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Twin bump pictures – 32 weeks pregnant. Also Tony. And leaving marks over the children.

July 4, 2009

I have a haemorrhoid named Tony. It is a testament to my general hardiness that I shove him back into my butt every shower without thinking twice about it. My mother said that after giving birth to me, she had a ‘bunch of grapes’ that then hung from her ass. Mmm mmm good.

Next up on the list of Fucked Up Things:


See that handprint under my boob? The one so clear you can make out the lines in my hand?

Yes, that’s because I have rediscovered the pleasure of lying on my side. I discovered this morning that when I am getting rib pain (two babies heads are right in that area) if I take both hands and sort of push them out of my ribs, I can fall back asleep.

The handprint (and bracelet print) makes me feel a bit guilty. I hope I did not give them cricks in their respective necks.

And speaking of boobs, something funny and not-so-good is up with my left girlie. In the bath a few days ago I noticed a pinprick point of pain. There is some discoloured skin over it. I am to ‘keep an eye on it,’ but it should clear up. Uh, okay.

So…….bump pics. I know I normally take them on a Saturday, but I took them yesterday because we had our 32 (plus 3) week scan, and I wanted a picture of exactly how I/the bump looked when we knew what their exact estimated fetal weights were!!

I was right. Our babies are biiiiiiiiiig. They are each right on track for being singleton births, which makes them bigger than most twins at this stage. Baby boy is 4 lb 7, baby girl is 4 lb 6. This puts them each individually just over 2 kilos, which is the cut off point for special care (based on weight, anyway)!! Good babies.

The scan was excellent, and really emotional. We get scans every month as twins sometimes have growth problems, and they are normally quick checks of the organs and some measurements. You never really get to see anything. The lady yesterday took the time to show us everything, though I admit it is hard. When they were little you could easily get both babies on the screen. Our 13 + 6 pictures are superb – one perfect baby body per picture. Now, you can fit a head or tummy on the screen. So it’s all a bit disjointed.

She zoomed out to show us both their heads together – I wish I had thought to ask for a picture of that. While both babies are breech (wrong, babies, wrong), it is sweet that their heads are right up next to each other and they are sort of snuggled together. Mano’s head is on left side, his body stretches down my entire left side. He is ‘sitting’ on my left hip, with his legs stretched so the feet are across my pelvis and on the other hip. Torre’s head is on the left as well. Her body stretches under my breasts before curving waaaaaaaaay down and to the very outside of the right side of bump, with her legs curled in towards the middle. Note to self: must write about how while we always tell people Torre doesn’t move around much, actually she changes positions much more than her brother.

(It’s funny calling them ‘Mano’ and ‘Torre’ now because we have actually had names for a good few weeks now. Shh…)

Both babies have ‘nice round tummies’ (the one area they are both bigger than dead average in) and all measurements are within normal ranges for singleton babies. We then saw the doctor – good times.

He fucking told me that I would need general anesthetic if Mano came out the vadge and Torre needed a c section due to distress – EVEN IF I already had an epidural in. I am going to have a very serious talk with the anaesthetist when (if) I go in for regular delivery, because what the fuck is the point of an epidural if it means I’ll be asleep and TMD will have to leave the room if T needs a c section?

The doctor said it obviously helps with labour pains and is recommended with all twin mums – and then explained how they would deliver Torre if she was not head down. Yes, he would reach up into my vagina, into the fucking womb, and feel around. He would either try to turn her internally, or if he found a foot he would grab it and pull her out breech! Yes, I suppose an epidural might be nice for that brief period of time where I am giving birth like a cow with a farmer’s hand up her cootch.

It was a relief to hear that the hospital are willing to deliver the second twin breech. He said I would already be fully dilated and it wouldn’t be a problem. We talked a lot about c sections, but he said we shouldn’t focus on it – that they still want me to have a normal delivery. He said (quite cavalierly, I thought!) that it was still early, and most babies would turn head down. So, fingers crossed? (The question mark is because I feel funny about birth now, the closer it gets.)

He did say they would plan to section me at 38 or 39 weeks if they didn’t change position. I froze. THIRTY-NINE weeks? NO ONE has ever, EVER mentioned anything beyond 38 weeks to me. I literally couldn’t talk. He laughed and said, ‘Do you think you can last that long?’ I don’t even know what I said back to him. I suppose that is the same time I would be induced if I was to have a normal delivery as well.


I know it’s only a week more, but jebus.

Here I am at 32 + 3 days with the babies (yesterday!):




Whatever way I go in to deliver, they will do a scan when I arrive. The priority is always to have a regular delivery, and he said that babies can change positions very near the end – though I imagine it is rarer with twins.

The doctor also explained who all would be at a normal delivery (still in a operating theature cum delivery suite, just in case) and it is a HUGE number of people. I knew it would be, but it was still a shock. If both are head down, it will be less crazy and midwife-led, treated as two back-to-back normal births. If Torre isn’t head down, there will be midwives, several doctors, pediatricians, etc. There will also be two teams from special care in the hallway, preparing incubators and ready to be called in if needed. Yes, folks, everyone in within 50 miles will get to see me shitting myself as I push out babies. I believe this is the definition of ‘good times.’

The only thing the doctor said which I found upsetting is that babies who come early do best without a lot of handling, and will need to stay in incubators. Hrm. Everything I have read says premature babies do better when they are stroked and held. We will see. He said anything before 36 weeks is considered preterm for twins. My pregnancy goals used to be monthly, but have now gone into fortnightly hopes.

34 weeks is next goal, and developmentally that is a HUGE milestone to pass. Then 36 weeks so the babies are term….or at least not preterm. And 38 weeks where, universe willing, we will finally get to meet our children.

Our children.


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