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The sun’ll come out….

August 10, 2011


Tonight is my last night with two fabulous one year olds. Tomorrow at 2 18 and 2 19 pm I have two TWO year olds.

I hope I’m home for the afternoon. I’m just packing my hospital bag for the morning. Robe, kindle (thank you, sister, for your awesome hand-me-downs!), phone charger, etc. I’m using our Onbag, so all the babywearing mama power comes with me to the hospital.

It’s been a long three years of constant pain. Yes, literally constant.

I want to walk properly again. I want to go hiking next summer. I want to go to the zoo and not need a wheelchair. I hope tomorrow, and the subsequent injections a month later, are the start of something good.

I’m kind of afraid to hope too hard, so I’m sort of blase. I welcome your hope, though.