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Five months old, one more month as a baby baby. *sigh*

January 11, 2010

You are five months old today, and you are both impossibly beautiful.

Snort, you are a chatty, happy little boy. You’ve recently discovered the pleasures of yelling to express frustration, but mainly you laugh, laugh, laugh. You like big, weird surprises….in the middle of a nice song, if I yell BOOM you are transported to new levels of joy.You like sitting on my lap, being walked around, and obviously can’t wait till you don’t have to depend on us (as much) to move around. You have mastered the skill of taking off your enemy, the scratch mitt.

Thumb sucking Coconut, you always look like you are about to burst from a pure joy in being alive. You wake up with smiles and kicks, you beam in response to anyone looking at you. You are learning the yell as well, but you also like to talk to Snort….who likes smiling at you. You are great at standing up on my lap, which is surprising and scary and wonderful. You love it when I blow raspberries on your naked tummy, and so do I.

I’m not sure how five months passed; I know it entailed a lot of sore boobs, bottle washing, poop that smells buttery, tears, and tiredness. Somehow it is easier to think about how Coconut’s face crinkles up when I kiss her neck. How Snort curls up against me after burps (sitting up, always sitting up) and softly snores.

What have I learned in these five months? Quite a lot. I can get a baby on me in wrap or ring sling in about five seconds flat, in multiple positions. In fact, I can get two babies on me without too much thought. I know how many minutes it takes to sterilize a bottle. I know how to change a diaper in about twelve seconds.

But did I ever imagine what it would be like to look at these two little people and be so proud of who they are? And so amazed that they came from me, and we are raising this boy and this girl, who have been their own people from day one. I am in love love love, and I never stop being thankful for the great blessings in my life.

I’ve got one more month with you both as baby babies, no solid food, no crawling, no talking. I am going to hold you tight this next month, but I am also going to rejoice every time I see your other Mum holding you, or the times I see you holding each other.

(On Twitter, I just said, ‘I want to smother my babies with love until they are so dependent they’ll eventually need to stuff my corpse and keep it in their hotel attic.’ But that wasn’t totally true. I don’t necessarily want you to go into business together as hotel owners.)