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Crazy trimester goodness (you can thank Tatiana for this).

February 12, 2009

There are three schools of thinking in regards to trimesters: development, gestation, and conception. Google if you want to know more because I do not claim to be an expert. My doctor, who admittedly is a dipshit, probably goes by the local accepted standards. Probably. He has said my first trimester ends at twelve weeks.

Next level crazy: my IVF clinic calculates everything from when the embryos are put back. Everywhere on the internet calculates things from the egg retrieval. If we go by The Power Of The Internet and the whole 12 week thing, then I am officially in the midst of my first day as a second trimester lady.

Because I actually trust my IVF clinic, though, unlike any other medical professionals I am currently involved with, I will go by their conception date. I will also go by Dr. G’s trimester dates, because as annoying as he is, he totally gets me into the second trimester more quickly.

In other news, I woke up at 3 am last night and couldn’t fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. This was not helped by the fact that during my awake spell I had copious dry heaving and a wee bit o’ vomit. I woke up this morning for another wee bit o’ vomit. This is how things have settled: morning dry heaves and vomiting, then mostly okay for the day. Have not vomited during the work day, for example – touch wood.

Am thinking I am at a point where I need to amp up my food intake. Have now lost THREE pounds. This is so not good. My special twins book says I should be eating three large meals and four substantial snacks a day. It defines a snack as a microwave meal OR cereal, whole fat milk, and a banana. I have never eaten so much, even when I was a bona fide fatty. Should be interesting.

I am semi-fake eating every few hours. How to eat large amounts every two? I am also thinking about meat a lot. The smell drives meĀ  crazy, in a feeding frenzy kind of way. But I’ve not eaten meat in so many years I dread vomiting on contact – or the resulting ass sickness that happens when veggies go carnivore. AWESOME.

Say hello to my belly, everyone!

Twincubating away.

February 11, 2009

Went to headquarters today for a company-wide training, so I thought I had better try to disguise my stomach as the pregnancy is still Top Secret. With this in mind, I pulled out a maternity top Sil had given me, thinking it would be very roomy and a no-show as far as The Bump was concerned. This would have been something she wore at the end of her second trimester/third trimester.

I pulled it on and it was SKINTIGHT. If anything, it made me look ‘bumpier’ than ever because of the empire waistline. TMD almost shat herself while stroking my stomach and murmuring about how pregnant I was. I pulled it off and substituted it with a top from the weeks before Sil was due. This hid the bump. Mostly.

I cannot believe I am in the first trimester (for three more days) and am this bumpiliscious. I have read that twin tummies look the same as singleton tummies – but at about six weeks earlier. The size of me now does not bode well for the size I will become. Jesus, I’ll be like an oil tanker or something.

(Are oil tankers big? I assume so.)