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Dancing can be awesome as dancing alone. It doesn’t need to teach us to read or multiplication.

April 10, 2013

I’m hiding in the bathroom for a possible two minutes of peace before we leave for ‘dance class.’ I think it’s a fairly relaxed group that focuses on creativity, not learning steps, which is great. Going with Jazz and Lauren, which is even greater.

I’ve heard good things about this dance place, but have to say I was given major cause to roll my eyes at the description. It reads like its up for inspection, listing all the things your child will gain. Okay, fine. The bit that was a bit ridiculous was literacy and numeracy skills. Really, can’t dancing for dancing’s sake be enough? Must we prove to the letter how educational everything is?

I hope it’s on there to look good. Like a bit of the old one, two, three, one, two, three… opposed to games or dances created just for literacy and numeracy. I’m all for learning in creative ways, but I’m also all for arts and creativity with no apologies or excuses attached.

Weekly roundup March 30 – 5 April 2013

April 8, 2013


TMD’s take:

After some early morning Shows and playing and some plants vs zombies we decided to go to a local soft play after picking up a package from grandma at the post office (snort’s favourite thing to do!) lots of fun was had before coming home for lunch.

Following their lunch I dumped some Lentils and rice in tray and they decided it made a good place to play with their playmobil – this lasted just long enough for me to eat a jacket potato. I’d hoped it would hold them for longer and it would have if they hadn’t started fighting over one brown haired playmobil girl and it all went to hell.

Coconut asked me to make Tom and the orange helicopter (which she’d wanted earlier(damn her memory)). One of our toy helicopters was not good enough as none of them have doors that open… However two yoghurt pots taped together with a door hacked in the side and propeller on the top seemed to suffice. Along with an orange jacket addition to a playmobil guy as Tom. This is all to go with her fire engine and fireman Sam obsession. Tom Thomas is the helicopter rescue guy. While this crafting nightmare was taking place Snort was looking at angry birds pictures on google images (go figure) and on finishing the “helicopter” I’m greeted with the question “we make angry birds?”. What could I say… I had to give it a go. These turned out waaaay better than the helicopter and if you’re lucky Existere may put a picture up for you to see. Anyway Snort was chuffed and Coco got in on the fun too.


Having watched me do some making I figured it was their turn so I busted out the glitter glue/scrap paper eggs that I’d prepared earlier and they both got busy with these. They LOVE glitter glue and this is usually a Coco thing but Snort got really involved and was very proud of his egg declaring it was for Nana and Pops.

Coco and I played market while Snort played plants vs zombies with Mama and then I came up with a cool way to hit the green piggies off these plastic cone things we have with the birds. A hit with both kids. They watched some shows while I cooked dinner and then we all went out into the back garden, had a circus show, played hide and seek and generally had some fun. Time for a quick spiderman show before bath and bed.

The circus we did was collassal, y’all.


Woke up to eggy excitement. We have sold Easter as being a celebration of spring- sort of celebrating the pagan side but keeping the secular/Christian name. So the kids were informed of the Easter Bunny (okay, not exactly pagan, ha!) and were off egg hunting. TMD organised it all – small plastic eggs had mini eggs in, large plastic eggs had stickers in. There was a large poster hanging on the kitchen door labelled ‘Snort and Coconut’s Easter Egg Hunt Picture,’ and a drawing of some hills by water, sun in the sky, nice big tree. The kids then placed their sticks on the drawing – both LOVED this and got very into it. They then found their actual Easter baskets and ate a freakish amount of chocolate.

We then played/hung it/did weekly online grocery shop/etc. After lunch we headed into town, as an art gallery apparently had a great installation for children. We got there and it wasn’t actually on till 6 pm, so we went off for a wander and they had ice cream. Nutrition for the win. Found some temporary stuff set up for the weekend, and the kids got to try those giant trampoline things. You know the ones. You are strapped in, and your harness connected to high poles on either side. The kids FLEW in the air and both absolutely adored it. Pure joy. They then ‘rode zebras,’ these weird bike/soft toy hybrids that are propelled by you bouncing up and down.

