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Hashtag holidays.

January 1, 2011

If I’ve not said it before, there is something really seriously truly honestly fucked up with this country. Namely, they don’t understand how winter holiday gifts work. You walk into a store and there are special aisles designated ‘Christmas gifts’ and the like.

You know, within a store that is FULL of things to buy. Things that can be wrapped up, bow on top, and given out. Things that are a hell of a lot more useful than the shit that is marked as an acceptable gift.

These include scarf and glove sets, soap sets, chocolate sets. All are very obviously packaged and designed as holiday gifts, and I swear to the baby jesus, these appear to be Country B people’s idea of What To Get For The Holidays. Not that these things are inherently bad, you understand, but I find it so weird that people have to be told what to buy for gifts.

I don’t get it.

I don’t. Sure, you may need to buy for someone you don’t know well (why, though, I’m not sure). Get a nice candle. Or some book tokens. Surely that’s more thoughtful than a purple box with mini soaps? Or is it just me?

Join the revolution. Move to Country B and spend your time informing people that ANYTHING you can buy or make can be considered a gift….and chances are it will have a hell of a lot less wasted packaging, be a lot more tailored to the individual, and just not be so fucking stupid.


Note: I am not specifically dissing any gifts I have received this year or any year. Just pointing out that the whole thought process behind this marketing scheme is just…..pointless.

Oh yeah. Hope you had a nice Yule or Christmas. And sorry to my Jewish peeps, I missed out on the Hanukkah hellos this year. And happy New Year!

Feeling better emotionally! 31 weeks pregnant with the twins today.

June 23, 2009

So, I’m feeling more sane after Friday’s breakdown. The pain is not as acute, and I am somewhat managing with ice, medication, a new pillow arrangement, and total rest. Not being able to walk is not an easy thing, but I feel happy and relieved to have got to 31 weeks (today!). The crazy part of me is still lurking, whispering that the babies are really 30+6 today, but eh. I choose to feel happy that our babies, so tiny months and months ago, still measured a day older than they were! It’s like I used Miracle Grow – and it feels miraculous they were growing, despite the geysers of vomit…

Cool new thing: hiccups.

Saturday evening TMD went to IKEA, and while she was gone I had this really rhythmic twitching from Mano. It occured to me he was hiccuping! The next day it happened again – the way it seems to work is that both Torre and Mano get hiccups within minutes of each other. Today, for instance, Torre had hiccups for a couple of minutes. As soon as hers stopped, his began. And vice versa.

I do this sort of retarded jiggling of my belly, the sort of comforting slight bouncing I would do to a baby once they were out of the tummy. Don’t know if that makes the hiccups better for them, or if in fact they are then in the hell of having hiccups in an earthquake. I’ll have to ask them sometime.

My bump is still very, very low. One bout of Mano’s hiccups yesterday I felt only in my anus. (‘Anus’ seems dirtier than ‘ass’, doesn’t it?) Torre also not in my ribs anymore. Feels like she has moved back around to the right side and down a bit. She may even be head down, but let’s wait and see.

With both babies being much lower, the pressure on my pelvis is GOOD TIMES. Have had constant pubis pain today, but I can confidently say I would rather have that than scary pain I didn’t understand!!

And in other news, mail cheers me up. It’s like when I was at camp – getting a letter or anything in the post was like someone shipping me gold. Last week an old friend of TMD’s sent along an audio book and S Drawl sent along some pdf books. Yesterday my aunt sent me tiny packets of iced tea, which is a MIRACLE as it does not exist here. This morning – oh, this glorious morning – I got two boxes of donuts from Cookie, as well as a Kipling bag from when she was in high school! I am into Kipling. ANYWAY.

I had a good old time balancing on the crutches this morning, scooping crushed donut pieces into my mouth and eye flirting with the bag.

Also got three sports bras from Mom this morning – more miracles as they fit without feeling like I am in a vice. Thank God for Country A, where the people are so much more unhealthy and they make bras in big sizes!!! Mom also sent a shitload of gorgeous receiving blankets, which are so yummy and delicious I can barely take it.

So all these people have linked me to the outside world in the past week or so, and that is so much appreciated.

Also appreciated is that the massive watery discharge leakage (which happened during my three hour epic phone call with Cookie yesterday) has stopped. Now I change pantyliners out of luxury (is my life so diabolical that changing a tiny pad is ‘luxury’?) rather than the fact that they are unable to cope with the amount of liquid dripping out of my na-na.

More later.