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September 30, 2010

I only found out that the ‘z’ was for added emphasis about a week ago, so this is my first usage of it.

And ZOMG!!!!!!

Didymos, my wrap company of choice is releasing a new version of an old wrap called pfau. Due to being fucking poor and the secondhand versions of these wraps selling for more money than my glasses cost (!), I do not own one. I have petted one, once, and then put Coco on my back.

It is the wrap to end all wraps. It devours your wrap and shits it out before breakfast.

And they are rereleasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At ordinary wrap prices!!!!!

I want one (or 25, in every size and colour). One of my weight loss goals is strengthening my core enough to wear Snort and Coco again….but probably only one at a time. Plus, baby #3 needs a wrap. We also plan to foster infants and toddlers, and you know those little darlings will be all wrapped up and kept close to us.

So, here:

Are you rich?? Or are you just moderately well off and want to donate to the partial cost? My rich friends, I’d like a petrol 7. Or the red. No, the petrol. Or, the red????

Seriously, rich people, hook my ass up. You will be ensuring the lessening of attachment disorders for future babies in foster care. You will be giving me a reason to be pregnant again. Come on.

No, I am not joking.