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All I want for Christmas is you…and you….and a candle…and some free music.

October 17, 2010

Oh MAN am I pumped for Christmas. I discovered this app to get for my phone (the gazillions of free apps for Android? THE BOMB.) that is all about Christmas radio. We’re talking like 30+ stations of free, live streaming Christmas music…..365 days a year.

I’m now searching for an Existere-compatible Christmas internet station. Delighted to say I’ve found a Christmas channel on lastfm, though.

And today TMD got my Christmas pressie. We were at a lovely garden centre (I am aging) and having a fabulous time (aging by the day). I walked in and there was a huge display of a popular brand of candles from Country A. I almost wet myself in joy. It’s one of these things that didn’t really exist when I first moved here, but every year their availability seems to creep up. The magic about this place was that they had an additional display of holiday candles. I spent like 25 minutes sniffing them all and making a geeky list of the ones I liked.

(Universe, I really want Red Apple Wreath. I knew it would smell good when I read about it online, and I was right. So why on the day I finally find it, it’s only available in a candle the size of my fucking thumb? Not cool, universe, not cool.)

Now, these candles are very, very fucking expensive here. Probably twice the price they are in Country A, so we never buy them. But then I smelled ‘Apple Cider’ and needed it.

I don’t give a shit about Christmas present wise, so we agreed this would be my gift. And I can burn that giant motherfucker from now until the holidays….or as near as I can stretch it.

I swear to god, my best holiday season over here involved a ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough’ candle from this company. I don’t remember anything about what we did, except I remember burning that candle every day and sniffing it in ecstasy.  I have spent the last four years stalking this flavour candle, since it has been discontinued and that breaks my heart.


Where was I?

So. I think this may become my ‘thing.’ Every year around this time I’ll have lovely TMD get me a candle from my pre-approved list.



I think that’s all.

(Except to say I think Christmas has assumed a special meaning to me, since we conceived our beautiful babies on Dec 3 a few years ago, and according to our research their hearts started beating the day after Christmas.  Best gifts ever, I tell you.)

Nano update.

November 2, 2008


2772 / 50000 words. 6% done!


3269 / 50000 words. 7% done!

 Not as big a jump, but hey. I was watching High School Musical 3 and sleeping in. I think I’m going to go to bed now – feeling utterly exhausted.

If you’re a girl and you’ve ever been on birth control, please read the entry I wrote just before this and comment!

I’ve got an unhealthy fascination with watching people shoot up their IVF drugs on You Tube and then freaking out, worrying about a big jump in weight gain (are the drugs that have already been proscribed going to work on the new, chunkier me?), and debating whether or not to go in to work tomorrow.

I feel on-the-edge dubious. I don’t feel terrible, but nor do I feel healthy enough to run a marthon. Oh, wait, I didn’t ever feel that healthy to begin with.