We then happened upon a street performer playing drums and xylophones, much like the first concert we attended a few weeks back. Well, SHIT. The kids stripped off their backpacks and jackets and just boogied down. Lots of exuberant, free dancing and twirling along the riverside. Twisting around gates, leaping along the cobblestone, spinning. I took a video and cannot wait to watch it.

Afterward we climbed onto a smallish boat for an hour long ride. Went along the water section we had been down before, and then a huge trip through the city, under bridges and into areas i didn’t even realise had water near them. I LOVED it. So did everyone else, particularly Snort.


Late start due to the clocks going forwards yesterday so they’re still on a lag! Coco up first so we did my last prepped craft (I’ve been so organised this weekend!!) a chick made out of a paper plate with orange concertina legs. Snort did his once he woke up and used up all the eyes and feathers making quite the masterpiece.

Also today we (writing this a week later so is a bit sketchy) went to the shop and bought sunglasses, had a snack in the cafe, came home and had lunch, got the marble run out, snort made mama an angry bird card (“I had an idea and I made it!”) made refrigerator cake (coco’s idea) then had a birthday party for mama! We watched the ballet of ugly duckling which they both really enjoyed and then Grampy arrived for some wild play time before bath time.

A lovely end to a lovely weekend.


Much of the early morning was TMD’s dad being Cushion Man, a baddy who has the ambition to smack small children about their bodies with a cushion. Spiderman and Tree Fu Tom delighted in this game…..right up until the point we had to leave and Bunny could be found nowhere. Consequently we missed half of our monthly storyteller near the water, but at least Bunny was safely recovered.

Both kids took their pushchairs – Coco with Bunny and Giraffe, an old toy new to being carried around, Snort with a baby doll. Storytelling was like a home education reunion, with us knowing loads of people there – and we were particularly happy to see Catgirl and Artiste, FreeSpirit and kid, and SushiMama and children. Snort practiced writing the first letter of his name a lot during the colouring portion of the hour, something he hasn’t been very into but loved this morning. After the story we played out in the sun and freezing wind with Catgirl and Artiste, before heading onto the ‘pirate ship.’ Totally awesome to navigate tight spaces and stairs with two kids pushing toy prams. I was totally that parent, but luckily I don’t think we annoyed anyone.

We then had lunch in the cafe – I left the kids at a table while ordering, as it was the last table. School holidays are so shit! The world is so crowded and unpleasant. Afterward we mated the executive decision to go on an ‘inside boat ride.’ Imagine a giant greenhouse that floats, and you’ve about got it. What was amazing was the twenty two feet wide stairs with no handrail and a straight drop to the icy water. Luckily an older couple adopted us for the trip down and back up the stairs. They were totally lovely and helpful and we had a nice chat with them.

Snort passed out on the boat, Coconut toyed with her new sunglasses, I tried to not let the burning sun melt my face off. Quite a temperature shock after the chill of outdoors! We then came home and played in the front garden – away from the water and wind, it is actually quite perfect outside. After lots of playing, Coconut managed to slice her finger open on a hunk of glass obviously left in the flowerbeds when new windows were put it, so that smashed the joy out of spring. We are inside now and the kids are chilling with a bit of telly.


Early morning was Coconut singing to herself while playing with the alphabet magnets and other magnets, while Snort pottered around.

As soon as TMD left for work, the serious birthday present making began. We hauled tonnes of craft supplies into the kitchen. Snort had his very own, very definite idea of the present he wanted for Mummy – making superheroes for her. He worked for almost two hours with total intensity – I cut shapes, he coloured, drew, and directed me in future shape cutting. He used his figures as a guide for how to make them, and they do look FAB. Coconut made a sparkling butterfly, a bunch of drawings. I want to make little books about why Mummy is loveable, and we did make two covers.

The kids also spent some time wearing bowls over their heads and ridding horses made out of stethoscopes. Astronaut cowboys for the win.

