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Stuff I enjoyed reading this week.

August 26, 2010

So, links to things I enjoyed reading this week….

First up, how do you feel about some of those obnoxious ‘like’ things on Facebook? Ignoring the fact that the vast majority are spelled wrong and have the grammar skills of a 2 month old, some of the messages in them are quite appalling.

One that particularly jumps out to annoy my ass is ‘I’d rather go to jail for spanking my kids than for them to go to jail because I didn’t.’ Yeah. Well, Code Name: Mama has countered this DISlikey with some stark statistics that I found (obvious and) interesting. A great thing to trot out next time someone says you are being too soft on your kids.

Next up? I’m sure most of us have heard of skin-to-skin, or kangaroo, care. This is encouraged as a matter of fact after birth here in Country B, and research has shown it to be a huge benefit to preemies. That being said, when I was pregnant we were told if the babies were born early we wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to ‘handle them’ much. Oh yeah? This mum in Australia gave birth to twins at 27 weeks – and her son was declared dead. After two hours of skin-to-skin cuddles, talking, and a wee snifter of breastmilk, well…a miracle.

And the third and final link of the evening: babywearing. I think we all know of a certain babywearing blog focusing on wearing twins that put up lots of cool videos and informative posts, but it’s sort of defunct now that the said mama is no longer really babywearing. *ahem*  That certain mama is still getting emails and messages from around the world, and the word ‘guru’ has been bandied about. I…I mean, that mama….thought she would link you through to the woman who was her guru.

This page has tons and tons of videos showing different wrap carries. Many are for wearing two babies/toddlers/children, but there are also a shitton focusing on just one kid. We’re talking front carries, back carries, torso carries – you name it, it’s probably here. She also invented the double tandem wrap carry that I used most often with Snort and Coconut. Go. Be amazed. Learn.

So. Did you see anything on the ol’ interwebs that you think myself or the readers of this blog might be interested in? I know this circumcision decision flow chart was my favourite image of the week – aside from the gazillion pictures of my own kids I took!

You can only mute things after the damage has been done. Lesson one.

April 28, 2009

Put yourself in my place: you’ve got builders over who are installing a new patio door. You are a chicken and also the lounge is covered in man things, so you are hiding in the bedroom. (You had work calls to make, so feel justified in avoiding noise….less like you are a crazy person.) You are not really eating or peeing, and you are awaiting the moment these men leave with baited breath.

There is a lot of backward-and-forwarding going on in the hallway, as you sit in your nursing glider and wobble back and forth. You are essentially looking like a normal human being, but your back is starting to scream because you really ought to: 1) lie down 2) cook some food and then lie down again.

Killing time, you look at the websites that somehow magically lead back to your own, and you find this:

Remember, you are trying to be nice and quiet. The volume on your computer is a normal level for listening to music or watching clips of lesbian talk show hosts. So, anyway. You click that link.

The front page comes up. Intriguing. Cute? What IS it?

You click ‘enter’ JUST as some guy is walking past your chair, in your quiet library of a house. Do it. Go to the link and enter the page – not just the main page, but make sure to click the little linksie at the bottom to actually enter the site. Feel the burn, baby.


September 30, 2008

Have a little looksie at the link ‘my memory stick’ on the right. I’m using this as a handy list of links I visit regularly, or just sites I go to once in a while and still think they are worth posting.

Two blogs ago, back in the old school days, I had a list of websites I thought were odd. It ended up being quite cool because loads of people emailed with suggestions of other websites. So feel free to comment on the bottom of that page with things you think I might like, things you like, or just surreal websites you want other people to know about!

I’m in a better mood now – driving test be damned – as my Scary Meeting today was cancelled.