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Natural parenting = happy babies AND happy parents

November 15, 2010

We’ve always followed the babies’ schedule, never let them cry it out, and now? We have two happy, healthy individuals…..who go to sleep by themselves when you put them down. Of course, ‘by themselves’ includes a muslin to suck on for The Boy, and a Bunny to cuddle for The Girl.

Am I gloating? You bet your sweet ass.

So many people were pushing the idea of crying it out on us. Said they’d ‘never learn’ if we cuddled them. I was like, ‘Yeah, they’ll never learn that they can’t depend on us, they’ll never learn that we won’t come when they need us.’ As for never learning to go to sleep? Pah.

Not only that, but they are on a stellar a-1 routine. Not one invented by us or any experts, but created by the babies themselves. And, oddly, it’s the ‘schedule’ that I think many parents want to get their kids on.

The nice thing is, though, because we’ve never rigidly adhered to a schedule and rather let our days be guided by their own rhythms, both Snort and Coconut are really adaptable babies.

I am happy for this.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to write my nanowrimo schtuff while they are sleeping so I don’t have to do it tonight. My SPD has been very, very bad for the past two weeks, and I think getting an early night’s sleep can’t be a bad thing. The blood is also flying, so I’m hoping my immobility and dependency on codeine to get through the day with minimal crying (on my part) will soon lessen.

Thank you, universe, for my amazing babies. And thank you for supporting me in trusting my instincts with my kids. Ironically, by making our house child-led in terms of routines, sleeping, etc we have ended up with a bizarre dream schedule that we didn’t have to fight nature to achieve.

Hippy parenting, what ho.

(No, I never knew I would be like this before I had kids. I swear.)