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Liberation! And rebellion.

November 20, 2012


Well, that was the longest day on earth. But we’re back home now, and the above cast is sitting in front of me on the table rather than on my daughter’s arm. Hopefully a good thing. She did stifle a cry when the surgeon pushed on her wrist/arm, but he seems to think she’s just stiff from the cast. So no follow up x rays, as he reckons she’s healed and they want to minimise radiation exposure.

He DID break the rules and let us take photos of her x ray, so that is pretty cool. Coconut is particularly obsessed with skeletons, organs, etc, so she thinks it is great. She’s got some giant skeleton and organ posters coming for the holidays…

We’ve been warned off soft play for four weeks, which is a fucking laugh as we are going on holiday next week to a place that is full of soft plays. He said we can see how she is and make a judgement call, but at least the waterslides were given the green light.

The sweetest thing of the day, aside from finally leaving the hospital after an eternity of waiting, is Snort’s reaction to Coconut’s cast getting cut off.

‘Not hurt her? Not hurt her? Not hurt her?’ He was frantic for reassurance from the nurses, me, his granddad. He even moved to intercept the nurse when she began cutting it off and Coconut was very frowny. Very protective brother, he is.

Coco was fine till it was off, then she started sobbing. Snort was very upset, said he was scared, and wanted to go home. Coconut was brave, and says her arm is all better now. Snort told the surgeon her cast was stinky like poo, and tried to get the guy to smell it.

I think the hospital may be as relieved to be shot of us as we are to be rid of them. As Coconut put it on the ride home, ‘We are all finished with hospitals for my arm now.’ I hope she’s right!

14 st 10

November 5, 2012

One pound down this week, and a pound honestly earned. Tis good.

Would write more but it is two am and I am typing with one finger. Coconut has virtually not slept since breaking her arm, and tonight is no exception. It’s awful listening to her sob.

Broken arm, schmokin arm.

November 3, 2012


Coconut’s arm IS broken, not bent. Apparently adults break like dry wood. Kids, especially young ones, break like wet saplings. Gross, right?

She’s elected for an Elmo coloured cast rather than a Cookie Monster, the only colours on offer. Mother in law is upset and feels guilty because she admits she thought Coconut was ‘being a diva’ (MIL’s default setting when a child ever shows any form of upset, though I hasten to add neither of my kids are remotely diva like. I am kicking myself because Coconut still being upset fifteen MINUTES after the injury should have been sign enough something serious was wrong. )

I missed her getting her cast as I was at Bowen, and I am gutted! Happy to report she is much happier now that the arm is immobile. Also that she apparently has a pain tolerance that is superhero like.

Signing off,
Mother of the monkey