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Wow. Times two.

December 17, 2011

I totally lost my shit yesterday. Completely. Utterly. Were I not posting on my phone, I’d fill you in on the gruesome details. For now, I’ll leave you with the picture of me staring out the window waiting for TMD to return while sobbing uncontrollably.

Today is better. Why? Two words: chocolate bribes.

We are not into bribes, reward charts, etc. Never done it. So it never occurred to me until a miracle worker (or two) suggested it. Thank you.

Sweet god, thank you.

They’ve each had two doses today, followed by a bit of chocolate, and life is sweeter. Pun intended.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve got their best adult friend (actual childcare professional!) here from 9 – 2. We may have no money, but I have no regret over this 30. Worth it. Every penny.

I like her, the kids like her, she’s someone I trust totally with them, and she’s a breath of fresh air after a week of stale sick house air.

Chocolate and nannies who are also your friend. Win win situation.


I gave Snort waxy ears, TMD gave Coco a love of chocolate.

September 14, 2011

Snort is out of hospital. Blah blah long story glad he’s home.

Coco is sick. Snort’s sickness, minus the inability to breathe.

Nana (MIL) is out taking them for a ride in the pushchair as we speak. Well, as I type. By the time you read they are probably home and my too brief break is, alas, over.

I am going to enter the writing contest. My brain is working overtime with reasons why I should not enter – voting has already started and I haven’t even reread the lonely little chapter that was written about six months ago. I don’t even care. I stand by what I said, this is an exercise in being brave. Of course, the fact that hundreds of people will be leaving comments makes me leary. Not to mention this being the first exposure to my work the publishers will have had.

See? Brain, overtime.

Don’t know whether to submit under the penname I have had ready for this genre for years, or under my own name. Probably my own at this point. If I want to be truly brave and authentic. Of course, that means I can’t force all of you to go read my entry and comment due to real name issues. Of course those of you who are curious, let me know. I will be letting you all know when I do submit the thing.

(Have you seen that old John Carpenter movie, The Thing? Just wondering.)

This is a random entry because I’m alone and wanted to write but didn’t actually have a flash of inspiration burst into my brain. Feel free to leave a question you’d like me to answer – long enough for a blog entry, people! – or a suggestion of a topic. Then I can get into Mah Groove and write a whole burst of posts.

In the meantime, I’m still recovering from my injections and trying to keep Snort in The Yellow Zone. (Green = healthy, Red  = back to hospital, stat!) Aussie is coming up tomorrow and bringing vegan chocolate cake with her. Coconut will think she has entered a new plane of joyful existence.

As TMD says, chocolate has broken Coco. On the odd occasion we let her share a pack of chocolate buttons with Snort. There is a book (Mommy, Mama, and Me) with a bit about a Mommy packing a healthy snack. She used to point to the brown blobs and say, ‘Raisins!’ Now she says, with authority, ‘CHOCOLATE!’