Coconut then decided we NEEDED to make cookies as I said it was too early in the week to make Mummy a cake. Cue them elbow deep in flour and sugar. It’s still coating their pyjama arms – yes, it’s 10:19 and they are still in their fleece monkey pyjamas. The recipe was vegan, and I think for sugar cookies, though it didn’t specify. Odd. Still, we added chocolate chips and dipped the dough balls in sugar. Most everything we cook is totally fucked during the mixing, playing, pouring stage, and everything tends to turn out edible. I think these cookies should be harmless, if not gourmet delights. They’ve said ‘Mummy will be SO HAPPY,’ and that’s the main thing.

Well, screw Mummy, apparently. Kids most of the cookies, then played superheroes for like an hour. Both dressed a superheroes and with the little figures. Had a bit of lunch, not the homemade pizzas I’d envisioned, then repeated science experiment/homemade crazy straw that’s ten feet long thing. More playing, wild chair dancing, kids writing and taking turns taking cafe orders from each other, five minute group tidy, and are now playing with our wooden fire engine together.

Let’s not forget that I led zombie exercises. Yes, they were zombie babies and I was their zombie mama/zombie football coach. We alternated arms reaching and growling for brains, stomped our energies into the ground, shook aimlessly like a confused zombie, and did facial grimacing. Healthy living for the win?

We played plants vs zombies for a bit, and then all cuddled up in my favourite chair where I read ten thousand of those shitty little board books. You know, the tiny ones where the stories are heavily abridged and the book is so small it’s tricky to let two kids see the pictures without your normal sized fingers obscuring the entire book. Also watched a cool YouTube video on how to make ketchup. If you go to YouTube and type in, ‘how to make….’ you can find anything. We also watched some Olympics coverage – synchronised swimming, swim races, and diving – both were into it. Snort then watched a bit of male gymnastics and was glued to it.


Lots of two knights attacking me. Lots of marble run, including a nice discussion about how the big round bit has the marbles swirl around just like poo does before going down the toilet. Pipes are always a fascination to Snort, and Coco joined in this am with a song about wee and poo. We also did a weird spot of Snort and I being teachers, with pointers and everything, while Coconut say at the little table and wrote notes/drew pictures on what we were saying. Kids have now taken off all their clothes, bar underpants, seconds before friends are coming round. They’ve said my blue circle chair is the beach and they need their clothes off to swim. Fair enough, I guess.

Catgirl amd Artiste came round from 11:30 till 4:30ish. Playmobil, garden fun (hide and seek in the snow, freezing hands from shovelling in our ‘pond’ AKA sandpit full of water and dirt and gross stuff), Angry Birds cartoons that are newly discovered and will ruin both households’ lives, lots of talk abut hoarding and craziness with Artiste, three naked children swimming in the pool AKA blue chair, discussing screen time and home education, etc.


Frosty, sunny walk to the pharmacy. Lots of shadow play on the way – stepping on each other, doing shapes from gymnastics, watching the effect the sun has on them. Then went to the shop the kids believe is the source of all things good and bought Spiderman crocs, boy short underpants, cards for TMD’s birthday, etc. Snort was over the moon to find chilli pepper seeds, as he wants to grow real chilli peppers like the ones from Plants vs Zombies, which we play every single day. Coconut chose tomato seeds. Had nice chats with various people while out in both places, and a lady on the shop commented on how confident the kids were!

Came back and I blew up six thousand balloons, to the peril of my lips and lungs. They are scattered ‘artfully’ throughout lounge. Kids then played for about an hour on their own…I wasn’t watching them, not really, but I did manage to see a hell of a balloon based dance party. I was then drafted in for the weird throwing stuff for them to fetch as they pretend to be dogs game.

On Coconut’s gleeful suggestion, we decided to bake birthday cake cookies. Aka We know how to make cookies, and despite all the amazing cake memes on Facebook lately, we stick with cookies. Talked about solids and liquids, as the recipe called for melted butter. Couldn’t find the candles, so the kids shoved in Christmas cake decorations, tiny football players, a bottle cap, and other assorted crazy shit. They’re sort of adorable. I’ll post a picture soon.

