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Gymnastics a go go. Go go go, actually.

September 21, 2012

Snort LOVES gymnastics. The coach was blown away by him, and was saying how impressed she was. I was, too. He was somehow fearless and very graceful, like some athlete slumbers in him and woke up on the trampoline.

Coconut was very different than usual. She kept apologising for not being very good, when in fact she’s getting better each time she goes. She’s starting to notice and copy the coach doing the finer points of floor exercises, like keeping her toes pointed ….and today she did the press up position and front upside down stretch (or whatever they are fucking called!) for the first time.

She was very concerned about Snort. She was quick to tell him to do things like her, showing him the ropes, etc. Sort of bossing him/looking out for him, and then also comparing herself to him and obviously feeling she was coming up short. He was very confident. After being shown how to essentially hang over an eight foot drop, then allow himself to fall, he ran off and did it by himself later in the session. I hasten to add this is not exactly legit as I should have been with him, but regardless he did it perfectly with no hesitation.


He had to come along this week as their Nana is on holiday. He also has to go next week as I’ll be having a scan for IVF. After that? I think we will keep her having an alone session on Fridays, and perhaps take them both to another session in the week together. I hope it doesn’t cool her enthusiasm, but as she asks every day if she can go, it may be okay. He looks to be the same, asking to go back immediately. And he is a child who does not happily enjoy himself the first time in a new place without lots of reassurance. But he practically ignored me today!

Afterward we had a picnic in the park. I pulled Coconut aside and asked if she preferred to come by herself or with her brother. She whispered, ‘By myself.’ She is keen to come two times a week, as she did love him coming along, but I think it’s better for her confidence if she still has her own time with all my focus.

Shit is about to get expensive. Three gym sessions a week. But I do have the feeling that this gymnastics club is going to be in our lives for a long time. I felt it the first time we walked in, actually.

Snort now wants Coconut to come to football with him. I don’t doubt she’d like it, but there’s no way we can afford that. My original plan was to have them each have one special thing per term, and they could change classes if they wanted to try something new at the end of the term, or sooner if they wanted. And then maybe a class together. I need to remember that this new double gymnastics thing actually follows my original hopes, especially when the costs mount up.

I have big twin mama guilt, and don’t want Snort to miss out on gymnastics. I KNEW he would like it. And Coconut would do gymnastics all day every day if she could. The crazy stage mother in me (don’t worry, no full glitz pageants in our future!) is already envisioning them as the most awesome twins in the kiddy gymnastics competitions.


Money, money.

May 28, 2012

So, we bought a car. I pick it up tomorrow, and we get some new car seats this weekend.

Car seat tangent: Our kids are still rear facing at almost 3 years old, with no complaints from anyone! They fit really well, and they are happy being backwards even though they now get to ride facing forwards in their Nana’s car (her car is too small for rear facing). We are BIG proponents of rear facing, though unfortunately I think our new car is too big to allow them to safely rear face. I guess we’ll have to see, but I think it is too spacious and wouldn’t work – and our seats, though convertible, are sort of wiggly when facing forward. So we are probably going to buy forward facing (boo hiss boo!) seats for the new car and keep the rear facing in TMD’s car. Let’s hope my inability to drive a giant fucking bus won’t result in an accident, seeing as they will be forward facing in all likelihood.

In other news, I’m fucking obsessed with diaper bags. Like, truly having a problem stopping watching endless youtube videos about them. Reading amazon reviews. Joining facebook b/s/t groups. I’ve always been a bag girl, but changing bags take it to The Next Level. All those pockets! So organized! So many options!


I need to delete ebay and amazon apps from my phone. Yesterday.

I feel marginally better when I go into my little facebook addition groups, because these other women have like four different patterns in ONE bag – and they own about five different bags. I’m not lying when I say stash pictures sometimes have like 30 different bags or accessories. I’m not that bad.

