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May 14, 2013


I reverse psychology-jinxed the universe! Posted on Facebook that the kids weren’t getting chicken pox in order to make them appear. AND IT FUCKING WORKED.

We have to go to the doc to confirm, though I have no doubt because they are literally appearing before my eyes. Just on Snort so far (please let them show up on Coco soon so we have joint spots and not a loooong poxy haul), and the doc will need to advise. Snort’s eczema makes him at risk of thousands of spots rather than hundreds, and his asthma makes him a bit more at risk too. I don’t think the steroids he is on will put him at risk, but will check with doc.

This is all proof I am magic. Or that my intuition is super awesome and to be listened to.

Though I thought spots were only a handful on the first day……and they are already passing the handful stage. And some already appear blistery? I told him that he will look like a dalmation. Both kids love dalmations and puppies, thanks to a certain movie.

If any of you live nearby and want the pox, you are welcome round.


August 31, 2010

My mom is arriving on Thursday and staying for a bit more than a week, so not sure how much updating there will be. I have a lot I want to write about, but I find the babies are needing/wanting more and more attention, so internet time is limited!

So much is going on. So much needs to be done.

Renewing my Country A passport, figuring out Snort’s many allergies and the return of worsening eczema, getting a Country B driving license (a whole post is needed for this one!), weaning off bottles, trying to not shriek every time I move (SPD bad today…I carried Snort up STAIRS yesterday. Ow.), find time to write, continue weight loss (a whole ‘nother post, with pics), achieve world domination, etc.

Yesterday morning we went to someone’s house, locally, with a bunch of bags and babies. This couple basically entertained our kids while we had the run of literally thousands of books, all for free. We got a nice haul, but WOW was this house fantastic. It was so huge, huge even by Country A standards. We also found out how much it was on the market for, and how much it sold for. In a curiously weird way it gave me hope, because it was not a million. The price was still unreachable and inconceivable for us, but maybe not for always. Just for right now.

It’s hard surviving on one salary. Every time someone gifts us with baby clothing or supplies in any way, it relieves a little of the pressure. Formula and diapers are still the main expenses, and holy jesus are they expensive!!

We’re doing okay, though, and even though we are poor by the standards of both our families (though of course how lucky we are to have a mortgage and a lovely flat, food to eat, heating to put on) this is what we choose. Snort and Coconut grow more every day, but they are still too little to even think about shipping off to daycare (for us, I judge other families not!). This is it, again for now: they will always be looked after in their own home by their own parents.

I do need to drive, though, so that we can take field trips and do stuff. And so that I can take them to their various appointments and TMD doesn’t have to keep juggling this with work – because from April? She may not have a job. I choose to stick my head in the sand about that, because we want to be able to continue to have one of us home with the babies – and she earns much more than I ever did.

Still, though. On this sunny morning it all seems okay.

Who the fuck knew anyone could be allergic to potato, the most bland food product on earth?

February 24, 2010

Turns out Snort and his indefatigable eczema may have a slight problem with cooked potato, developing a pretty immediate rash wherever it touches his bare skin.

Considering he approaches eating the same way Godzilla, high on angeldust, might approach demolishing New York City, I think it’s not hard to understand why a meal of mashed potatoes could end up covering his face, neck, arms, and legs.

‘At least he’s cute,’ TMD said, as I pointed out that he was that kid – the one with the allergies, the weirdo skin rash, the possible future glasses.

Cute, yes. Beautiful, yes.

But the fact that his forehead is currently crisscrossed with about a million gashes and cuts of different lengths and widths – oh, yes, he’s not one to let a rash die a death. He must SCRATCH and RIP and TEAR at it.

All I know is yesterday there was a Mummy saying, ‘You know, Existere, I don’t really think these rashes of his are linked to anything. It just seems to come and go at random.’

And today there was a Mama who thought, ‘Jesus CHRIST, they’ve been crying all day, I need to break out some sort of entertainment. I know! Isn’t there some mashed potato left over from last night in the fridge?’ And that Mama clucked with pride as her daughter scooped it up and chewed, as her son pounded and squished and bulldozed.

Bad mistake, Mama.

Now there is a Mummy, a Mama, and a cat. There is also Lobster Boy, angry itchy Lobster Boy, who is distantly related to Teething Girl – another one who chooses to emulate killer giant dinosaur things with her ROAR and SCREAM and GNASHING OF TEETH (or gums, as the case may be).

Regardless, we will be steering clear of the old po-tay-toe for now.

It all goes back to your mother.

December 2, 2009

Turns out Freud was right: you can blame everything on your mother.

Last night I was in the bathroom and called out to TMD. ‘Can you come in here and look at something?’

‘Is it your poop?’ she asked, a tired note in her voice.

‘Nope.’ I stood up, turned around, bent over.

‘Your piles?’

‘No. Look.’  I pointed to the backs of my knees. Sure enough – red patches, itchiness, hard skin.  ‘I’ve got fucking eczema.’

I stood up again.  We looked at each other. Her eyes widened.