We then had a joint dance party with naked-but-for-underpants-and-old-lady-dress-up-hats. Some
seriously rocking moves. Then Snort found baked beans in the fridge and requested them. So we had a weirdo snack time – bowls of baked beans, and then the kids made cheese tacos and consumed their body weight. Used the opportunity to talk about wholes and halves again, and introduced quarters.

Marble run!

February 22, 2013

Lookie what TMD & Co did while I was lying in bed, commanding an army of plants in their epic battle against the living dead:


I heard lots of excited, happy voices. I think custom marble runs may be an ongoing love. God knows I get all jittery and glowing looking at examples of home crafted ones online.

Super Snort!

February 5, 2013

Every parent thinks their kids are geniuses. Let’s just get that out of the way.

That being said, I do think mine are very bright, in different ways. Snort has always been a designer, an engineer. If he sees something on tv or in life that he thinks is cool, he will engineer it. Like building a bike rack on top on his little tikes car when he was one. And you people should SEE what he’s done to the superhero house this morning!

He’s also very active, in imagination and body. What that looks like in a structured class, like say football, is that he love his coach and the other children. He likes the very active exercises. But he is also the class comedian. He will happily follow instructions to try something new, but when it becomes repetitive or is too easy, he quickly loses interest. He has a gag of pretending to fall over while shouting, ‘Woah!’ The other boys think this is hilarious and all copy him. His coach doesn’t think it’s so awesome….though Snort has told me, ‘Coach thinks I’m funny! I fall over and say WOAH. I am funny!’

So Snort has a reputation in football of being, shall we say, a free spirit. If his friend’s baby brother is crying on the sidelines, he will refuse to play and instead will hold hands with the baby, sing to him, and try to cheer him up. He is a happy go lucky, imaginative, funny little boy.

He is the child who quickly processes what his coach says, and decides whether it is worth paying attention to. He’s the one most likely to be gleefully finding ways to circumvent the system and do the exercises in a more efficient way, or throwing himself into a pile of footballs while, of course, dramatically yelling,’Woah!’

So imagine my surprise when yesterday the coach set up a particularly complicated exercise. He had cones numbered 0-9, and he sort of threw them around all higgilty pigglty. Basically, if you were looking down and had an aerial view, he was making a dot to dot and the completed picture was chaos. The parents were all laughing because we knew this shit was not going to go down.

In theory it was simple enough. Slowly dribble the ball (at this point I was already imagining another Snort debacle, as his only speed is RUNNING) to the consecutive cones, gently having the ball tap each cone before moving on to the next. You and I might have trouble with the football control, but could at least manage eventually.

Imagine six three year olds bumbling around. Just try. Like little feral kittens.

So the coach is explaining, Snort is just staring into the air and occasionally grinning at his friends, the coach admonishes them to pay attention. I am already laughing and all the adults are trading snide comments about what a cute disaster this is about to be.

That’s when the kids stand up. I don’t really pay very close attention until I notice that my kid has separated from the pack. Then I start watching him. He carefully gets to cone four, then glances around to find the next. He moves smoothly and surely and gets to cone nine a full five minutes before the first of the other kids. His coach is surprised and exclaims, ‘Snort! Wow!’ All the other parents, I notice, have dropped into silence. My own mouth may be hanging wide open.

The next exercise, the cones are set up so you have to zigzag between them. A much easier thing, and yet when they are all sat at zero and the coach asks which cone they need to go to next, only Snort (who again looked like he wasn’t paying attention) pointed at the number one and said, ‘There.’

And this little escapade reminds me, yet again, why Snort will excel outside of the modern school system. His brain is bright, thinks around the edges of problems, builds better way to do things even as the expected behaviour is to maintain the status quo. He has strong, sensitive morals and follows his own sense of what is right….and while happy enough to engage with his coach, he does so only when it makes sense (though he isn’t a ‘naughty’ boy!). He will do a task to see if he can, and once he knows he can he doesn’t want to repeat it again and again just to get approval from his coach. He is gleefully and joyfully himself, and draws the other children to him. He engages in tasks that are more complicated because he is often bored by simpler things, so he makes his own fun, his own challenges.

