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Life is a great big adventure just waiting for you to climb aboard.

February 6, 2013


They have the whole world to explore. It’s kind of magnificent.

I don’t know whether they will stay close to home or roam far away, but all their adventures will be big. We are trying new things, on land and on sea, we are learning that every day is full of possibilities. Even Tuesdays in the grey month of February.

You never know when you will be surprised by sunshine, by a boat you never thought much about, by laughing and crying and just being.

Yeah. It’s magnificent.


I am more awesome for my mother in law than my wife. Whoops.

May 4, 2012


TMD jokingly asked if I was dating her mother yet. I might be.
She’s (mother in law) been wanting this out of circulation dvd series. I found a bargain on ebay, wrapped it up, wrote her a letter- and then wrote some scavenger hunt clues to hide around her house.

This is all as a thank you for all the help she’s given us since we have moved. And just a general present for fun.

Let’s hope I get a chance to hide this stuff soon! Like today.

Babypalooza: day one.

June 5, 2010

We just had Babypalooza 2010.

Our garden looked like a fucking theme park, and that poor kid upstairs was dragged inside by his mom – who maybe didn’t want him to see all our fun stuff? They would be totally welcome to par-tay, but…



We’re talking nakies swimming – oh yes, willies and cha-chas floating all over the place. Mega splashing, us creating baby fountains from water. Even some rudimentary swimming (oh, okay, it was just crawling, but whatevs.)

Next to the pool was our famous tent, and two blankets spread out – one of which looks like something a total pothead would hang on their wall in university. (I bought this with TMD and Corporate T in a drug infested part of The Big City a few years ago, when I became obsessed with having a nice thin piece of fabric that could be used for impromptu picnics. Cannabis aside, that thing has come into use many, many times.)

There were toys, there was cool drinks (water, but again, whatevs), there were breadsticks and cucumbers. There was also an awesome rash on my legs as I am freakishly allergic to skin contact with grass in this country…or maybe it’s actually all moss that passes for grass in our backyard.

PARTY IT UP BIG STYLIE, yo. I have pictures, but they are trapped in my camera. I will liberate them soon.

Not sure what the plans for the rest of the day are, but milk and naps for two of our party goers are coming up soon. Think some sort of walk (!) is planned for later this afternoon. I will be liberally applying the sunscreen – as for once, the weather here seems like weather you’d get a couple of countries over. HOT SUMMER SUN…..

Now we’re all lying wasted, some of us only in the barest essentials. The babies are totally all high from lying on that mindfuck of a blanket. Coco has a stacking ring she’s just slid onto her leg, all the while chatting away at it. Snort is pressed up against the window stalking the cat and the great outdoors.

Good times. Fast times. Lesbians moms are the coolest, you know?