‘Of course you’ve got fucking eczema! You’ve never had to work a day in your life before the babies came. And now you are washing your hands fifty times a day.’

(It’s true. In between my fingers have gone bright red, extremely itchy, and leathery dry.)

Like a detective, I stepped closer to her and almost got into a two woman huddle.  ‘You’re right. And how fucking itchy my legs have been?  I’ve been taking a bath like every night, and you aren’t supposed to use hot water or soak in long baths with eczema.’  I said, then  turned to run the bath water. Eczema or not, my ass is having my nightly escape from parenthood with hot water and a good read.

‘You remember the “alligator skin” you sometimes get on either side of your nose? Eczema.’  She ticked things off with on her fingers.  ‘And the clown lips you got as a child? Eczema. Fucking hell, Existere.’

I nodded slowly.  ‘And the bumps I got all over my ankles during and after pregnancy? And – oh my god – THAT FUCKING RED SCALY BEARD THING I got in the first trimester?’

We paused, then said together, ‘Eczema.’

For about a week now I’ve been half seriously considering contacting the clinic and saying, ‘I think you should know that one of your sperm donors is creating very itchy babies, and you might want to warn people about this shit.’  TMD now pointed out that she was considering calling the clinic to apologize to the lady who got pregnant with my egg, as I was apparently the cause of the itchy baby shit going around town.

Wow, right?

I’ve never ever had dry skin. I am an oily motherfucker. But it is true, a few times in childhood the sides of my lips got red and thickened and sort of extended my lips, making me look like Jack Nicholson as The Joker. And I do get alligator skin on my face regularly. It just never occured to me that it was eczema.


Sorry, Snort my boy. (At least with family history perhaps he’s not allergic to shit. I slathered his face and neck in cream constantly – literally constantly – yesterday, and it is looking better. Today I’m not going to put a vest on him, just keep him in his romper babygrow thing, so I can keep unsnapping and coating his chest and tummy as well.)

And, for the record? I tried cream #4 on the backs of my knees, in between my fingers, and in a certain other crack where I developed bad dry skin during the final trimester of pregnancy, and that shit STINGS. Bad. Hardcore. I guess he got his aversion to quality skin care treatments from me as well.

Eczema help, please?

December 1, 2009

There are a lot of things I could write about at this point, but only one topic has really been on our minds every day…and now, nights, too. Snort’s eczema. The second we stop using steroids (okay, a day or so after) it flares up again.

Yesterday I tried the cream I’d been saving, my big hitter. It is from Country A, so I superstitiously believed that would somehow make it more healing, more effective, more…um….good. After six hours of using that cream, he looked like he’s been sunbathing in hell. Every single part of his face was a flaming red. The skin had thickened, those dreaded bumps that ooze were everywhere, and it was all hot to the touch. Back to cream #3, and thank god he’s going to the doctor this afternoon.

Last night he refused to sleep. He would scream and scream unless being held, and of course rubbing and scratching his face. TMD ended up sleeping sitting upright on the couch while holding him. Poor chuck.

And his sister? She’s got a few teeny tiny patches of eczema. Thank god she isn’t the one with this, because while his skin may make him look like a stunt double in a horror flick, hers is actually more sensitive. I put a dab of cream #3 on my finger today and swiped it across her dry patch, ending on her cheek. She immediately screamed like I had plunged a knife into her stomach. She squeezed her eyes shut, kept screaming, wouldn’t be comforted. Then I saw it: a perfect, single finger swipe of deep, angry pink/purple on her cheek.  Her instant reaction to the cream has gone down now, but lesson learned.

TMD cancelled Coconut’s doctor appointment today because most of her tummy rash and other things had gone away. Snort is still, well, Snort. The eczema is on face (including eyelids!), neck, scalp, chest, tummy, arms, legs, even the his ankle creases. Nowhere is as angry or terrible as his face, though.

At first I think it bothered me more than him, because it just looked so sore and, well, ugly. But now he spends all of his awake time rubbing and scratching. I have put cream #3 on so heavily that it is a white spread of stuff on his face (think: cream cheese). The second it soaks in, I reapply so it is thick and white again.  TMD did this constantly overnight, and his forehead is looking better.

I know the doctor is going to give us more steroids. I don’t want to use them on his face. If it would calm this massive flare up, and then the eczema would be manageable with some cream, fine. Fact is, we haven’t found our magic cream yet. I spent hours last night online, looking at very expensive organic and homeopathic shit we would have to import. I don’t mind paying for it if it will help, but jesus is it a lot of money to spend when chances are it won’t. Argh. We also have no idea what is triggering this, though I am wondering about dairy as cream #4 apparently has milk protein in it.

I suppose the good news is that this has all sparked my Buddhist practice again, and I’ve been doing gongyo in the morning with the babies, and we did it as a family last night.

ANYONE with any cream recommendations specific to babies and eczema, let me know. Sorry this is a dull subject to read, and congrats if you got this far. I am just so worried about him, and last night I was crying and feeling guilty because everything got so much worse after I applied the cream I just HAD to use.