He’s altogether a wonderful person, and I feel lucky to know and learn from his exuberant, creative, and loving approach to life.

A superhero hero house, complete with a birthday party room.

January 26, 2013

It’s still a work in progress. The outside paint has dried, most of the rooms have dried, but two very colourful rooms are still wet. One of them is the elaborately colourful ‘birthday party room.’ I am intrigued to see how this little (okay, GIANT) house will develop. It’s already got a helicopter landing pad on the roof.

I can’t help but think….if Phoebe Buffay did superhero houses, it might look like this:


Paging Dr. Coconut, we have a Snort shaped orthopaedic emergency.

November 23, 2012

This afternoon I wanted to video an hour of the kids’ play somehow, without totally getting in the way or reminding them I was there. I settled for sitting with my back to them at the table and listening in.

My attention was first drawn when Snort came over to say he needed x rays. Coconut ushered him back towards the play kitchen. He said his knee was broken, and she laid him back gently on the floor and proceeded to give him an x ray with a wooden spoon. While wearing an oven glove as radiation protection.

She then said he needed medicine, so they went to the pharmacy, located at the foot of the stairs. He proceeded to fall and apparently break both arms, so she exclaimed that he needed a wheelchair. They worked together to try out possible wheelchairs and construct one together.

Eventually they made their way back over to the floor area which was designated the hospital. He laid back on the floor, plasters were applied to both arms, and Coconut used her treasured syringe (a crappy blunt end syringe, a real one) to administer pretend medicine. By this point she was wearing her doctor’s coat, surgical mask, and glasses. Snort, of course, was bottomless….which is why I’m not sharing any of the fabulous pictures I did manage to sneak.

Their imaginations, cooperative play, and integrating their real world experiences through storytelling continue to amaze me on deeper levels each day. Both delight in listening to oral stories and telling their own. Snort likes to recreate movie scenes in novel ways. Coconut reads books to me often. They really are creating their own worlds, and they are having so much fun doing so. I look forward to seeing how this play develops as they age, and if their play now casts hints about the adults they will become.

But mostly, I sit quietly, trying to fight my natural urges to take pictures, because in these moments of sitting back and observing, I find much joy.

Advice for parents-to-be of twins.

September 25, 2009

Six weeks in, and all I can say is: relax.

While you may have imagined two babies screaming non-stop, or two little angels gurgling away – or probably something in between, you didn’t imagine it correctly. How could you? Don’t blame yourself. There you were, mammoth and pregnant, and all the cute little socks and fancy prams were gorgeous – but was it really possible to imagine two little people would be in those socks?

We were very anti-pacifier. We didn’t know about the glory of vibrating bouncers (buy two now). We were hardcore about breastfeeding.

Six weeks in, and our babies aren’t very into pacifiers…but the thing is, sometimes they are. And it helps. You’ve got one baby on your lap, feeding it and possibly holding the bottle in place with your mouth while your other hand tries helplessly to mop up the rivers of milk flowing down the side of a little face and pooling into the crevices of the neck. And let me tell you, formula does not smell nice when it has been allowed to fester in fat folds.

So your upper body is busy. You have also, of course, wedged one foot into the frame of a bouncy chair holding the non-feeding baby – because while the vibrations are great, when a baby is really hungry you might as well have placed them on a bed of spikes. You are trying to get a good, strong rhythm of bouncing going ….while not disturbing the delicate balance of bottle-in-your-mouth. Your other foot is probably sockless, while you use your toes to grip a muslin, soft book, or other toy and lift it carefully. Your aim is to somehow fling the book up at your own face, so that you can stop wiping the milk river for a minute and hold the book in front of Baby Two, who is still merrily howling away, in increasing levels of high pitched agony.

