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May 14, 2013


I reverse psychology-jinxed the universe! Posted on Facebook that the kids weren’t getting chicken pox in order to make them appear. AND IT FUCKING WORKED.

We have to go to the doc to confirm, though I have no doubt because they are literally appearing before my eyes. Just on Snort so far (please let them show up on Coco soon so we have joint spots and not a loooong poxy haul), and the doc will need to advise. Snort’s eczema makes him at risk of thousands of spots rather than hundreds, and his asthma makes him a bit more at risk too. I don’t think the steroids he is on will put him at risk, but will check with doc.

This is all proof I am magic. Or that my intuition is super awesome and to be listened to.

Though I thought spots were only a handful on the first day……and they are already passing the handful stage. And some already appear blistery? I told him that he will look like a dalmation. Both kids love dalmations and puppies, thanks to a certain movie.

If any of you live nearby and want the pox, you are welcome round.


Effity eff part two.

August 29, 2012

For those parents reading who have allergy kids, note: if your kid uses their rescue inhaler within forty eight hours of a food challenge, it’s automatically rescheduled. In case you needed that info. I guess our possible future of eating eggs is on hold.

In other news, we went to the doctor. Snort was nowhere near as bad as he can be, but it felt like the start of a very familiar trajectory. So we went. I was a bit abashed, as the doctor said he was really fucking wheezing and had retractions. Normally I wait till it is a lot worse, but apparently even at his ‘best’, he’s still quite poorly.

So he’s back on steroid inhalers for the winter, and score! We were given the oral steroid tablets that we normally have to go through hell and back to get. Hopefully this nips everything in the bud and no hospital admission is on the books. Egg or otherwise. Ah, I crack myself up. Get it? Crack?

Anyway. The other thing is that he’s now been given the official diagnosis of asthma. It has always been called viral wheeze before. It’s unusual to diagnosis a kid before age five because you can’t do any diagnostic tests, but the doctor was pretty convinced. When every cold lands you in the hospital, when you respond very well to therapeutic steroids, etc etc.

Snort is also complaining of tummy pain. The doctor said, ‘of course it hurts. Look at how he’s breathing.’ I sort of scoffed at that, until I thought that he was last a baby when the asthma was uncontrolled, so maybe it had hurt his tummy, but he didn’t have the words to tell us.

Onward and upward to a day filled with cuddles, tv, and a couch bed.

Effity eff.

August 29, 2012

Dude. Snort is having his egg challenge tomorrow. Except I bet he won’t. He had a cold yesterday, and today it has morphed into breathing problems.

At first I was annoyed and disappointed about the fact the egg challenge would probably be cancelled. Now I’m just hoping we don’t need to take him in to hospital today for breathing.

I guess he may just need to be on brown inhalers this winter, too. Fucking bummer. Then again, he’s not been allowed any antihistamine as we were expecting the allergy testing. I’ll call in a bit and if it’s cancelled I’ll hit him up with the anti sneezies. In the meantime he’s not too keen on his blue breathies. Not too keen at all.

My spidey sense says we will possibly need the hospital. In the meantime I’ve got him propped up on a pile of pillows, inhalers every two hours, vics on his chest and plenty of cuddles. TMD is working late, so the sucks my arse.

I am trying not to worry about the new egg challenge conflicting with IVF, but my worry about his breathing will probably distract me. How nice of it.

Hoe you are all having a better day than us.

I am also lying under a blanket.

December 13, 2011


Sorry for lack of updates. Don’t take it personally. I literally have not even checked my email in three weeks. Yikes. That’s a lot of freecycle build up, people.

Anyway. Just to say these two cute, coughing kids are keeping me busy. I am swimming and sleeping a lot. The injections are wearing off, so that’s also no fun.

But the real news is that my main man Snort will no doubt be shortly going to the hospital. The miracle brown inhalers have betrayed me and the kid can’t breathe very well.

Fuck you, brown inhalers.

On the bright side, I may get to take two two year olds to the emergency room/a&e by myself.

Breathies and sleepies.

September 17, 2011

Taking a break from the inevitable writing contest blog entries, let’s move on to Snort’s nine prescriptions this morning. The past three nights, I/we have calculated when he will need his inhalers (we are currently trying to stretch to six hours between ten puffs, but he’s not quite there yet). Both nights had different calculations on when he’d need that little bit of extra help to clear his airway – and both nights he woke up exactly five minutes before a dose.

I’m not being all exaggerated here: we are talking EXACTLY five minutes before EVERY dose of breathies.

One morning I said to TMD, ‘You know, I think he may be waking in the night because his breathing is disrupted. I wonder what would happen if we gave him breathies before bed.’ I paused. ‘Actually, is this a conversation we’ve had before? Why does it feel familiar?’

TMD said – ohyesshedid – that when we saw his pediatric allergist doctor, she suggested that we give him inhalers every night before bed, as while it was still completely normal for a kid to keep waking through the night, she thought he was actually waking because of breathing issues. TMD then continued to point out that we’d been too lazy to try this.

Slap our wrists and call us sillies.


So ANYWAY, he’s now been prescribed steroid inhalers as well. Two puffs twice daily throughout the winter (ie, everything that is not summer), and four times daily when he gets a cold. Continue with the rescue inhaler as needed.