But not being ‘that bad’ doesn’t make me ‘good.’ I need to stop spending. Do any of you guys do this? Especially stay at home mums? I’d much rather use the money on outings with the kids, or to put into savings. (I guess you can fill in any amount of money – the amount I spend is really rather small compared to most people, but really rather too much based on our budget.)

We need to save, save, save.

My buying needs to stop, stop, stop.


Wishlist turned reality.

March 22, 2009

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my bump pictures! Scroll down a few entries if you haven’t seen them yet… (And know that while Facebook gets my face, you guys get my bare belly. Be honoured!)

Yesterday I ended up pissing myself three times. <– Just something that needed to be said. I am squeezing those muscles, I swear. A bit, anyway.

Today I’ve gone online shopping crazy. I’ve bought two white bumpbands (white is a better summer colour, and bumpbands are delicious and apparently very supportive when you are very, very pregnant with twins!). We also got a mamascarf. This is a groovy breastfeeding scarf made by the bumpband people. I hope I can breastfeed – not sure as I’ve had a breast reduction and they said they couldn’t guarantee I would be able to. If I can, I would like to tandem feed the babies; feeding them one at a time would pretty much make sure all I did was sit and let babies suck on my boobs. Tandem feeding halves the time!

Mamascarf is good for one-at-a-time feeding, which we may prefer anyway. Also more practical for being out in public. If tandem breastfeeding works out, we will be getting a thing that hooks around your neck and then is essentially like a tablecloth hanging down in front of you. While one boob out seems very okay – and this country is all about the boobies for the babies – TWO boobs out at the same time seems like I should be asking for beads, not providing nourishment.

Finally, we just bought a glider for 99.00 – regular retail price 300.00. It’s on pre-order but due to come mid-April.

I try to feel okay about spending this much money by remembering TMD didn’t go get me the ‘special Mother’s Day breakfast from McDonald’s’ that she offered me. We saved, what, like 3.00 right there? Bargain!

(Other nice thing: TMD made me a card ‘from’ Mano and Torre. Of course, this resulted from me sobbing during a twenty minute car ride yesterday that she didn’t get me a gift for Mother’s Day, but still. It’s very very cute.)

Have money and feel altruistic?

March 18, 2009

I fear I have somehow crossed the invisible line between being able to spend money and having to save all our money to try to afford having two babies.

I say this, of course, because I want a netbook. My love, my darling. A little shiny creature so lightweight I can pop it in my bag and write on the train, in the park, wherever I am. I also think about the final weeks and months of pregnancy, when I will more than likely be lying down most of the time, and I know a very lightweight netbook would offer me the chance to keep posting here, as well as working on my ‘other’ writing.

I’ve been so sick for the last four months that survival has felt my top priority. Now I am feeling more me again, and the definition of survival widens to include art, thinking, feeling, expression of self. I’ve handwritten a little ditty and long for the portability of being able to carry my writing and an apple side-by-side.

I wish I had a wealthy benefactor.  But sometimes I do find when I make my wishes concrete and external, they happen. Of course I believe that action is needed to encourage change and growth, and writing this entry might be my very first step into getting that netbook!

There is also the very real fact that our home computer is completely full, meaning that I am left wondering where I will upload the baby belly pictures I took a couple of days ago. (And this is also the reason there are no baby scan pictures in this diary!) I know I get hooked on the idea of gizmos and gadgets being able to Sort Things Out, and I am feeling velcro-ed to my need for this one, final, perfect, shining thing.

Something that is mine, however small, to touch and play and create with. Life is full of trying to aquire free maternity and baby goods (had a baby recently and want to give me your stuff? I will not turn you down!), but I don’t want to forget all of the other things that make life full and worthwhile.

I’m reading Truth and Beauty: A Friendship (better than the title makes it sound, I swear) now. Green thrust it into my hands and said that she thought of me the entire time she was reading it. It makes me want to run away and go to a writers’ colony. But never do I want to leave behind my love, TMD, or our two little babies-in-waiting. It occurs to me that a netbook could be my version of a writing retreat.

(the end)