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Speedy help!

April 26, 2013

Fuuuuck. We finally have a chickenpox hook up. The baby came up with the rash two hours ago, and we are invited over tomorrow. I think the best time of year for the pox is spring/summer as we still have the great outdoors to go out in without coming into contact with others.

Of course, the pox is more common in the autumn. We have been waiting forever to get it.

The only kicker is that the child Snort loves more than all others is having a superhero birthday party exactly three weeks from tomorrow. With superhero capes. We have been talking about and planning for this party for literal months.

If they got chickenpox and it took two weeks to turn up, maaaaaybe they’d have scabbed over for the birthday. Any longer than two weeks incubation and the party would be off.

Is it totally fucking ridiculous to not expose them just so they don’t miss a birthday party? Because I think it is, and yet I still don’t want them to miss it. Snort would be beyond devastated. Of course, I also have my rescheduled dentist appointment for the cracked filling and have not chewed on the right side of my mouth in two months. And we have to resubmit the adoption paperwork in the potential pox time frame as well, but I think I have those two areas covered. There is never a convenient time to get it, but…..well…

Birthday party of the best friend, or pox? Tell me as soon as you read this, because it is getting late and I have to make a pox party date with the mum within the hour.

I wish I’d exposed them a year and a half ago when we last had the chance, but I felt like they were too small and I was a wuss and I thought Snort’s inhalers made him at risk for complications, but I’ve just checked and they don’t. Argh!! And how awful if we don’t expose now and they get it before our Italy trip or something. Jesus.

But the birthday.

Yes, I know I am ridiculous.

But feedback??

okay, someone say something. We are planning to go over in the morning, so you have about ten hours to state your case. I’m so excited to get chicken pox out of the way, but this birthday party thing is gutting. I guess we can just wait for the next opportunity, but keep in mind as we aren’t in preschool the likelihood goes down. Sigh.