I’m curious to see what effect the steroid inhaler will have on his at home treatments, his hospital admissions, and HIS SLEEP. Oh, his sleep. Coconut sleeps soundly all night long, though waking and asking for a few sips of water once a night is common. Snort has slept like a rock these past few nights of breathing treatments, except when actually having the treatments.

Last night just before 11 pm, we did wake him to give him breathies. He cried softly throughout, clearly unhappy with us fucking up his sleep. When we finished, he said, ‘Yay!’ in a tiny, tired voice and clapped for himself. This is a milder version of the insane clapping and cheering we do post-breathies during the day, at which point Coco grabs the mask and proceeds to give herself a treatment.

The only other awesome IsThisAsthma news is that rather than the unshaped mask and giant volumatic spacer, we now have a tidy little tube spacer with teddy bears on it. The mask is shaped and soft, and the tube is petite enough that Snort can reach his own inhaler to help push it down – that is, when Coconut is not screaming that SHE is giving him the breathies.

(Two pounds down this week. That’s forty pounds lost. Just over halfway. Jesus.

Writing contest: Still in first place popularity wise, though I reiterate that means nothing officially as the judges make the first cut. Still, it’s making me feel more calm and confident about sharing. Please click here to view my MUST READ post about the contest and see a link to the chapter. Or click here if you’ve already read that post and want to read the chapter. Ratings and feedback welcomed, though you need to complete the ten second site registration to do so – and I found out last night that everyone who registers is entitled to a free book. You’d better believe I already ordered mine!

At this point I am brave enough to say that I am happy for you to share the link to the site on twitter, facebook, etc should you feel so inclined. I MAY just share it on my own Facebook soon.

That being said, I am having uncontrollable diarrhea so it’s clear the anxiety and self-judgment is still going strong.)

How to give a baby steriods AND a rust dissolver to be ingested.

December 13, 2010

You would think that with Snort’s desire for all that is verbodden (think: Diet Coke and electricity), the opportunity to have Coke as a post-breakfast treat would be relished….even if it was chock full of horrific tasting steriods.

Oh, you don’t give your children chemically based horrible liquid junk food pumped full of steroids? How on earth do you expect them to be able to  run fast enough in the Baby Olympics??

Seriously, though, Snort was given two doses of oral steroids to be given at home. Just to keep him on the right track. Yesterday I queried when this shit was actually supposed to be given to him, and TMD admitted she didn’t remember. A quick phone call to the hospital and we had our moves ready.

It was recommended to disintegrate the tablets in a teaspoon* of Coke, and then suck it it up in our New Purple Syringe Of Awesomeness before getting Snort into a choke hold and forcing him to drink the stuff. Apparently the Coke somewhat diminishes the evil taste of the steroids.

I bet it does.

But no one counted on a baby who has never liked being choke holded – and a baby now deeply distrustful of the New Purple Syringe Of Awesomeness….or indeed, any new medication coming at his face. I gather from TMD that the inhaler administration was, ahem, somewhat awful for him.

Anyway, all you parents of children who will one day have virally induced wheezing or asthma attacks or Baby Olympics preparations – remember the Coke tip. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

*A teaspoon in Country B is the same same as a NORMAL spoon in Country A. To people in Country B, a ‘normal’ spoon is the same size as a tablespoon in Country A.  <—— factoid.

They won’t let me wear deodorant.

December 2, 2008

So, what happens tomorrow?

1. I stop eating at midnight tonight. I have nothing to drink after 4/5 am tomorrow morning.

2. I arrive at the clinic by 8:45 for my egg collection, scheduled at 10:30.

3. No doubt all the risks and things will be run through with me. I’ll also get a load of information for the next stage of treatment.

4. Prior to the op, I stick some pessaries up my ‘rectal passage.’ One for pain, one to prevent infection. I’m not sure how effective these will be as I will probably literally be shitting myself with nerves.

5. I get sedated! The nurse said this is not being awake, but not being asleep. Way to be specific.

6. Under ultrasound guidance, a needle is inserted into my vagina. It pierces the vaginal wall to go through to first one ovary, then the other. I suppose it will pierce each individual follicle and suck the eggs out. This takes 15-20 minutes in total.

7. I spend 1-2 hours in recovery (until I can pee normally and eat without vomiting. Nice). I find out how many mature eggs were collected. Those eggs are whisked off somewhere to be fertilised.

8. We take two taxis and a train home. I cross my fingers that my little egglings are doing well. I probably shit myself some more.

Then Thursday we get the call saying how many eggs have fertilised. I get all antsy thinking about embryos needing to go back in on Thursday – I’ll still probably be quite sore and TMD might have already gone into work. This means that we’ll make our individual ways to the clinic, which would be a bit of a bummer. I’m going to clarify with them tomorrow what time they think they’ll call, and perhaps TMD can have some flexibility about going into work.

Apparently spotting and abdominal cramping is normal after this procedure. Tampons are verboden, but I don’t like them anyway. Nor do I wear nail varnish or make up – two no-nos for the op tomorrow. Chemical type things + eggs = bad.

I am deeply grossed out about not wearing deodorant. I will definitely be bringing along my wee Nivea bottle to spray on me once we’re cleared to leave.

Nivea and hospitals. This is so reminiscent of the past summer.

In other news, we bought a de-humidifier last night and I wasn’t even tempted by my inhalers. I don’t want to take them during pregnancy, so it bodes well that last night went so well. I should actually go check on that thing. You would NOT believe how much water it’s sucked out of the air.