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Life is a great big adventure just waiting for you to climb aboard.

February 6, 2013


They have the whole world to explore. It’s kind of magnificent.

I don’t know whether they will stay close to home or roam far away, but all their adventures will be big. We are trying new things, on land and on sea, we are learning that every day is full of possibilities. Even Tuesdays in the grey month of February.

You never know when you will be surprised by sunshine, by a boat you never thought much about, by laughing and crying and just being.

Yeah. It’s magnificent.

Growing up, growing out.

April 17, 2011


You walked off side by side, smiling at the grass and trees and sun.

This is your second spring. Last year at this time you could barely sit.

Today you ran off, shouting like little dew soaked warriers, arms spread wide and smiles stretched wider.

We stood behind you, slowly walking along, watching you grow up and grow out into the world.

We talked about how we loved you both, so much. How happy we are. How awesome you are.

Thank you.