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When superheroes are homeless.

January 25, 2013

Google ‘wooden rescue station.’ Do it. You need the visual before we can carry on, folks.

This is pretty much Snort’s dream – his friend has it and it is referred to as ‘the superhero house.’ You all know Snort (and Coconut) love Cars, but a good few months ago (actually, maybe a year ago. Woah) he suddenly burst into a Spiderman love. Keep in mind he’d never seen any show, movie, etc. This is also how his Cars love started – he thought cars with eyes were cool, just as he thought grown men dressed in flaming costumes were awesome.

My mom sent he and Coconut little two packs of the Fisher Price/imagnex/playskool Spiderman and Green Goblin last summer. Snort has now co-opted both Spidermen and holds them All The Time. That was the start.

Fast forward to the original 1967 cartoons, which TMD’s dad bought on DVD….the first three DVDs of series one. That was when it began to bloom into obsession.

He worships Spiderman. He makes me call him Peter or Spiderman or sometimes even Peter Spiderman, as if he is a Jewish good guy. If I pretend to be The Green Man (generic baddie) he brandishes his wrists at me and shouts, ‘Spin the web! I spin the web!’ His aforementioned friend has opened Snort’s eyes to the fact that there are MANY superheroes and many bad guys, a la Superhero Squad.

He has been earnestly saying that my mom, Grandma, is going to send him ‘all the guys.’ On the phone the other day, he explained that she needs to go to a shop, buy them, put them in a box, and then post them to us. He then told me the superhero guys were definitely on their way. Cue my mom being guilt attacked into buying a few of his dream guys – on the phone with me, looking at the Toys R Us website while freaking out because she doesn’t know how to use the Internet. Cue me being guilt attacked into suggesting that she get Coconut some Playmobil because it isn’t fair for Snort to get new toys without Coco getting some.

Yes, dudes, I KNOW it was just Christmas.

That is why, despite the fact that he would use the HELL out of the wooden rescue station, we can’t justify purchasing it. It’s really more of a birthday or Christmas gift, money wise, though his fricking birthday isn’t till August and that SUCKS. I did find one on eBay for okayish money (no, not really okay, but still a deal) but it is not in our city. I also found a super cheap new one on a certain website (Country B people, think of the most common children’s toyshop, usually abbreviated to three letters, the first one being E), but they are out of stock. And on Amazon or new on eBay this mofo is mind numbingly, heart stoppingly expensive.

So we are left with this:


Some boxes. TMD is desperate to help him make a Superhero House from them, and I am desperate to let her do so. I’m trying to distract him from the allure of the boxes today. It’s hard because he says his friends need someplace to live.

His friends:


I drew these yesterday, when he asked me to make him paper superheroes for the temporary superhero house he built on his Nana’s chair.

I love the idea of wooden toys, paper toys, using imagination to create things. Or building things out of junk. I do.

I just wish I could get him the fucking superhero house, you know? Nevertheless, TMD is pretty hardcore and will probably make the boxes awesome. I’ll share pics of Spiderman’s dream house once it is complete.