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Stalking, it’s not just for amateurs anymore.

October 22, 2010

Okay, so. I’m not even a good stalker, nor do I aspire to be. But I accidentally stalked a few people yesterday.

First up, this girl who directed our camp a few people after I/we did. I run a facebook group for alumni of the camp. She posted a link to a blog she had started focusing on summer camp – so of course I clicked it. It was an easy hop from there to find her personal, top secret blog.

So of course I clicked.

Damn, kids. Lesson number one. You’re on wordpress? You need to post from a central anonymous account or only your ONE blog. If you have a personal blog, be careful if you open another professional one on the same account. Chances are some idle stalker will find it.

Next up? I spent some pleasant time on facebook looking for my ex girlfriend. Which morphed into looking at my ex boyfriend’s picture – again. Which quickly turned into, ‘Hey, I wonder if the guy I dated before this guy who was best friends with him is on facebook?’ Turns out he is. And so is his wife.

Her profile is not private.

So I now know that the weirdo half cartoon character with the extremely small penis has managed to knock his wife up, and they are expecting a daughter.

I don’t even want to find this shit. It finds me.

If I opt for a new career at some point, it may involve being a social media stalker. Imagine how fun it could be.

And, actually, one of my oldest friends (Hi, you-know-who-you-are!) does have a job stalking people on facebook. As near as I can tell, she hunts down people who have warrants out for their arrest and reads their profiles to figure out where the hell they are. Or something like that.

I would be so good at that. And it seems ideally suited to at home working, no?