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Too tired to write more about how tired I am.

May 14, 2013

I am so tired. Like seventeen steps beyond what I think a normal level of exhaustion must be.

I felt like this before we moved and had all sorts of tests, though the doctor correctly predicted I was just exhausted from parenting. A few months back I was tested for other stuff because I had a sore throat (what, I’m not a hypochondriac. The nurse just took my blood, yo) and all that stuff came back normal, too.

My sister was here last weekend and said, ‘Why are you and TMD so tired all the time?’

My mother in law said yesterday, ‘It’s only going to get worse for you with home educating them. It’s a lot more work than sending them to school.’ Thanks for that.

We can handle all this. We want to handle all this.

But fuck, am I tired. Literally could not get out of bed this morning. TMD had to keep coming in and waking me up; flashbacks to high school, anyone?

I think, for me, it is that the introvert part of me really needs to be alone to recharge. The extrovert part loves people and is much happier if we go out all the time, but the key here is balance. The sick thing is that I was totally counting on chicken pox this week so we could stay home most of the week without feeling guilty.

You know 90% of people who have not had the vaccine or the disease will develop chicken pox from coming into close contact with an infected person. Apparently both of my children are in the 10%. Just like their sexual minority mommies.


April 15, 2013

I’m just so tired. Just want to sit and do nothing. Like, be in a comfortable chair, maybe under a blanket, and just stare into space.

The kids are still recovering. Fevers still ongoing, Snort’s nose is like a tap, Coconut is coughing like crazy. She also just gagged at the flavour of ibuprofen and threw up on me. No matter how I clean it, my wrist still feels sticky.

I know I should be cleaning the house, getting rid of germs. But I can only just at manage to pretend to be a dog and play catch with Coco, or feign enthusiasm over Snort’s Angry Birds video. He’s now quietly doing Hama beads on his own while Coconut is singing in the corner. Ah, no, just the act the typing that has jinxed me and he wants me to play.

I’m too tired to play, to clean, to cook. It’s day five of our housebound odessy of illness, and the way I feel right now I may never want to leave the house again. I need a break, y’all.