. She brought it over to our house, with the expectation that my mother would eventually need it for me. The potty was actually left out in the bathroom.

The first time I saw it, I pointed. No one thought much of this. And then I started refusing to pee unless I was held over the potty. My mom (probably rightfully so! *grin*) thought I was a fucking genius, but then someone pointed out that a nine month old baby probably doesn’t need any sort of pressure like that. So she put the potty away.

I’m not sure what the point of this little vignette is, but I do know I am 28 weeks pregnant today with two very wiggly babies. I have managed to find the giant brown skirt I wore in my fat days (saved because I wore it almost exclusively over the period when my grandmother was dying), and when worn below the bump it makes me feel more pretty and not as hot.

It is boiling here. It rivals temperatures I would have dreaded when we worked at a summer camp. I made TMD go out and buy a giant, giant, LOUD fan yesterday. I’m gonna aim it at my body and hold my skirt open so the kids can feel the breeze too.