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Cheat on enough dentists and eventually you will find the one.

March 12, 2013

Yes, my new dentist is so good it felt like I was almost in Country A. Plus, he grew up in Portugal and was raised on basketball from Country A, and had a friend who lived in the exact place I’m from. So we had a nice ten minute bonding session while waiting for x rays to develop.

He was stunned another dentist said my tooth had bruised. He explained everything he did before he did it. He had excellent bedside manner, and best of all – he really knew his shit. He took me seriously.

I am in dentist love. I promptly registered the rest of us with him. While giving TMD’s name, her mum (who came to watch the kids) was visibly upset that TMD hadn’t told her that TMD had changed her name so it was the same as mine and the kids’. Whoops.

So anyway, this post is for the zero of you who read my last post and thought, ‘Woah, she’s really worked up about this dental shit. She even drank wine!’

Today I’m sober and relieved. Of course my cracked filling isn’t going to be fixed for another MONTH, but at least I trust the guy who will eventually get around to doing so.