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She said I had florescent highlighter coming out my boob, and she was right.

July 4, 2009


I was sitting naked on a chair with my foot propped on the toilet, attempting to cut my talon like toenails. As I went for my right foot, I was aware my right boob was sore as I was semi-squishing it. I changed positions and everything was fine.

My left foot was a sonofabitch to reach, and I think I was really compressing my breast. Finished my nails, popped back onto the toilet. TMD came into the room and said in a Very Loud Voice, ‘Oh my god, you are MILKING!’

For some reason I thought she meant white stuff was pouring out my vagina, so I peered down. She screamed, ‘YOUR BOOB!’

Sure enough, my left boob had a big ass bead of yellow liquid shimmering on the tip. I was grossed out. I know it’s awesome my body is doing this and a good sign that my boobie ladies will perform, but wow. We both screamed at each other the same time to get the camera (yes, seriously). Then I managed to work up the courage to wipe it with toilet paper.

Cue one bright yellow squidge of liquid, and one bright yellow thicker gooey shit spot.

Is colustrum yellow?!?