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Five life lessons. (Late night*.) (Alliteration again.)

November 6, 2010

I may have had a spat of tipsy tweeting tonight. (You like that alliteration?)

I’m on the other side of tipsy now, the I-must-sleep-soon-or-the-world-will collapse side.

Lessons learned from this evening:

1. One glass of wine gets me squiffy. Two glasses knocks me out.

2. I have a low tolerance for alcohol as I never drink.

3. I was hugely flattered when a Twitter friend said I was her favourite kind of drunk – cheap and chatty.

4. Facebook is sooooo fucked up. How else could I know that a lady I met ONE time in an antenatal class is getting a divorce? And not only that, but what song she walked down the aisle to?

5. A lot of famous people are from my town/area.

*’late night’ = 9:19 pm.