You may decide to stop feeding the first baby and give the second a nibble. You may keep switching back and forth. One thing you can be sure of, while you are engaged in this mental dance of Who Shall I Feed And How Should I Do It, you will not wind the babies enough. They will spit up. All over their fresh outfits. (For this reason, ALWAYS have a muslin draped over those expensive vibrating bouncy chairs, because otherwise you need to sponge clean and it leave it empty while it dries. This is not good. An empty chair is a wasted chair). If you do manage to get the worst of the burps out, and somehow also manage to fully feed both babies (who will be inclined to pass out once they have eaten a certain amount, what with you ignoring them to feed their twin), there is no doubt one or both will get the hiccups.

Hiccups make the least burpy baby on earth dribble. And sometimes you just sit there and watch the spit-up cake their cheeks, necks, clothes – because you are locked into some crazy ass feeding position with the other twin.

All of this is trial and error. Most of the time your babies will be really, really happy. They are possibly at their happiest on completely opposite schedules, as they get all one-on-one time….and you, of course, literally never get a second of time to yourself. Being pregnant with twins is excellent training, because that constant feeling of needing to pee? It gets you used to it, which is a good thing because you will have to have a bladder of steel if you want to keep the baby cycle going.

Of course, you are free to leave the babies both screaming while you take the time to pee, with an added luxury of wiping.

Put handwash by every sink. Invest in a thick, non-smelly lotion for every sink, too. While your hands will be cleaned and sterilised to within an inch of their lives, your knuckles start looking like you are an eighty-year-old woman who has made her living by taking in other people’s washing.

Relax. If the chairs work, they work. If the pacifiers do – and you are against them, ease up on the guilt. Life with two newborns is about flexibility, love, a sense of humour, and being honest with yourself. Because you will be tired, you will be snappy, you will feel a guilty relief when you shut the door to the bathroom and excuse yourself from motherhood for an hour – shoving the baby duties onto your equally tired partner. Every baby is different, every adult is different, and every family is different.

Be creative. Try new things and don’t be afraid to mess up. You learn a lot from getting vomited on and peed on at the same time, believe me. (Want to know how to stop your baby boy from peeing everywhere? Let me know. I AM THE MASTER.)

People (and the endless books) will tell you that everything is definite. You must form a routine for twins immediately. You must use black out curtains. You must do this, you musn’t do that. I’ve found that if you just use a bit of common sense and match things to fit your lifestyle and personality, you’ll probably be just fine.

I have spent the first six weeks quite happily, and messily, mucking along. Feeding on demand, completely following each baby’s lead, etc. While no book advises this and says it causes mothers huge amounts of stress, things have been okay. Really okay.

But in the spirit of flexibility and longer stretches of sleep at night, things may be changing soon. In the meantime, we are sleeping them in the same cot (you win a prize of honour or horror, depending on who you listen to), feeding on demand, having playtimes whenever it can be assumed they won’t vomit, talking loads to them, having them sleep on us during the day when we feel like it, etc. We even have them sleep in rooms that are not pitch black…shudder, horror. Things are fine.

This is my last week with Mil here. Next week I’m completely on my own the whole week. You may see less of me in this blog, but rest assured I am probably wearing very comfortable pants, my hair pulled back into messy buns, and I am spending a lot of time kissing little cheeks.

If you are expecting twins, you can expect to be surprised a lot – by how capable you are, by how tired you are, by how special it all is. You can also expect to spend a lot of time thanking various deities that you did not have triplets.

Love to all.

Keep those man-juice updates coming, Existere.

November 25, 2008

Clinic called. Apparently the new system is that we absolutely have to accept or reject a profile before we get the next one. Bye-bye, potential baby daddy.

I talked to a lady on the phone. I said our most important thing is education, then a job/skill/hobby in a creative industry, then physical characteristics. I said we would like a Caucasian donor, but other than that we don’t mind. So I think we’re going forward with blond or brown hair, eye colour does not matter, etc.

