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How have YOU been?

September 18, 2013

Finding it hard to get going this morning. We are due at a friend’s house at 11. It’s almost nine and I’m still naked, albeit not technically as I have a fluffy robe on.

So much going on at the end of this week and all next week – snort’s annual allergy thing, my crazy vulva appointment, two pottery classes, friends, new boiler which apparently necessitates FIL staying here for a week (goodbye naked mornings, my friends), etc. And another tooth went haywire, so the kids had another opportunity to observe dental work, x rays, chat with the dentist.

The big tasks make me tired. Because I’d love a run of a few days of nothing, where we could just luxuriate in being slugs. It’s the little things that exhaust me – packing lunches, medication, brushing teeth, etc.

I don’t know how we don’t seem to have time to do everything would like – like a weekly swim, because DUDE. I don’t work, the kids aren’t in school, and we managed to spend the afternoon yesterday in my bed watching a movie. Life feels very full, and for the kids I think their most absorbing moments are when they are deep in play, either alone or with each other. More and more I am called over for incidentals – untangling string, snapping in a tricky bit of Lego, etc – but they can play with their minds, the world, rocks, concurs, toys for ages.

Not sure where this post is going, but I suspect it is a great way to procrastinate taking a shower and making packed lunches.

In other news, I just discovered the Goodbin Bynto boxes online. Snort wants red, Coco wants yellow but will settle for green. I have to order the green from abroad, and somehow it is cheaper to pay international shipping than to just order from the actual website for our area. But of course abroad doesn’t sell red. BASTARDS.

This is a first world problem, a first world ramble, but so help me god, as soon as TMD gets paid I want to get these boxes. I totally want the pink one for ME. And the stickers. And one for TMD.

The end.