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Twin bump pics – 26, 27, and 28 weeks pregnant!!

June 9, 2009

23 May:





28 May, at the hospital getting the babies monitored. It’s just like one of those baby stories with the straps and circle heartbeat things!


31 May:




Me ‘n TMD:


7 June:





I am now bigger than a full term singleton pregnancy -29 weeks pregnant with twins today!

June 9, 2009

Cannot believe it has been a week since I posted. I don’t think that I’ve ever gone that long between posts in my 13 years of blogging. I just simply don’t turn the laptop on anymore. I have been so fatigued it is unreal – sleeping three hours a time in the middle of the day and thinking nothing of it. Sometimes twice.

I am also in a fair bit of pain. I now have to sleep sitting up because the rib pain is torture, and being upright limits it to a very manageable level. Sleeping upright hurts my SPD something chronic, and if you ever walk past an open window and hear someone saying, ‘My pussy, my PUSSY,’ as they walk, there is a fair chance you are walking past my house. My pubis, BACK (ow, oh jesus), groin, etc. Yowza.

I’m trying to think what has happened, twins and medical wise, since last posting.

We went for a midwife/scan/consultant visit at the hospital last week – my 28 week checkup. The babies weigh 2.7 and 2.8 pounds and are bang on target for singletons! Hoping they continue to grow so well. My blood pressure at the check-up was still within normal limits, but quite high for me – I was 110/62 at 14 weeks pregnant, and was something like 130/80 at this appointment. The midwife was a little concerned, but not terribly – and I don’t think she took it right. But anyway…

The blood pressure thing scared me, as the pain under the breast is increasing, I have been heavily nauseaous for about 1.5 weeks, and I’ve started vomiting again. Hoo-fucking-rah. I guess I’ve vomited three times in the past week? And once the week before. All signs of bad pregnancy things, but it could all be a coincidence. I only vomit in the evenings, so it could be fatigue – and, as TMD suggested, perhaps the pain.

Yesterday I had a glucose tolerance test, which is checking for gestational diabetes. I had to have the test as my mother developed this in her third trimester pregnant with me (but, of course, she thinks she was misdiagnosed). The test involves fasting overnight, testing my blood to make sure my fasting sugar levels were okay (they were), drinking some VERY sugary liquid, and then sitting for two hours before they took more blood. My crotch, back, and bump loved sitting in that room for so long. And in a bizarre twist of life, I think TMD’s boss’ son was also there.

Oh! At scan Mano was breech on the left side, and Torre was transverse across the top of my bump, with her head in Mano’s tummy. I think this is due to the fact that I am committing the cardinal sin of natural birthing – ie reclining all the time. If the position you sit/lie in can affect baby’s positioning, I am setting myself up for a c section. However, as Mom and TMD have pointed out, it would be bad for the babies if I was in horrific pain from lying on my side.

New development: even without the rib pain, I can’t breathe when not totally upright. I now sleep on the couch (and TMD still on the floor, bless her), and the other night in the middle of the night I could not sleep (also something that seems to happen quite regularly now) and I went into the bedroom. When I went down on my side, it felt like giant hands were pushing on my lungs. You have never heard wheezing, whistling, and crackling like this. TMD was horrified. It seems to be confirmed, though. This is not asthma, but having no room for my lungs! Good times! Pregnancy is awesome!!

Heh. Belly button is doing some interesting things. It is very stretched. There is about an inch and a half of pure white, smooth skin around what is left of it – all skin that previously belonged inside my belly button and is now seeing the light of day for the first time.

And, the most alarming change, my bra size. My bump now begins HIGHER than just under my breasts – you know the little area between your lower breasts? Yes, that is all bumped out. God only knows what organ has been smashed up in there. Anyway – I can no longer wear any of my bras, and even belly bra is starting to hurt me. So the choice at the moment is floppy terrible boobs (you know, what will happen if these giant mama jammas are left to dangle for too long) or incredible rib pain.

I am measuring at a 46 B. B doesn’t sound big, but when you add it to the 46 (!) it’s quite big. And a 46? Christ doggy. I was a 38 when this magical journey started. I think a 38 B. (My breasts are still nowhere as big as they were before I got the reduction, but there is no doubt they are heading in that direction. What was I? I think the last bra size I wore then – though the cups were very tight – was a 36 or 38 FF.) My nipples also are still sporting nice little milky plugs. The right nipple has a thick sploge of what appears to be a thick, dried toothpaste in one hole. My left nipple has much smaller amounts of The White Stuff, but in multiple places. I had a kick ass dream about breastfeeding the other night, so that was nice.

Now I need to buy pink and blue (or any two colours, really) cheap-o bracelets so I can remember to rotate babies and boobs at each feeding.

The other big physical change is that my feet look like overstuffed sausages and my ankles are fast approaching becoming their own water balloon nation.

If you have made it this far in my chronicling of the last week’s ‘highlights’, congrats. I need to go watch the catch up of Big Brother. You know, we will have little independent-of-my-body babies before this series is over. Yikes!

Okay – it’s a commercial so I’ll type fast for three/four minutes. I guess the only other thing (medically, anyway) that has happened re: the twins is last we attended our first hospital antenatal class last week. I found out a lot of stuff about twin births I did not know, and TMD and I have been talking a lot about birth plans. Obviously there is an element of the babies’ positioning deciding things – will explain this more later if you don’t understand why – but even within natural birth there are a lot of decisions to be made. I keep bouncing back and forth.

In recent weeks I have been balking about being induced – and would still prefer to go into labour naturally (this is assuming I don’t need a c-section), but with the level of pain I am in? Induction is starting to look pretty good.

Okay. The show’s back. Going to write a long, waffley post about birth plans later today. Also will try to upload the last three weeks of belly pics! Had problems doing this last week, with the camera not connecting to the laptop.

Until then,


(must also talk about baby movements….big developments there. remind me, please!!)

In all the right places.

June 2, 2009

Something you don’t know about me:

When I was nine months old, I potty trained myself. Seriously.

My grandmother had a potty lying around – a neighbor had given it to her or something. She brought it over to our house, with the expectation that my mother would eventually need it for me. The potty was actually left out in the bathroom.

The first time I saw it, I pointed. No one thought much of this. And then I started refusing to pee unless I was held over the potty. My mom (probably rightfully so! *grin*) thought I was a fucking genius, but then someone pointed out that a nine month old baby probably doesn’t need any sort of pressure like that. So she put the potty away.

I’m not sure what the point of this little vignette is, but I do know I am 28 weeks pregnant today with two very wiggly babies. I have managed to find the giant brown skirt I wore in my fat days (saved because I wore it almost exclusively over the period when my grandmother was dying), and when worn below the bump it makes me feel more pretty and not as hot.

It is boiling here. It rivals temperatures I would have dreaded when we worked at a summer camp. I made TMD go out and buy a giant, giant, LOUD fan yesterday. I’m gonna aim it at my body and hold my skirt open so the kids can feel the breeze too.