She thinks she knows a man for us. Short, though. 5’6.

Eh, fuck it. The children may be short, but they will be creative geniuses.

They are going to input things into the computer and then email me the profile tomorrow. Prior to this they were just matching on TMD’s physical characteristics. Before she read the profile of Donor #1, she was quite keen to have a brown/brown person. Now she doesn’t care, as long as they aren’t from That Country or Roman Catholic. I didn’t tell the lady our prejudice against Catholicism, since that shit IS learned.

Still, I can’t help but bring all my psychodynamic training into play – linking the possible upbringing people might have had with their emotional/physical development…and wondering if those things are hereditary.

Feels weird just saying, ‘Yes, smart. Creative. No, we don’t give a fuck what they look like,’ without TMD by my side. Still, I’m about 99% sure this is what she’d want me to say. I secretly hope we get a blond donor. Then the kid would be blond (I’m a blond, you know).

It is really a shame TMD’s genes aren’t being thrown into the pot. When we worked at camp, our old director called TMD a ‘classic beauty.’ And she is. It’s not just because she’s my wife I think she’s stunning – EVERYONE thinks she’s amazingly beautiful. What do I have to offer the child? If my own childhood is anything to go by, a bad overbite and glasses at an early age.


God, this whole donor thing makes me super nervous. I hope I open the next profile they send and just think, ‘Yes. That is the juice we want.’ I also hope he has ‘proven fertility.’ I’m slightly apprehensive as the computer apparently listed the last guy as our perfect match. Hrm.

Still, personality is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than hair colour or eye colour. I don’t want a dummy baby daddy. And if we could get someone who liked art, writing, music, etc – what a bonus. Universe, this is what I want. And maybe not someone too short. And don’t forget the ‘proven fertility.’

My worst nightmare would be to open the next profile and wish we’d said yes to Man/Boy From The Racist Country.

A life of one’s own.

October 4, 2008

Nanowrimo starts soon. Still, before it begins, I will:

take another driving test
have four more driving lessons
become a citizen of this country
hopefully register to vote in my other country
have my four month anniversary at my new job
possibly get on the birth control pill for the ivf stuff
see High School Musical 3
see Ani DiFranco in concert
go to some Chuck D lecture thing with Aussie

I’ve just noted that November 1 we are due to have a Risk tournament at Epilady’s house. I’ve never played it before, but merely being in a house together with a group of people who think it is cool to play board games should mean that it’s quite a fun time. No, I am not being sarcastic.

Aussie once made us play some Dracula game, and I even enjoyed that; TMD did not.

I am going to try and not let Risk ruin Nano for me (for a link and more information, click ‘my memory stick’ at right), though my mother is also coming to visit for a week in November. Anyway.

Even the grey clouds can’t get me down.

September 24, 2008

Today is shaping up into an altogether tasty day. Highlights include:

1. My new career as an envelope decorator. One of the children I work with has a birthday soon, and I have rarely enjoyed coloured pens and stickers so much.

2. Myself and a friend at work are talking entirely in Haiku.

3. The session I was anxious about all last night was kickin’. I took the lead and I think it went really well. A little of my confidence is back.

4. My sister and I are exchanging very long emails about very big stuff. It feels gorgeous.

The only thing that would make today better is if I already had my license and TMD had left the car at home, allowing me to drive and pick up dinner. She’s out really late this evening, and I really fancy chips.

The only blight in my day, which is actually so screwy I kind of enjoy it, is that my septum really fucking hurts if I push up on it. I think this is my nose’s way of telling me it is not happy that it is not pierced. Damn TMD for repiercing her nose and looking so good – and not wanting to be ‘twins*.’ She wants to be ‘a cool lesbian mum.’

I will have to find a way to be cool. I suspect it will involve envelopes in some way.

Peace out, bro’. For reals.

* Besides, I tell her, you aren’t twins with someone if opposite sides of the nose are pierced. Dental health be damned, I never should have taken out my tongue ring. That’s cooler than the nose thing any day.