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Guess hiding all our clutter was worth it. Or, how to sell a house in one day.

February 12, 2012

Our flat went on the market this week. Yesterday the first viewings were scheduled.

The FIRST PERSON who saw it? Made an offer. We have actually got our full asking price, which is only a thousand less than we paid at the peak of housing prices.

Aaaand exhale, mofo.

Here is where I say thank you times three to whoever was hanging out in my bedroom yesterday morning when I asked that someone make an offer on the day.

This is superb. Not just because it means we can stop keeping the flat organized and clean, and live like the junk warehouse affiliates we truly are, but also because we will have to spend less money on our mortgage once we have moved and TMD’s salary gets the chop.

Now everyone cross all fingers and toes that the buyer is happy with the survey, and this sale goes through successfully.

At this point our focus shifts to new cars. Sadly, Aussie’s cute little purple car she gave us is near death. We won’t be paying for the MOT, due next week. So TMD gets my car and we (me and children) are once again stuck in the house with no transportation.
We are looking for what my friends back home would call a minivan, but trust me when I say there is no equivalent of this vehicle in my adopted homeland.

Here’s where I need to offer supplication to whoever is hanging around my mother in law’s bedroom (where I am currently sitting, sans panties, don’t ask) to help us quickly find an economical, affordable, reliable seven seater vehicle.

So, yes. Things are moving. Still in shock that the flat is under offer! Our estate agents usually sells million pound plus properties, so while his commission from us is peanuts in comparison, I bet it is the easiest money he has ever made.