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Boobs go away, stomach is here to stay.

March 10, 2009

Ah, make a post about maternity bras and people climb out of the woodwork! I am now the proud owner of three supercheap non-maternity sports-bra type non-underwired bras. They are 40Cs, which is a tad big, but what are you going to do.

See, my boobs were HUGE once upon a time. Immediately after reduction, they were a C that soon blossomed back into a D. Then I lost about 3583o15 pounds and shot down to a B. Pregnancy has not ballooned my boobies. In the very early weeks I noticed they weren’t really fitting into trusty tops, but since then the growth has been very small and not-so-noticeable.

I’m making up for heft with veins, though. I continue to look like someone is doing a modern day Harold and the Purple Crayon all over my body – except with green crayons. Now even tiny veins are noticeable. I am like a walking medical model.

My bump looked like I had literally put a basketball under my top yesterday. I am now thinking maternity leave will be a real blessing. I just need to sort out when it starts and how long I plan on taking. Finances permitting, I’d like to take the full year, plus the four/five weeks of annual leave I’ll have accrued beforehand. Imagine all the blogging! Before the babies come, anyway.

I’ve had a lot of emotional freak outs this week regarding baby movement, but both kids have made themselves known again. Yesterday actually felt like a very strong punch (you know, from a tiny baby…so amend your concept of ‘very strong’) from Torre. This was very different from the normal barely there tapping.

Anyway. I need some water…

15 weeks pregnant lesbian couple. Alert! Call the media!

March 3, 2009

We’re 15 weeks pregnant today. That seems a little crazy, because if we deliver at 38 weeks we are rapidly approaching the halfway mark of pregnancy. My stomach is fiercely tight, my boobs finally having a second growth surge, and – dare I say it – I might be feeling a little better?

Still vomiting a bit in spite of medication, but am trying to cut down on meds. I have had two mornings in a row where I didn’t almost fall over from The Dizzies when I woke up. I am drinking mouthfuls of water throughout the night without any terrible consequences.

I’m now on half days at work – a trial period of two weeks. It can be hoped that this will allow my body and mind some time to stabilise from the first trimester baddies who are lingering, my endless chest cold, etc. I know I am truly geeked at the idea of a week without work-induced  migraines, excessive vomiting, crying in the consulting room, etc.

Tears seem to be becoming a major part of my life, but it almost feels good to cry. Like my hormones have given me that little boost to be able to fully express emotion without societal niceties cramping my style. Of course, when I started crying during a maternity fashion show and repeating, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this, what are we doing?’ people around me probably thought I was loony tunes…..and so what if I am?!? It’s two babies, damnit.

Had a sort of scary week as didn’t feel either one move Sunday or most of yesterday. Think we got some definite movement last night to TMD rubbing oil on my belly and me pushing her hand quite firmly against the babies. They usually do wake up a bit after some tummy oiling. On the train I also poked Mano and he kicked back. Torre is a bit harder to get moving, and I don’t know if that is because of the placenta’s location, or because he/she is just a placid baby.

Had a dream two nights ago that we had two babies – a bot and a girl. HOLY typo – a bot?!? Jesus, I hope we don’t have a robot child. A BOY and a girl. I’m getting increasingly ansty for the 20 week scan, because if the babies cooperate we’ll find out what they are and get to see them again!

I am considering buying a doppler so if I have more scary ‘why aren’t they moving’ moments I can be reassured. (A doppler is like a wand you place outside your stomach, and with some skill and luck you can hear the baby’s heartbeat.) I think the cheap ones are probably crap, and I don’t know if I can justify getting an expensive one. I wish one of you lived nearby and I could just borrow the sucker for a day!

Finally, all feel free to go to and vote on the lesbian IVF question. I never ever do these things, but got upset on the train that this was a topic worth even polling about. Of COURSE TMD should be listed as a second parent on the birth certificate. Now we have to go through all the hassle of legal hoops and paperwork to jump through to make sure that if something terrible happened to me during childbirth, she could have some rights. And then she’ll have to adopt her own children at six months. Madness.

I think all these right wing nutcases should spend a week with us. Our life is so amazingly normal. No lesbian devil horns sprouting, no cloven feet, no abnormal and cruel, twisted behaviour. (No more than usual, anyway.) We have an almost impossibly happy marriage, a deep love, huge commitment, and a lot of fun. How dare people insinuate we should not have children.

Down with The Man!

Are they line dancing?

February 6, 2009

I just googled ’11 weeks pregnant twins’ and found a page where mums discussed when they first felt their twins moved. Of course I clicked there because of all the ‘sensations’ I’ve had in my lower abdomen. Part of me thought they were first moves (just this week), part of me thought it was – what else – poop.

Apparently with twins ten weeks is about the time you can feel them. So maybe it wasn’t totally the poop to blame.

Haven’t had The Feelings today, and think I’ll wait till I have them again so I can provide a more accurate description.

If you are preggers or a mom, what did the first movements feel like to you? Apparently lots of babies are squirming and feelable, but if you don’t know what you’re feeling you don’t realise it’s Baby Breakdancing.