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I may make Bowen my bitch. Or vice versa.

January 29, 2011

Don’t want to jinx anything (ah, my old therapist would be rolling her eyes at the concept of jinxing), but my Bowen treatment today was awesome. Felt a change even before session had finished.

Two sessions left.

Think I am going to wean quickly from the pain med I started six days ago. Doctor told me it works by damping down nerves’ pain impulses to brain, and I think the nerve-brain connection is quite key in Bowen. I can always restart the meds if needed.

Apparently my pelvis was wacked up (my words, not hers) and is less wacked now. I’m feeling hopeful. I think it has helped a bit, but at the very least I found it deeply relaxing and enjoyed the session. Looking forward to next week!

PS. Anyone who may have information on Amitriptyline and any contraindications with Bowen therapy- or not- please do let me know. I’m interested.