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My first true multiple orgasm..s.

May 25, 2009

I’m here, I’m alive.

This is super short as TMD is helping run a bath for me. I just wanted to let all you curious bystanders know that two days ago during our daytime nap I had multiple dream-gasms. I woke up to hardcore contractions (still painless) that took an hour to subside.

My dream self actually rang up the national helpline in order to press medical professionals for confirmation that sex was/wasn’t okay. Sneaky bitch!!

The contractions were sort of scary and since then, no dream-gasms. The night after the nap, dream self tried for more sex, but some more sane part of me slapped her ass away from the sex because my uterus was already starting to contract.

This may be the end of the dream-gasm as we know it, though I have just given TMD a very detailed plotline of Flowers in the Attic and I know that book certainly got the juices of a much younger me going.