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Pretend, real, who can tell.

June 15, 2012

Ah. We had midnight hospital runs, testing for diabetes, etc. All fun. End result? He’s going to be just fine and is almost into the ‘just fine’ region.

But what a week.

Coconut and I also had this bug, though we recovered quickly. Not quick enough for me to not get pee, runny poo, and vomit all over me. (Not mine, folks.)

This week also began with emergency doctor trips for Coco, who was only peeing once every 24 hours. We’ve got new poop medicine, and lo and behold, as she poops better she’s back to peeing like a human.

And as far as the potty training we did not do? I’m inspired to not do it to Snort, too.

Since the day Coconut decided to use the potty (randomly, after months of hostility towards peeing elsewhere than her nappy), girlfriend has not had any accidents. She also is just pooping in the potty, easy as you please, which is astonishing after an impossible length of time where poop equalled destruction and pain.

I don’t remind her, pester her, etc. Or I try not to. We have potties in various locations. I leave her and them alone, and she avails herself of them as necessary. It’s AWESOME.

But after a week of bodily fluids spewing out everywhere (or not, as the case may be), the house is gross. We are semi-messy people, but not dirty people. So in order to cope with today, I am pretending I am in Little House on the Prairie. Ma Ingles got shit done, ya’ll, with a smile on her face.

If I pretend that I must keep moving and getting stuff sorted, then it is easier to do.

Just like when I used to feel rage at the kids, so I pretended cameras were all over the house and I was on a reality tv show about awesome parenting. You do what you gotta do.


Vomitus maximus.

December 22, 2008

From 7 pm on Friday night until 2:15 am, I threw up every 20-25 minutes like clockwork.

I stopped needing to pee. When I do pee, it is very dark brown and smells like you would never ever believe. Friday was so awful I considered going to the hospital on Saturday.

Then I discovered that by eating every hour (by ‘eating’ I mean a couple of grapes, one veggie finger, or some jell-o) it is much more manageable. I cannot drink water though. It makes me so fucking sick it’s unbelievable.

Discovered non-caffinated tea doesn’t make me sick, though, so at least that’s getting some water in.

At work today. Have dry heaved twice this morning, once at my desk – probably to the horror of Green. Am registering with a local doctor tomorrow in the hopes of getting an appointment to see someone soon – although Christmas screws everything up.

Have the date of the first scan¬† – January 12. This is to determine if the pregnancy is viable. Due to the excessive sickness, I would hazard a guess that it is. It’s also to see how many kidlets there are.

This morning while trying not to faint in the shower, I moaned, ‘We’d better have twins now and then WE ARE DONE. I am NEVER doing this again.’

Coming a little out of the negativity and feeling more positive about the pregnancy, but really so uncomfortable and sick it’s hard not to just cry and feel sorry for myself. I hope the baby/babies won’t be put off the flavour orange forever, since it’s all I can seem to keep down.

I also cannot zip my pants even an inch. These fit just fine before the baby thing. I bought a Bella Band, a big tank top like piece of fabric that you wear down low over your unzipped trousers, saving you from having to buy a bunch of new stuff too soon.

I love that Bella Band.¬† That’s one good thing in all of this. And it looks cool.

And I’m pregnant! Brown pee and all.

(The smell of my pee makes TMG gag.)

Thank you again for all the comments. Haven’t been online since writing the last entry, and made me feel hugged to get into work and hear from all of you. *mwah*