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Sharing the love, one retch at a time…

December 30, 2008

This morning I reached out my hand, touched the toothbrush, and then said, ‘Uh oh’ over and over again. TMD said, ‘What?’

After some more frantic uh-oh-ing, she lifted the lid of the toilet for me. I proceeded to make a noise¬† Opposite Gender Soulmate would recognise as my ‘chicken chowder gagging.’ Nothing came up, and I decided that brushing my teeth this morning was not a necessity. This physically hurt me, as I am a gal who likes her whites white.

As I walked to the train (yes, in work today) I realised that not only had I not brushed my teeth, but I’d forgotten to use mouthwash.

How gross am I? Gross enough to make you chicken chowder gag?